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Great-Buying Concert Tickets Online | AXS | SeatGeek | Stubhub | Ticketmaster | & More
Great-Buying Concert Tickets Online | AXS | SeatGeek | Stubhub | Ticketmaster | & More
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  1. Ok i have a question, on ticketmaster the tickets for the pit are sold out basically but if i go to seatgeek they’re still available, does that mean i still am able to get tickets for the pit?

  2. Hello, I'm thinking about getting tickets to my first ever concert. When I buy tickets online do I get the actual ticket or some kind of code? And is it okay for the tickets to be on my phone?

  3. Hello, I just bought an expensive ticket to EDC from stubhub it was expensive because they were sold out but I’m really concerned it is a scam because I can’t afford to be scammed because friends of mine are going. Why do you recommend me? Everything seems ligit except for the fact that it says I’m not getting my tickets until a week before the event which is 7 months away and I’m extremely worried

  4. Just bought nfl tickets for December. I found a season holder on offer up, he told me to download seatgeek app and make a account. I made payment thru venmo, he immediately sent me the tickets and I recieved email to accept the tickets which I did. I just wanted to know if it's legit or should I be worried for any other thing.!! He said the hard copys are voided which it did say that when he transfer the tickets to me, he took a screen shot and sent it to my phone. Just trying to cover all my bases as the event is out of state and I don't want to worry

  5. I got tickets to a game in the staples center on game time and it gave a ticket transfer to ticket master I called the venue and they said the primary is ax’s should I be able to get in still?

  6. so is stubhub really reliable? i’m honestly scared i don’t want to get scammed

  7. hey I want to go to a game today at 7:30 Staples center. If i buy resale tickets on axs will I get them before the game with flash delivery?

  8. is SeatGeek really reliable?

  9. I'm going to see Harry Styles in July and I used SeatGeek and I'm sitting in pit but I'm just nervous and scared I'll show up to the venue and they will say it's fake or something like that

  10. i love how half of the comments are about Harry styles pit tickets

  11. Hi! So I bought tickets to see Harry styles in July and I bought them from vivid seats as mobile etickets but I’m just so scared they’re going to be fake or I won’t be able to get in for some reason. What do you think?

  12. I saw your comment saying if you buy tickets from seatgeek make sure they transfer it to you. How do I do that. Can you please reply as soon as you can im buying tickets tomorrow.

  13. Are AXS resale tickets legit ? The resell tickets are cheaper than the original one and it said resale tax is free. Seem like a too good too be true deal 😫. The concert I’m looking at is Eric Nam mar10 one

  14. Is Axs a scam?

  15. i have a question about megadeth tickets, so if i go on ticket master it gives me the option for the pit. when i click on it it also shows me “pit- megadeth meet and greet experience” so if i get that i will be getting and entrance to the pit and a chance to meet them right ?

  16. I bought tickets from Groupon, I'm nervous since its a voucher and I have to do a trade in for an actual ticket. Idk how that works or what to do when I get there… I wanna get there early since ita GA, but I'm afraid I will lose my spot 😬 anyone bought tickets from Groupon???

  17. Hey hopefully you see this! So I wanna buy tickets to a 5sos concert, but I’m kind of scared be cause I don’t wanna get scammed and I never bought concert tickets before so I don’t know where to get the tickets from, I tried to go to a concert before and my aunt got the tickets from stubhub but they were fake so we couldn’t go. Which place would you recommend me going to, to get tickets that’ll actually work or not be a scam? Or if something dose go wrong I’ll get my money back? Please help. Thanks!

  18. What do you mean by the primary seller? I tried to buy from ticketmaster for a concert bc that's the link the artist posted but it sent me to a different site which now only has resales. But if I were to buy tickets from seatgeek would that not be considered primary? would that be someone else selling me their tickets? or how do I check.. thank you for your help!

  19. What’s a app you recommend? I’m trying to buy a concert for a kpop group I like !

  20. Hey is seatgeek reliable ?

  21. I need to get those darn bad bunny tickets

  22. Has anyone on here used to purchase tickets? If so how was your experience? What I got from the website it’s just a resell or third party for tickets but I need to verify ASAP!! TIA

  23. I am trying to buy tickets for Banda ms and their primary seller is AXS however I get an error message every time I try to purchase the tickets. I do not know where else to buy them. The concert is in a week

  24. Reply
    KiwiCoProductions June 8, 2021 at 2:09 am

    Just to be clear, all Primary Seller Tickets are the ORIGINAL tickets such as Ticket Master, Live Nation, etc. But websites like Stub Hub or Seat Geek are all resells correct?

  25. Is ticketsmarter reliable?

  26. hey so i’m looking to buy the detroit tickets for lorde. the website says that the site is axs but i see a shit load of negative reviews saying they didn’t get their tickets is axs reliable?

  27. I paid the person through PayPal. But I’m not sure if the tickets they sent me are real. They sent it through email. The email said it was from AXS. But they didn’t transfer it through the app. The venue that it took me to on the bands website said to pay it off from there.

  28. I’m very late to buying Harry styles tickets and stubhub still has some I don’t know if I should buy them because on Harrys oficial website says they’re sold out for LA

  29. Hey! I purchased tickets for Jack Harlow in November through SeatGeek. I then had to create an Axs account so the tickets could be transferred. Later that day they were transferred to my Axs account under the events tab. Then a couple days later they weren’t there. Is this normal? Will they show back up when the concert gets closer?

  30. so on ticketmaster there’s an option to get flight deck seats for lawn. it’s like an add on to lawn tickets. do you know what flight deck is??

  31. Is ticket club legit ?

  32. I want tickets for the Columbus $uicideboy$ concert oct 13 and ticket master has them for 80 dollars but axs has them for 49 and I’m wondering if it’s safe to trust ax’s for this concert

  33. how come sites like vivid seats and seat geek have the same exact seats available to purchase? if i buy the tickets off of seat geek does that mean there's a possibility someone can have the same seats as me they purchased from another ticket site? pls help!

  34. Hey I bought some presale tickets through ticket center which they told me to use the AXS app as the source of the ticket is that correct? Lowkey feel like I got played lol.

  35. Is ticketnetwork reliable??

  36. Hello. I bought some pre sale tickets for November 7 for Bert Ogden Arena, they are in my AXS app but they appear in light gray and I cannot share them. do you know why this is?

  37. i just bought pit tickets for like next july next year, the primary seller was ticketmaster but i got redirected to ticket network, haven’t used it before but am really hoping for the best here. if not… i’m $1,000 out 😐

  38. has ANYONE bought tickets from xm tickets?? I’m trying to figure out if its a scam

  39. is axs legit? trying to buy tickets at terminal 5 in nyc but they’re sold out on the site but that site directs me to axs resale for tickets but ive never heard or used that before

  40. A friend of a friend is selling tickets to me through Instagram for a concert and she said she would transfer them to my ticket master account? I’m just scared that for some reason it’ll be fake. What do you think?

  41. Is ticketsonsale a scam 😭

  42. Buying tickets from AVS is legit??! Will not get scammed by them ??

  43. me seeing this before buying txt tickets next week

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