amazing-How To Grill the Perfect Salmon Fillet

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Salmon is the perfect grilling fish for any occasion or season, but the idea makes a lot of people nervous. You’ve probably had dried-out grilled salmon before. It’s… not good.

But grilled the right way over a charcoal or gas grill, salmon fillets make a flavorful and healthy alternative to beef or chicken. To learn how to grill salmon without fear, watch our grill-side video tutorial and follow our steps for perfect grilled salmon fillets.

How to grill the perfect salmon filet
1. Thaw salmon completely and season
2. Preheat grill to medium-high heat
3. Grill salmon fillets over direct heat
4. Know when to flip – If the fish fillet sticks to the grill grates, it’s not ready to flip.
5. Grill to internal temperature of 145°F and rest 5 minutes before serving

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amazing-How To Grill the Perfect Salmon Fillet
amazing-How To Grill the Perfect Salmon Fillet
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