Great-Ticketmaster resales get federal attention

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Minister Navdeep Bains said Tuesday the federal government is looking into findings from a joint CBC News and Toronto Star investigation that found Ticketmaster and its parent company Live Nation working with scalpers to resell millions of tickets.
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Great-Ticketmaster resales get federal attention
Great-Ticketmaster resales get federal attention
  1. Canada is so weak in everything it does

  2. Shut them down!!! In Canada at least. Shut them down!

  3. Categorically false? Lies. lol

  4. Ticket scalping is a woman's issue!  Studies have shown that 50% of the victims forced to pay inflated concert ticket prices identify as female (at least some of the time) and 75% of women report either being victims themselves or knowing someone who is….  Stop the misogyny! End Price-Gouging Against Women!!

  5. VELD and Dreams do this lol the scalpers straight up tell you they work for Ticketmaster. Thought they were jokeing but they were serious i think lol….

  6. The Liberals pissed they weren't involved in the scam

  7. Where is the RCMP to investigate this scam ?

  8. Companys are booking camp grounds and jacking up the prices as well it should be you pay for your use or you pay for someone elses use untransable

  9. The easiest way to fix this, consumer stop going to people's concerts and shows and then, when no one is making money problems all solved.

  10. Soooo…. What the guy with the bloody bandage on his head (recent brain-ectomy?) was really saying was- 'We're stalling for time so prime minister butts can make sure ticketmaster has paid out his cut in full?'

  11. Let's bring ticketmaster down. US and Canada have to team up together and bring them down.

  12. Just so everyone remembers: Doug Ford suspended the anti-scalping law and resale cap back in July.

  13. Great work CBC News and Toronto Star! 🙂

  14. that's about all we're getting. A look at it.

  15. We have much bigger problems to worry about in Canada, like the lying media and the spread of leftism.

  16. CBC thank you for being the only real news network left.. it's sad but true..

  17. GOOD. Now Canada officials get on that too

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