Great-The Butcher's Guide: What is a T-bone?

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The T-bone is an iconic steak and it’s really two steaks in one. Bold, beefy New York strip on one side and tender, mild filet mignon on the other, separated by a t-shaped bone. Grill, sear-roast or sous vide to a medium-rare for maximum tenderness.

The T-bone is cut form the short loin subprimal from the front portion of the larger loin primal. This steak contains both the beef short loin (New York strip) and the tenderloin (filet mignon). The subprimals are separated by the bone. If the short loin and tenderloin are kept together and cut, the result is a T-bone.

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Learn more about T-bone steaks and how to cook it in our butcher’s guide:

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Great-The Butcher's Guide: What is a T-bone?
Great-The Butcher's Guide: What is a T-bone?
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