Great-Tyler Henry Is A FAKE – Here's The Proof..

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I was a big fan of Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry and totally convinced of his gift until I noticed this one little detail on his show which changed everything. It seems he is just another grief vampire and fraud

News footage courtesy of The Today Show – Nine Network Australia #WalrusRider #TylerHenry #Psychic #HollywoodMedium #Hollywood #Celebrity

Great-Tyler Henry Is A FAKE – Here's The Proof..
Great-Tyler Henry Is A FAKE – Here's The Proof..
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  1. The "misses" and fishing are edited out.

  2. Really a few scribbles ? What concqerite proof have you this was a waste of time.e

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    VORTEX DISCOVERIES May 6, 2022 at 9:00 am

    How is that proof? Do you understand what proof is? A video edit is ZERO proof. If you saw the missing footage and he was rifling through their draws then that may be some proof. Not a stupid video edit. I think you may just be cashing in on making a video related to a huge success story, a bit of piggy back action.

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    Always Something May 7, 2022 at 9:41 pm

    One thing I know is they don’t pick up on every single detail all the time and sometimes never but certain things that you know they wouldn’t know. About 15 years ago I called a psychic and she told me that she can feel that I have pain in my left ankle which was true and she told me that there’s something in my stomach that I need to see a doctor about that makes me look pregnant well, I didn’t look pregnant at all but now I do with a hernia that makes me look 9 months pregnant so she was warning me about it and I only told her my name. Her last name was Gable and I cannot remember her first name but I been trying to find her. I had found her in the national examiner and she was giving free short readings but for a complete reading she charged but not much only about 125-150

  5. We the people cannot bear life's conflicts. We people always seek easy answers. That is why the responsibility is not on Tyler Henry to be Genuine . It is the People's choice to turn the Grief dial to Low. They want to feel comfortable: They have this inner thing like a comfort seeking gadget. Sort of a "grief easing search" one can call that "search for a grief killer like people who take pain killers constantly" " It might even be a kind of an "addiction." So the question is not "if Tyler Henry fake?". When people always addicted to ease their Grief they will always search someone or something to "ease their pain". It is their drug. It is important to add that this does not make people bad but it stops their character development on its tracks.

  6. I stumbled across the Tyler season that’s on Netflix in Australia at the moment about a week ago and I think he’s great.. I’m not sure why you would immediately become a sceptic because of editing..? I’d presume that his readings take time and that it’d probably be boring viewing to watch it at full length so they edit out the slow bits. Doesn’t make him less credible to me though.. 🤷‍♀️

  7. Where is your proof about Tyler Henry? Isn't that just a problem with editing?!

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    Frankie Teacup Serna May 10, 2022 at 1:03 am

    Booooo you suck wasting our time and trying to get your few mins of wanna be fam! Bye falisha

  9. STOP WATCHING HIM!!!!!! I THINK YOU’re A FAKE!!👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  10. I actually had a chanelled message for my friends mom , 2 weeks after she had passed. Wrote it all down. Only gave her after her dad passed … every single strange thing I had come through was spot on …
    Always been intuitive and dream premonitions

  11. I don't believe Tyler is a 'fake'. Tyler picks up on names, how people have passed, etc… Cold readers are usually vague.. i.e: "There's a man here", then they wait to see the reaction of who they are reading, they rarely give people's names, they guess their way through a reading etc…
    Tyler has mentioned things that only the person/people having the reading would know. Just one example of many, many examples: "This person passed/transitioned when they were young, I'm getting that they would be getting their driving license now". Tyler being genuine far outweighs, him being fake.

  12. Omw are you for real.. His reading takes over a hour, and the edited version is shown on a 30 minute program…. And only the PARTS that are released by the CLIENT are used.. There are different things that are very private and are kept from the public viewing…
    If you don't believe it, don't watch him…

  13. Bro you are so wrong but typical now are you making money from being sceptic????ah yes

  14. So you say because he scribbled at the top and then 5 secs later he was at the bottom than that means he’s a fake. And if you watched him as much as you say you did, then you know he scribbled all over the page. Sometimes small scribbles and other times huge scribbling. You need to find something else to call fake because Tyler is not it. He is incredibly accurate and it takes so much out of him. Sometimes he stays in bed for days to recuperate from all the
    Bc information coming into him.

