omaha steaks filet mignon price-How to Carve a Turkey

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Carving your own turkey this year? It’s not difficult and we will show you how to carve a turkey in 9 simple steps. We’ve even included an easy-to-follow video tutorial. You will be amazed how quickly you can carve a whole turkey!

1. After removing from oven, let turkey rest for half hour – tented with folder.

2. Sharpen knives, remove leg holder and thermometer from turkey.

3. Remove each wing by pulling away from the body until joint opens. Separate by hand or use your Chef’s knife. Set both wings aside.

4. Remove the turkey breast. Start by making a deep cut on the outside with your boning knife to remove the leg from the body. Then, make one long, deep slice as close to center as possible and carefully remove breast from body. Remove as much of the whole breast as possible in one slice and set aside to slice into serving sizes.

5. Remove the legs. Use your boning knife to get to the joint and then just pop it open. Each leg should easily detach from the body. Set them aside.

6. Remove as much meat as you can with your hands. Don’t forget to flip it over. This meat will be great for soups.

Host tip: Separate light meat from dark as you fill the platter

Serve and enjoy!

Omaha Steaks whole basted turkeys are delivered fully brined and ready to roast. We even include a baking bag and pop-up timer, so your turkey cooks perfectly every time.

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omaha steaks filet mignon price-How to Carve a Turkey
omaha steaks filet mignon price-How to Carve a Turkey
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