amazing-Lost Places: The Haunted Mountain Hotel in Malaysia | Free Documentary Shorts

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Lost Places: The Haunted Mountain Hotel in Malaysia | Free Documentary Shorts

Watch ‘Lost Places: Inside Russia’s Abandondend Metro System’ here:

The Amber Court hotel is located in the mountains of Malaysia, an hour outside the capital. It looks deserted; spooky factor included. Our reporter Paul took a closer look at the hotel and dared spend the night.


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amazing-Lost Places: The Haunted Mountain Hotel in Malaysia | Free Documentary Shorts
amazing-Lost Places: The Haunted Mountain Hotel in Malaysia | Free Documentary Shorts
  1. Most of them are Pakistani and Bangladeshi

  2. Lol they never renovate, the paint came off

  3. Been staying alone in the hotel on weekly basis few years before the pandemic. No ghost encounters. It's normal to have noises around as there are other hotel guests. Visual encounters none.

  4. Meh no need to dramatize it. Many people living inside the building.

  5. This is about the ugliest hotel I have ever seen on video. 25 years and run down. Here in the USA, old hotels get demolished and new ones are rebuilt under 25 years.

  6. it looks the Malaysia version of the Cecil Hotel

  7. 8:26 That's not Chinese sign that's Thai talisman.

  8. This is an old video regarding Amber court!I went this hotel recently 2 weeks ago now!The hotel out look repainted few years ago!All the abandoned cars and motorcycles have been tow away!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  9. 2:02 on car window ..
    Thank me later 😁

  10. The hotel clerk was definitely bullshititing when she said usually there will be more guest. And also where the video part said the one world hotel took most of the guest so Amber court don't have any. One world hotel is rm500 per night no mant ppl can afford it. I personally stayed a hotel beneath the hill so i could afford it when i went to genting. But never will i ever step my foot on amber court if i wanted to come out alive and sane lol.

  11. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 typical place for evening walk

  12. That reporter is so gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️ what’s his name???

  13. 6:54 mins… was it just my eyes or i really did saw something at the window?

  14. So after all ITS NOT HUNTED ? Bcos there are people living there!! hahahaha !!! what a title !

  15. It just like the basalt delta from mc

  16. malaysia has klcc kl tower and THIS

  17. It is good to have the tourists and visitors visit places where they seemed to be for "monumental repairs" since it is to create work for the areas, aside from the maintenance that it has to have. It is due to the elevation, humidity, as well as the numerous elements surrounding the place that makes it creepy. Restoration is always everyday to places that are as plenty of surprises and extremely normal as exemplified. SMEs…./…./…./…/…./…/…/…/General practices…./…/Copyrighted, Trademarks, Registrations, LLCs, Registered, Private and Public sectors attested. Respectively. G.M Industries.

  18. Please everyone Pray for me to be free from the suffering from the group of sihir sukma.. please help..My throat was like a knife scratch, then blood came out of my mouth  – Please help ( Msia)

  19. The locals don't go here i guess since almost all the people you met were foreign workers 🤔

  20. I love the foreboding weather! ⛈🌧🌩

  21. How did it get so rundown in 25 years

  22. Anyone knows the what number is the unit with the thai talisman?
    I just stumbled upon an auction unit in amber court ..somehow i suddenly feel attracted to buy….like something whispering me to buy eventhough my brain telling me don't

  23. Wow so Hotel scary l hurts many time isscared story Thankfully 👍🏻 nicess videoss 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  24. This history is that, this "amber court" was a residential place for genting staff. But many things happened.
    In short, it was heavily HAUNTED.

  25. I think a Malaysia is the most haunted Asia country

    -message from drake in Malaysia borneo

  26. I didn't know that place was haunted cuz in 2021 or 2020 I went to genting Highlands

  27. Nice place .no 1 privacy..😏

  28. 3:08 dude are you really serious trying to get on the elevator??? can't believe that the creepy stairs is even the "better" option

  29. I can understand what shamseed is saying so either he is Indian or Pakistani

  30. Um long time ago my mom goes to amber court she told me today but she go to amber court with her friends

  31. Amber Court owned by Amber Heard

  32. Amber Heard hotel they said?

  33. I’d really like to know what happened in the room on the 13th floor

  34. Book a room in advance huh?

  35. Its kind of rundown , renovate and repaint can turn into a upper class condomium.

  36. Those foreign workers obviously will create creepy stories so their rent will be forever low. I been there so many times. There is no such thing there as ghost. B4 u go in, ur own mind/imagination has already haunted you.

  37. 3:10 that isn't how lift works. If one level button is faulty, it does not mean that it wouldn't work for other floors. Shows you important electronics & mechanical education is important.

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