amazing-Pearl Jam vs. Ticketmaster (1994)

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amazing-Pearl Jam vs. Ticketmaster (1994)
amazing-Pearl Jam vs. Ticketmaster (1994)
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  1. That's definitely Michigan in the top corner lol

  2. Tabitha Soren, SO GOOD LOOKING!

  3. I remember when this was going on, it’s too bad they didn’t succeed. In fact, it’s only gotten steadily worse since then.

    In the 90s, concert tickets were around $25, which seemed like a lot at the time, but I remember at the time feeling like I was going to a concert every couple of weeks. One weekend, I went to three separate concerts.

    I remember when I paid $50 to a scalper outside the venue to see Radiohead on their OK Computer tour. I couldn’t believe I was spending that much, I was actually embarrassed about it.

    But now, the last concert tickets I bought were $200 a piece. With fees, it was just shy of $500 for two. If it wasn’t for Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, whose music literally saved my life during the pandemic, I couldn’t imagine paying so much.

    Of all the bands I would love to see, there are only a couple maybe that I imagine paying $200 for. Live music has become a luxury that most people just can’t afford anymore, and that’s a real shame.

  4. so do kids nowadays easily have 100+ bucks for a pearl jam ticket on hand? I sure don't. They must have changed their mind about this in the last 25 years.

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