amazing-BUYING BTS TICKETS | My experience with Ticketmaster….😡

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Hey friends ! I just wanted to talk about my ticketing experience for the BTS Permission to dance concerts in LA ….how did it go for you guys ?
Did you get your dream seats ?

I am just really sad that still so many tickets went to scmmers and that Ticketmaster is encouraging this behaviour ….

Anyway I hope to meet you there guys !

Hope you enjoy it !

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amazing-BUYING BTS TICKETS | My experience with Ticketmaster….😡
amazing-BUYING BTS TICKETS | My experience with Ticketmaster….😡
  1. Wait, so you're saying you could only buy tickets with membership if you won the raffle? So at least it wasn't for every membership holder like it was supposed to be before the cancellation but man, this still sucks 🙁

  2. I‘m really happy for you ☺️. You really deserve it. To all the people that will hate on her for going to all 4 concerts! Please she deserves it!!!!💗

  3. i love your videos bestie

  4. Tickets are never truly sold out (despite what TM says) they’ll always open up tickets either the day before or the day of the concert. For SYS tour TM had a bunch of tickets,including floor, available THE DAY OF THE CONCERT.

  5. Iam happy for you,. I wish I can fly to l.a…….enjoy🙂🙂

  6. I know we already talked about this and struggled together but I really enjoyed this video. It was also kind of a calming video if that makes any sense? Love this beat and I cannot wait to meet you irl!

  7. Off topic but omg your whole look is so pretty 😍😍😍

  8. Do what you want. I am flying across the country to see them so I planned to do Wednesday and Thursday. I managed to get a ticket to each one of those and I will not apologize for it. Heck if I was flying from another country I would go to as many shows.

    PS I am hoping since they have diplomatic status now that it would count toward their military service 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  9. I had barricade seats for the mots tour and it was heartbreaking to have to let them go💔it was gonna be my mom and I’s first time seeing bts after being an army for 4 years. I completely understand why they canceled the tour considering the pandemic and if they had to wait until next summer they would have even more new music out and possibly a new era and all the stage production everything was designed for the mots era. I didn’t try for tickets to la since flying and hotel would be really expensive and just not possible for me and my mom. I honestly feel that it might have been better if instead of tm giving all of us who had mots tickets a presale for 4 concerts, they wait until there can be more shows with multiple cities. But if they don’t exactly know what they’re doing next year then I can see why they decided to do presales for these 4 shows. It was basically already difficult from the moment the shows were announced for the amount of army’s that was about 16 shows to fit in 4 shows. Part of me feels that these la concerts along with bts being with army’s again now that shows are starting back are also kind of Hybe’s way to see how everything is going to work with concerts moving forward and what measures work best. I can still remember what namjoon said at muster in June about maybe being together again in 2022 or even 2023 (maybe that was a secret he spilled lol). Congrats on getting tickets I hope you have an amazing time💜

  10. Nobody will hate you for attending all 4 shows! Every Army Deserves to see BTS! Everyone tried their best to get ticket as much as they can. Our real Enemy here is Ticketmaster and the resellers that trying to make money from Army’s! 🤬😡

    I’m glad that you’re going to all 4 shows! Specially coming from other country! 💜

    Please Army stop hating on those Army’s who got a ticket. We did our best to fight for our tickets! Everyone went to hell for this.The sleepless nights before ticket sales, the anxiety, the frustration etc.

    And also Thank you for All Army’s that are helping out each other, giving tips for other army’s to how to get tickets! I purple you all for that! 💜💜💜

    Thank you for sharing your Experience! 💜
    Hope to meet you at Sofi stadium! 💜

  11. Feel your pain. Glad you’re going to all 4 days. 👍🏼

  12. It makes sense to go all 4 days you flying from Germany so why not.

  13. I will go on Nov 28! I will be seating on 500, but I had no choice because all the good seats were sold out. But still a blessing to be able to experience it live soon

  14. Do you have an american passport or are you betting on the US opening the borders?

  15. congrats on the tickets you did secure! :] I got tickets for day 1 and 2, hope to see you around!

  16. I'm happy for you 🙂 I had the verified ARMY sale code but couldn't get any tickets I was crying all night I never got a code for MOTS because had purchased a resale ticket for that I wanted to get 2 tickets to take my BFF for her bday and couldn't get anything 😭😭😭

  17. I totally get what u say but i slightly disagree..doing a Stadium concert for four days is too much! I know everything is slowly getting back to normal but they should’ve done a normal concert hall wth less capacity just to test the waters and see how things goes. Hype shouldve known better and not jump on the train Just bcs America is being reckless right now. But thats just how i see it i hope everything goes smoothly for everyone 🙏🏻

  18. bro ..I love your fkn makeup look. I had floor tickets too and now nosebleeds 😭 I hope to see you on the 28th! 🥰

  19. i hope they come to Brazil or South America in general.. heartbroken that i don't have the chance to see the people that got me through this past year, but i do believe i'll have the chance soon.. just subscribed bc 1. you're GORGEOUS. 2. loved u 3. ready for the future content!!!!

