chewy dog food delivery-Blown Away – Commercial | Chewy

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chewy dog food delivery-Blown Away – Commercial | Chewy
chewy dog food delivery-Blown Away – Commercial | Chewy
  1. A W E S O M E !!!!!!!! love it

  2. Great, Chewy, always thinking with your stomach. 😉

  3. Oh, that face. Pure dog joy. Makes me smile every time. Thank you ! And good luck.

  4. Congratulations on your 1st commercial! I've been using Chewy for 4 yrs and can't say enough about the customer service and speed of service! Have recommended you a thousand times over!
    You have one big happy customer over here!

  5. I LOVE this commercial, especially the end! So cute!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. I love the commercial. That dog is adorable!

  7. This is EXACTLY how my golden retriever acts when his dog food comes in!

  8. omg love this commerial you guys are awesome

  9. have lots of great stuff and food for cats too.

  10. do they have toys to and this commerial was really funny love u guys😘

  11. I just love this commercial. My wife loves your website, great company! Keep it up!

  12. The gorgeous Golden needs his own phone. Incredibly entertaining and watchable commercial. I'm always happy to see it again, and normally I'm not a commercial fan. Great job, all. Please use the beautiful dog again if you can.

  13. Ordered from you guys this week and shipping was so fast. I even made a phone call the other day and your team was very helpful. Plus you guys are cheaper than petsmart, you have a new customer =)

  14. My daughter just loves this commercial 🙂 hoping to get her a kitten, will definitely be ordering from!!!!

  15. That is just the CUTEST Golden His face when he blinks OMG Thank you for sharing!!

  16. I wish I had learned about you sooner! Just placed an order for my hamster. Great prices! Thank you your lifesavers!

  17. what was the song? i love the song!

  18. I remember when I had first seen this commercial some time ago. It had been awhile since my wife and I had seen it and boom, earlier tonight it came on. Love it. We're huge animal lovers especially dogs. We miss and love you Jakey boy, forever. xo💜xo. Jake – Jan 5th, 02' – Feb 6th, 15'

  19. Oh come on chewy people find out what the music is? who did it ..who produced it? where can we find it and make your company super famous world wide by associating that piece of music to your brand….thanks.

  20. I got the chewy card from the mail.

  21. Everytime this commercial comes on the screen my nephews eyes are glued to the screen it's hilarious!

  22. My dog is going to be in a chewy commercial. The breeder of my dog showed a photo to someone who worked there, and they were glad to take my dog Ricky to be in one of there commercial. They are filming the commercial this Saturday.

  23. I met the chewy dog in universal studios

  24. How about you pet owners keep your dogs quiet and your cats indoors. That would be great! Nobody wants to hear your dogs bark all day and night nor do we want your cats on our property. Thanks, the rest of us.

  25. Yeah cool if they would ship to Europe

  26. Please place this Beautiful Golden Retriever in more Commercials, Television Shows, and Movies

  27. We need a full version of this song please! It’s soooo happy and upbeat what’s the name of the song and where can we listen to it 🙂

  28. I think I saw that dog at the animal actors show at Universal Studios. Woo.

  29. I never skip this commercial 😍

  30. Taken From Boomerang In 2016-2017!

  31. What’s the name of the song! Lol we all love it and must know the name

  32. It’s not always 1-2 day shipping I got my stuff in 3 days it’s okay it still arrived I still recommend chewy to all my friends because of the fabulous prices .

  33. Where can I get a full version of this song! I love it so much I wanna listen to the song all the time

  34. Its like heaven to a dog…I think cause that dog is soo happy! I will buy some nice stuff for my pawsome dog silk….

  35. Love the Dog in this Commercial

  36. my fav chewy commercial ❤️

  37. Memories of seeing this before DC Super Hero Girls and The Amazing World of Gumball on Boomerang.

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