ticketmaster events seattle-From the Archive: Nirvana on ticket prices

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Scoring a ticket to a Nirvana gig would have been a life-changing event. Apparently, they weren’t even that expensive.

ticketmaster events seattle-From the Archive: Nirvana on ticket prices
ticketmaster events seattle-From the Archive: Nirvana on ticket prices
  1. Id kill for a $50 concert ticket now

  2. This conversation is…

  3. That’s why bands should have played on MORE roof tops!! F*$k tickets!!

  4. Dave been counting up ever since this interview. Just paid $156 for FF tix, next I’ll sell my soul.

  5. $50 in 1993 is equivalent to $98 today.

  6. Now Dave is charging £200 to go see FF at Old Trafford how things change

  7. Minimum wage was $4.25 hour in 1993. So Madonna was charging almost 12 times minimum wage and nirvana about 4 times minimum wage. Of course today all tickets for big acts are about 34 times minimum wage. I think I paid $23 to see GNR in 1991.

  8. What are those faces for? Especially the one from Kurt at the beginning lol

  9. Fucking incredible. Also, 420'th comment 😏

  10. Y'all pay more than $30 a ticket for a concert? What's wrong with you people. I use to go to a concert every couple nights or at least once a week and wouldn't spend more than $100 the entire time.

  11. Was Grohl faking it the entire time in Nirvana?
    FF tix are not cheap, GnR and their sexism, homphobia and racism are cool and his best friend is Paul Mccartney.
    I think its ok to like what you like – but around Kurt he acted completely different

  12. This is when Kurt lost hope

  13. Man, I wish Kurt was still here. Would love to see how he'd have matured as an artist and what he'd have thought of the development of technology, the internet, social media, equal rights, gay marriage and so much more.

  14. Cobain seems very unconcerned about the money aspect of all this. I mean….he obviously was wealthy due to being the singer/songwriter of Nirvana….but it's pretty obvious that it was the music that drove him….not the $$$. And I love the reaction of "I didn't go to college" when the interviewee starting doing math.

  15. in 2000 I bought tickets to go see KISS , 220 canadian per ticket. Cheap seats too!

  16. And now Dave charges $150 a ticket

  17. Average price of a foo fighters ticket today 144$ 🤨🤔

  18. That's when bands bread and butter was album sales

  19. 0:23 🫤 Metallica,iron maiden …. are filthy rich and still the tickets are going up every freaking year they go on your!
    fack em!

  20. I saw them on the Bleach tour for 5 bucks.

  21. Boy Kurt was already in someplace else.

  22. Would love to see the look on KC’s face if he was told Bands and Artists milk their fans with 20 second meet and greets with a photo for $1200 bucks now!

  23. I just paid $130 for fucking Tim Heidecker.

  24. The moment Cobain realizes how badly Nirvana is getting screwed over…

  25. Fugazi's famous $5 shows. No advance ticket sales, though. First come, first served. Had to get there early, cuz they always sold out.

  26. Foo fighters nowadays…

  27. Kurt cobain seemed like a very humble guy… it feels like he was disconnected from this world… like he was very uncomfortable being here…

  28. Man I miss those days; now to go catch any act is insane you’re talking hundreds for just two people

  29. I smile seeing him so quiet… Lol he is really thinking "nobody knows about market shares around here, why didn't i go to college to actually have a seal of guarantee." when you have a smart blonde person what do you get, Kurt killing himself." anyways, hey but also, it's about courtney. Kakakakakak i'm joking somebody said everything was about her one day.

  30. I remember going to a 10 hour show that opened with a Zeppelin rip off band who were mocked for it (Unlike Greta VF are today for pulling the same shit), Metallica, Dokken, Scorpions and Van Halen: $28.50.

  31. We used to go to local punk shows for 5 bucks! I feel so bad for this generation because I've been to literally 100's of concerts, imagine how many thousands of dollars kids would have to spend these days to see that many shows in their lifetimes! 🤯

  32. Now I pay anywhere from 100-185. They certainly can be higher that's just what I am willing depending on the band. Ticketmaster is evil.

  33. In 2019 i was at crazy town concert for only 10 usd

  34. I've seen other parts from this interview, but didn't know this one, I came thanks an article in Whiplash BR. Anyway, in every parts I always think he was asleep to do this interview, seems like he was sleeping and someone say "hey, wake up, u gotta an interview to do" XDD It's cute the guys reaction to the prices, I'd have the same, and the grunge movement used to protest very much with ticket prices, just remember Pearl Jam. But these were the gold old days, where music was really music. With internet and the drop in CD's sales, the musicians today only receive money with tickets and concerts, (i never see rockstars being invited to propaganda) and that's why they do even more concerts… If in that era they joke with $1,75, maybe today it was $0,75 or less hehehe And more: in my country, $1,75 equates to 5 times my currency.

  35. I love Kurt in this interview. He was really disgusted with the ticket prices.

  36. Kurt perplexo kkkkkkkkk hoje no Brasil um ingresso de banda nacional se não encontra por menos de R$70 reais, internacionais então nada por menos de R$200, fora as taxas absurdas que algumas empresas cobram na venda online. O do Kiss que comprei em 2019 paguei na meia entrada (estudante) 240+48 de taxa e eles nem se dão ao trabalho de imprimir o ingresso.

  37. Kurt sempre maravilhoso ❤

  38. (Black woman goes to Target and buys a Nirvana shirt)

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