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Getting a dog or a new puppy is such an exciting experience for all of us pet people, but before you dive full on into becoming a dog owner and get a dog, there are some questions you might ask yourself to make sure you’re ready for the responsibility. In this video, we Chewtopians put together a set of ten basic questions that any prospective dog owner should ask before they go out to adopt a pet. So you’ve asked yourself: “Should I get a dog?” You’ve come to think that you can probably handle all the change and weirdness that comes when you get a dog. But before you decide how to get a dog or even consider getting a new dog, think about the time, money, space and overall commitment it’s going to take to raise a puppy or keep a dog happy in your home. Bringing home a new puppy means all kinds of changes. You’ll have to stick to a daily routine of walking and feeding and playing. You’ll have to be home at certain times to make sure your hound is getting all the love she needs. You’ll have to spend some money to make sure your puppy has everything a dog needs to live a good dog life. There are tons of questions you should ask yourself before you get a dog, all related to whether or not you’re ready to commit to a lifetime of love from a pup.

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Great-10 Questions to Ask Before You Get a Dog | Chewy
Great-10 Questions to Ask Before You Get a Dog | Chewy
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  1. What do I wish I knew before I got a dog? That you never know when their time to leave this earth will be. Don't get it in your head that you have a certain number of years with your dog. Enjoy every moment with them. They're such a blessing in life.

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