  15. The problem is with SCEPTICS, They just do NOT WANT to believe or accept that people CAN ACTUALLY do this sort of thing! It's a Shame! 😄😅

  16. In one of Tyler's episodes a number of year's ago, He actually underwent a BRAIN SCAN during a Reading & the results came back and the pictures from his scan showed there was "ABNORMAL ACTIVITY" going on inside Tyler's brain and I can tell you exactly what that is: It's when you go into MEDITATION MODE and you TAP INTO your Subconscious Mind. It awakens/Opens up your THIRD EYE (Pineal Gland) and that's where Clairvoyance comes from. So I'm afraid, the AUSIE guy in this video, you HAVEN'T "SUSSED OUT" Anything pal! JACK SHIT actually!!! So jog on! 😊

  17. That's the key- it's entertainment. About a month or two ago I started watching YT tarot readings and some of the readers I thought wow- that could be about me! What are the odds! Then I thought yeah that's just bc these readers are really very good. I think it's intriguing entertainment… that's all. 😊

  18. John EDWARD, NOT EDWARDS!!!!!

  19. Where is your "so called proof"? And if you're such a skeptic of him why say you will still watch him… I can't believe I just wasted my time watching your video lol

  20. I don't think he's fake, you can't ask for a reading randomly especially if you're asking someone who might have signed some contract that we aren't aware of. It might be stating that he's not supposed to do readings whilst he's not recording with his team. and of course, he might have been scribbling at the top before they stopped the video from taking more scenes and scribbled further down to reconnect. There're so many explanations before ruling someone a fake.

  21. If you know him he explains his scribbles. You have showed no proof and yes E does edit his shows. Look into why he scribbles he was on the phone with a friend and he noticed that it opens his mind more like when u zone off in school. Tyler is a real one

  22. It’s all just googlable information
    Especially with celebrities that share so much of their life on social media it’s actually quite silly when looking at his mannerisms he’s quite a salesman all the extra facial expressions he’s just a con job but hey it’s entertainment for some so yea enjoy

  23. Wow that's lame. It's editing! And you just answered the question the Today show host asked…"WHY didn't he have time to do one?" Because it takes a long time and a lot of concentration — he has said it many times before. It takes him a long time to decipher the things he is feeling come through.

  24. Also — too bad Alan Thicke didn't take it more seriously. I felt bad for Tyler — he looked like he so wanted to say "I think you're going to die. Look hard into this!", but he was trying to be tactful.

  25. There's a reason why he only reads for the famous. There's also a reason why he couldn't read for that show host in such a short time period.

  26. So basically you think he's a fraud because you don't understand how video editing- to fit an allotted time" works…smh

  27. @walrusrider you obviously have nothing sensible to say, do you???

  28. It must take a lot of effort for Tyler do so much lying, he could be a politician.

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    Stephanie mama tree May 30, 2022 at 4:44 pm

    There r such things as spirits…seeing runs in my mom..I see only youngest was seer when younger, my twins one is super strong seer, sensitive, hears a lil and empathic, the other twin hears them sometimes. My one saw a cat spirit rubbing on a guys leg..we asked him if he lost a cat n described the colors n markings..his mouth fell open n he pulled a pic out of his dead cat named magic. He was happy to know she was still near. Other times my kid saw spirits in houses described them..then found out they were previous owners..saw their pets too.

  30. Sorry, You are Incredibly Wrong on John Edwards, seen him twice, no name tags, saw no one being interviewed. (about 15 yrs ago) My Mom and I were connected to my Mom's sister, John gave out info that could not have been known beforehand, plus I felt her presence beside me during the experience. Believe what you will, but I know what I have experience in my lifetime is real.

  31. As for the sections being cut out, of course, many sections of personal info will be cut from the show, these readings can take an hour or two, they put out the 'best' parts.

  32. He's sweating like crazy

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    Maureen McAllister June 2, 2022 at 9:07 am

    You absolutely did not prove yourself it’s called editing because sometimes they have to take little parts out that does not mean that it was fake and obviously that person would be able to call him out he wouldn’t be able to do that because he be found every time Jesus Christ I thought you were going to say some thing that was going to prove him wrong but that did not happen

  34. All bullshit artists, making good money though.

  35. By the way, it is not a gift, it is morbid.

  36. To put the editing of each medium section to bed for you, they do it due to the "stars" not wanting things revealed about themselves nor loved ones for "public" viewing….It's that simple. No one wants joe public knowing everything about themselves nor family members….. You are however entitled to your opinion but as far as this young man, you are way off.

  37. Lol, shit.. as one myself, it sucks to "get got" as a spiritually scientific skeptic. 🤭😫

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    Yvonne Kristensen June 6, 2022 at 2:46 am

    OMG……what's your deal?? Leave the kid alone. He HAS a job, try it. Your videos sucks.

  39. It amazes me why do people have trouble believing someone has been born with a gift. They can’t be all lying. These people are special.

  40. Where is your proof he is fake? You're full of poo!

  41. Sigh. Entertainment, for sure. Reality not so much. But fun like the Ouija board and the Crazy 8 ball.

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