omaha steaks filet mignon-"Deck the Steaks" – Omaha Steaks Holiday Song

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This holiday, add some sizzle to your plate and your playlist with our holiday song, “Deck the Steaks!” This fun and festive take on the classic tune, “Deck the Halls,” features lyrics filled with wisdom to help you make the perfect steak.

And just by listening you’re not only doing right by your family in preparing them a steak they’ll actually enjoy, but you’ll also be helping people facing hunger this holiday season. For each play of the song on Spotify, from December 7-31, 2021, Omaha Steaks is donating the monetary equivalent of five meals* to Feeding America® to support their mission to end hunger in America (up to 250,000 meals). *$1 helps provide at least 10 meals secured by Feeding America® on behalf of local member food banks.

To hear the whole song and help support the mission to end hunger you need to be logged in to Spotify.

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“Deck the Steaks” Lyrics
Here comes your holiday party
Freaking-freaking out, you’re freaking out
You can hear guests’ bellies calling
Grumble-grumble-grumble, gruuuumble
They’re all hungry, hangry’s looming
What should a good host be doing?
Thawing out your steaks from Omaha

Tall and thick and oh so tender
You-you-you-you-you, oh you’ve got this
Make a meal that they’ll remember
Filets and sirloins, roasts and ribeyes
Make a meal that’ll get you high-fives
[SFX: High fives]

Preheat the oven while the steak rests
Beep beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeep
You’re about to wow all your guests
Oil in the pan, start it searing
Hot-hot-hot-hot-hot, watch your hands
That’s deliciousness you’re hearing
[SFX: Shaker sounds]

In the oven to finish cooking
[SFX: Oven door opening/closing sounds]
Take the temp while you’re there looking
[SFX: Beeping sounds]
Make it rare, hit 120
[SFX: Sounds of meat cooking crescendo through temperatures]
Medium rare, 130’s plenty

At 140 pans will sizzle
[SFX: Sizzle]
That means medium, in the middle
[SFX: Sizzle]
The meat should never hit 160
[SFX: Buzzer sound]
Well done should be avoided strictly

Chatter stops, and forks will clatter
[SFX: Sounds of guests chatting]
Now you’re serving meals that matter
[SFX: Sounds of steak hitting different plates]

So create awe with what you make
[SFX: Oos and ahhs of people]
Inspiring feasts by Omaha Steaks

Happy holidays from Omaha Steaks!
[SFX: steak bite]

omaha steaks filet mignon-"Deck the Steaks" – Omaha Steaks Holiday Song
omaha steaks filet mignon-"Deck the Steaks" – Omaha Steaks Holiday Song
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