Great-How to List and Sell Your Tickets on Ticketmaster

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Great-How to List and Sell Your Tickets on Ticketmaster
Great-How to List and Sell Your Tickets on Ticketmaster
  1. is this worldwide ? how we get paid from the customers ? Paypal ?

  2. Can you explain what the other information is about, mainly about adding a card in case someone asks for a refund?

  3. I bought some tickets on ticket master but it doesn't let me sell them can i sell them somewhere else

  4. How long does it take to get paid with Ticketmaster I’m on day 7 with no payment

  5. Ticketmaster
    tickets for all concerts,sport tickets ,theatre tickets

  6. Hello thanks for the video…Please explain Platinum Seats. If Im correct you cant purchase these seats for resale.

  7. Once someone buys your tickets, how do you get paid by ticketmaster? Does it go onto the credit card that you bought the tickets?

  8. What do you do to sell a will call ticket? Its a big issue me not being from the US… how can I buy a normal ticket like you guys buy

  9. Help! Im new to this and i don't kniw how to buy Resale tickets!

  10. How u cancel a resale..? From the app?

  11. Hello, when you list tickets do you get money when someone buys it or right away when you start selling them?

  12. What if the tickets dont sell?

  13. you can list tickets for whatever price you want??!

  14. So what happens if no one buys the tickets?? PLEASE answer this! I'm assuming you loose your money?

  15. Hi for some concerts they don’t let you re sell the ticket for some reason so I had to go on stubhub.

  16. I bought tickets to two different concerts that I now find out I can’t resell. I bought other concert tickets via another venue sale, how would I go about listing that. Good stuff!

  17. I bought a ticket yesterday and now I’m regretting it lol

  18. I bought a ticket and now it won’t let me sell it

  19. Hi ! I have a question , how can I return my ticket ?

  20. How much does ticketmaster charge?

  21. Can you change the price you list them as later?

  22. Hello, i want to sell tickets but I only have the option to be paid by account, not credit card. I dont have any accounbt in the USA, I wan to sell and get paid in the same credit card that i use to buy it. what can I do?

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