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How to smoke a thick steak on your charcoal or gas grill. Smoking isn’t just for ribs and brisket – it enhances steak flavor using the same power and chemistry of wood smoke and gradual cooking. The basics of smoking are simple: cooking at a low temperature and slow pace while allowing smoke to flavor and change the meat, creating new and delicious flavors you’d never get on the grill.

Start by making wood smoke with wood chips or wood chunks.
– Wood chips are easiest to use, but burn faster and take more attention.
– Pellets smoke very quickly and give off a little moisture.
– Wood chunks take longer to smolder, but should last your entire cook.
– Bricks are compressed and go directly onto your grates – no box needed.

Next, select your wood chips for aroma and flavor. Use a smoker box if you have one or make a smoke bomb with wood chips in aluminum foil.

Choose a steak that is 1.5 inch thick or greater for the best results. Dry brine with salt on both sides a few hours before smoking.

Set the grill for indirect heat – turn the burners on high on one side of the grill and leave the other side alone. Place your smoker box or bomb directly over the heat. When the grill reaches 250F and the wood is smoking, you are ready.

Place your steaks on the indirect side of the grill. Smoking steak takes about 1 hour.

Take steaks off the grill when they are 5 degrees below your target temperature for your desired doneness. Remove steaks from grill and let rest 5 minutes while you turn grill up. Sear over high heat for 1-2 minutes per side to create a great crust and delicious flavor.

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amazing-How to Smoke a Steak | Omaha Steaks
amazing-How to Smoke a Steak | Omaha Steaks
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