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Listing and selling tickets on Stubhub? Learn how to do it all from your phone here! Stubhub makes it very easy to go through the steps of listing your tickets, as well as providing you with a bunch of additional features on how to price your tickets for maximum benefit and money.

There are a few additional features which will only appear when listing from the computer, but you can always go back there once you’re finished with listing your tickets to make sure you can have the best pricing possible on your available seats.

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  1. Selling my tickets for the first time on Stubhub. Wondering if anyone can help me with a problem.
    I have 2 tickets beside each other but seem to have accidentally listed them separately. I'm sure they would sell quicker if they were listed as 2 tickets together instead of separately.
    I have tried to edit this but can't seem to get an option to change this. I thought about deleting them and just re-entering them together but when I attempted to do this, it tells me I cant re-activate them once deleted.
    Can anyone help me on this???

  2. So I bought tickets how do I refund and get my money back?

  3. Sold my tickets last week on Stubhub but continue to get an email everyday asking for info needed for banking deposit.
    I have all info for bank deposit and PayPal listed in my Stubhub account . Why am I constantly receiving this email from them?? I live in Canada and sold tickets for a football game in the States. Preferred method of payment is to my PayPal account which accepts both American and Canadian funds. Can’t figure out why this message is being sent. Has anyone else had this issue?.

  4. How do you print the shipping label

  5. Question about adding your own credit card details. If somethings goes wrong for whatever reason (tickets not able to be transferred), will they charge your credit card for the $ the tickets were listed at? Ive never sold before and if there are any hick-ups i dont want to be liable for a largely inflated ticket cost, and be out my tickets. Thanks

  6. Where can I resell my tickets

  7. i listed a ticket and sold it, i have the original ticket on ticketmaster but it gave me an email to transfer them to. do i transfer them on ticketmaster or on stubhub?

  8. You can't change the "will have tickets by" date and the "sale ends on" date option, cannot change that as well. for example, event is the 14th, will have tickets by is the 7th basically 1 week. sale ends date is 2 days later. But yet, If I buy hard tickets from other vendors besides SH, they will overnight the tickets. IMO, that's bullshit.

  9. Hello, I’m having quite a problem right now. I bought bad bunny tickets in Canada last year and I live in the United States. I sadly can’t attend anymore so I wanted to resell them. The resell button is greyed out on Ticketmaster and it states I can’t resell Bc I’m not in Canada and do not have a Canadian bank account. Is there anyway around this? I am trying through seatgeek and it seems I can send a pdf of the qrl codes screenshot, but is that it? Will they ask me to transfer to the original tickets? Bc it seems like ticketmaster won’t let me do that either. It states the tickets can’t be resold on other platforms.

  10. Any tips on how to sell vip tickets that are will call?

  11. I bought tickets but they won’t email them to me until 10 days before the event. The latest deadline to transfer tickets I can enter on stub hub is over a month before the event. Any ideas what to do? Also, I bought “wheelchair or companion” tickets but verified via email with the venue that I don’t have to be disabled to use them since they were the last ones left. Any idea how to handle this? Thanks!

  12. Would sitting in front of the 'mix' section be considered limited viewing?

  13. Hi I have nba all-star tickets experience 2022 whole package . I really need help trying to sell them I don't have a clue where to start . The event start in a few days Please help me.

  14. i was supposed to go to a concert in mn this april, but because of medical reasons i cannot attend. both the resell and transfer buttons are greyed out so i was thinking about making it a pdf and selling it via stubhub. but should i wait to sell the tickets until like march? because of covid and cancellations, i don’t want my card to get charged again if were to sell them now and the event gets cancelled(i’m only a teen so i never have much on my card at a time)

  15. could you please make the translate available because i need to translate it to understand better cause my english lestining not good enough thank you

  16. so stub hub will still pay you for the tickets you are trying to sell even if nobody buys them?

  17. hey so i've bought a ticket before for a little mix concert and it's in the UK and i live back in dubai so i cant sell it through ticketmaster because they need a UK or european bank account which i do not have. it's not a static barcode. i dont know what to do i want to sell it i have 3 tickets. and where do i get the pdf of the tickets? i need a bit of help and do i put them on stubhub? or not

  18. hey, bought a ticket for an upcoming even in July off of SH and have some worries about receiving the ticket. When I purchased a resale off of Tickpick a few months ago, it was transferred almost immediately. This one has not been transferred yet, the seller ended up reaching out to me via email to let me know the ticket would most likely not be transferred until 3 days prior to the event. Apparently, the seller has also bought these tickets via stubhub and the original seller changed the delivery date due to unknown circumstances. I know there is an option when selling to make the delivery date 3 days prior, but I wonder why the seller doesn't transfer immediately if they already have the ticket? Is there an actual reason for this? Or am I somehow being conned haha.

  19. What is the cost of the sellers ‘fan protect guarantee’ (buyers insurance)? I am trying to sell some tickets but I am not too sure what this means?

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