  20. I really hope they announce a Europe tour soon. You bet I’ll be attending at least one day in each country because I’ll be traveling to Europe from Egypt. I understand that you’re going to all four shows because you’re traveling a looong way and if you can afford 4 tickets then by all means, go to as many dates as you can. I’ve been an army since debut and never got the chance to see them live. I just hope they announce more dates because this tour would be the last one before any or all of them go to military.

  21. How do you get the presale code?

  22. Shame on Ticketmaster ! I hope you get a better ticket once you are there.BECAREFUL FOR SCAMS!

  23. omg you are German hi ^^ me to lol i hoooope they come to europe next year because there was 00 chance this year for a ticket

  24. You can go all 4 days, who care. Don't let people tell you, what to do with your money period.

    People are just jealous and you're from another country. You're paying way more to go and honestly people low key do that too.

  25. Im going day one!! I hope I run into you 😭ily so much!

  26. Don't forget to blog the concert experience babe 💚

  27. Man You're Makeup Be Lookin' Good.
    And Congrates On Getting Tickets!

  28. Besties with the president 😂😂😂

  29. Even though I wasn't lucky enough to grab a ticket this time, I am happy for you to be there and cheer up for BTS. I am totally with you on everything you've said and fully aware what critical problems TicketMaster has. Please speak up for all the ARMYs who deserve their fair chances. I support and wish you to have the best experience through this PTD concert. 💜💜💜

  30. I'm going the 27th & 28th for both concerts. 💜 & in LA for the week. I am flying from Chicago, too. I had a VIP Silver ticket for the MOTS tour that I lost, & still haven't received my refund. I wound up getting seats on the 2nd & 3rd levels. I'm just glad we got tickets. I hope we have a lovely time despite all the bs. 🌹

  31. For me I am just happy that I managed to get one and especially it’s gonna be my first ever concert, also I got lucky and got a good seat

  32. I managed to get almost the same tickets I had before but it was chaos

  33. When it is 2022 my dad will buy me one for my birthday

  34. Off topic but i hate ticketmaster i bought Eric Nam tickets today for Brussel didn't get an order comfirmation didn't get ordernumber nothing and they took the money off my bank account i contacted them i'm still waiting for a reply i rlly hope i get a refund ticketmaster is just not it

  35. y’all dec 1st at the yt stadium SEATS ARE PRETTY CLOSE TO THE PIT/STAGE AND ARE 60$ for any seat!!! 301 which is the middle has like barely any seats but there’s a bit left in other sides!!

  36. Hi Jenny!! im flying in november to LA, hopping to get some tickets when i get there, i don't know why ticket master didnt let me buy them, they have rejected all my cards, so i'm buying tickets later, as you said any ticket is a great ticket for a BTS concert, i can see you know a lot about this, this is my first concert, do you think tickets will be available around the 15th?

  37. Thinking this is a last concert as 7 …expect Jin to confirm enlistment by the end of the year…all good, just a new era…will be attending the 12/2 concert….yup, nose bleed section as well….

  38. Girl I’m so glad you’re able to go 💜💜💜💜 I’m extra happy when I hear Army who had MOTS tickets are actually able to go bc Ticketmaster did us so dirty 😭 I am also a lucky Army who had 2 codes for the second pre-sale date, I’m glad I was able to reclaim my seats that I had for MOTS tour, but so many Army didn’t 🤧💜 it’s really unfair

  39. Congratulations girl 💖💖💜💜

  40. which other payment methods were available besides mastercard?

  41. So I’ve heard the prices are really high because it’s not really bts or hybe selling the tickets. Its resellers(people that bought a ticket and sell it for a higher price) its really unfair and i think bts and their company should do something about it..

  42. Sadly I’m not going and I’ve never been to a concert before. It would probably not go well for me to get tickets in the future as I don’t know anything about getting tickets and how it works

  43. the thing with the concert is that nobody was attempting to fit all 12 original mots7 stops into 4 days,, it was meant for ppl who resided in or near LA not for ppl from across the country and god forbid across the world like that makes it 10x more dangerous covid wise for ppl and a lot of y’all couldve waited until a 2022 world tour was announced imo

  44. For future concerts I need help with figuring out how to put 4 screens of the shows at the same time under one account for ticketmaster

  45. I really hope ticketmaster doesn't screw us over again. There's other artists I wanna see in the future and idk if I'll be able to get the seats I want.

  46. Bro I am really really scared about getting tickets,,, those comments make it worse 😟😟 I am so happy for all people who got tickets but I really want them too. I am waiting for bts to come to germany. I am unexperienced with getting tickets. I need someone to do it with me :/

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