ticketmaster bts-THIS IS BAD 😐 | BTS Concert Tickets 2021

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BTS LA Concert SoFi Stadium 2021
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Hey everyone, I’m back with another BTS update video. Today we have BTS announcing their LA TOUR! RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook.

Concert details:

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ticketmaster bts-THIS IS BAD 😐 | BTS Concert Tickets 2021
ticketmaster bts-THIS IS BAD 😐 | BTS Concert Tickets 2021
  1. Congrats to every ARMY who got tickets! 💜

  2. This man is such a sweetheart. I am a new subscriber to this channel and I don't know Jose personally, but he is such a sweetheart. To all Army's out here, if any of you have an extra ticket that Jose could buy (at a reasonable price), PLEASE offer it to him. Thank you so much Army 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  3. This was the most stressful ticketing ever. I was on this presale as well. Was impossible. My friend who is a newer army had better luck and got us tickets with ARMY presale. Ticketmaster is an absolute mess.

  4. This is the first time I’m watching a concert and I’m flying in from Manila, Philippines. It took me 3 hours to score a seat because like you, all the lower ones were gone when I got in. At first there were still level 3 ones but it keeps on returning an error when I click on it. When most sections were turning gray while I was trying to find a seat, I just settled for whatever was available cos most everybody says, “there are no bad seats at a BTS concert” and besides, I’d still be “closer” to them than if I’m in Manila. 🙂 Thanks for your video! Now I know it’s a real experience.

  5. Jose did you get tickets? An Angel ARMY sold me vip at retail price. Do you wanna go together?

  6. I feel your pain, I live in Florida and I’m sad I will not see them 😪😪😪

  7. Don’t ever feel guilty during ticketsales, you deserve it as much as anyone else and it’s every army for themselves

  8. Hi José , why you are not talking about others kpop groups ?

  9. im coming from canada….this will be my first concert. I really want to experience the love of army and bts. I was in a bad situation in my life and my cowoker reintroduced BTS to me at work and honestly Bts has changed my life and im gratful that I became apart of ARMY! <3

  10. Hey Jose! They are selling BTS LA tickets on ticketmaster now. They're overpriced tho 🥺(LOTS OF FRONT SEATS)…but I'm pretty sure they'll sell it for a cheaper price when it's closer to date.


  12. You shouldn't feel guilty. If you can afford to go do it! Everyone should have the right to go as long as they love it!

  13. Yeah I had bts tickets last year. Little upset that they waited a year to cancel and refund then they went ahead and scheduled a concert but now I can’t go price more then doubling…. The person behind this fiasco….I know it’s not bts that makes these decisions. But it’s just messed up 😫 and upsetting. I feel army deserves a little better of an apology for this. 😭 I patiently waited for so long…. And I was ok with them canceling because they couldn’t due to covid but then this! 🥺 I never even got a code for tickets I had 4 (purchased for myself and my daughter for 2 day weekend) and now I can’t even afford one. So messed up!

  14. Congratulations to all who got a ticket!

  15. jsyk jose, when the sale starts they assign you a completely random spot in the queue!! so you could have joined the waiting room the second it opened and still be assigned the worst spot in the queue lmao

  16. CONGRATS to ARMYs that used a bot. Your “Luck” remains for vip floor tickets. I only hope Karma joins your “luck”

  17. It’s having to refresh was messed up cause I was freaking out

  18. the tickets start from 671 to 1678 dollar per ticket!!are they crazy?so much?

  19. Hi did you see the weverse announcement in regard with live play… Posible to explain it further…. Is it not online streaming?….

  20. I m also broken hearted like u man let's cry together 😭😭😖but u can take urself later but my parents will not allow me bcz of the expensive cost so i breaking down my dream to meet bts😔

  21. I saw no audience in the first concert. What is going on?

  22. If I was in his situation. I will never wait. Eventhough the available tickets are on top row. I would just buy em. Which is nearer to bts…

  23. We… Who watched the concert through illegal links😂😳

  24. Sabes si harán meet and greet, me serviría mucho tu respuesta que estás más actualizado

  25. Will you perhaps, be able to go to the streamed concert at the Youtube Stadium ?!

  26. Awwww we wouldn’t have felt like oh you’re steeling it . Like go if you feel it’s right to. If not then don’t . Do what makes you feel right.

  27. okay i need that shirt sir , where can i buy one ?

  28. They honestly should of used the tickets for MOTS for PTD so they didn't have to do the cancellation process. Meaning we should of been able to still use our tickets

  29. So how did you end up getting your tickets to go on day 4?

  30. can you do a reaction to your first BTS video ?

  31. Is resale tickets very expensive, I am planning take my daughter Las Vegas concert but we don’t have any army membership Do you think the tickets will be sold very soon and if they are sold in the resale, how expensive can they be?

  32. You seem really genuine. Even though I'm 37, I still am a proud member of the ARMY 😊 . I'm trying to take my 3 daughters to see BTS in Vegas! I have my pre-sale code!

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