amazing-DON’T fly TURKISH AIRLINES Business Class **Here’s why**

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Why shouldn’t I fly Turkish Business Class at the moment?

I’m never been one to throw about negative reviews – just honest ones. Over the past 6 flights I’ve been on with Turkish, I can’t recommend their business class. From a consumer perspective you just don’t get a proper business class product. You may get the hard product, but the soft product has err gone missing.

Now many will no doubt shout at me here, stating that corona has impacted this. And yes of course it’s impacted airlines all over. But the fact airlines like Emirates, Swiss and Lufthansa can continue to offer similar products to usual times drums this point home. If you significantly cut a product then you should reflect this in the price accordingly.

Anyhow, what do you think? Let me know below

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amazing-DON’T fly TURKISH AIRLINES Business Class **Here’s why**
amazing-DON’T fly TURKISH AIRLINES Business Class **Here’s why**
  1. to the people who are clearly unaware of what a review is, he reviewed everything about his experience on Turkish that time around, he's previously said good things about it, it was clearly just one bad experience although the covid situation doesn't help any airline, i don't think there is any need for the amount of comments suggesting he isn't doing a good, nor professional job with reviewing it, keep on it lad

  2. With all due respect, this is not a review. 100$ domestic flight ticket, 1 hour flight with covid restrictions set by Turkish gov not Turkish Airlines. I don't know what you were expecting. Did you expect a waterfall of champagne and a chef feeding you a 3-course meal? Again, with all due respect, you are being ridiculous. And I thought it was something serious.

  3. why so many turkish fan boys lol they cant bare one single hate like every indian

  4. In my experience, for a trip between Istanbul and Izmir (quite a short flight of a little over an hour), I was provided a tray of hot food, which was some nicely prepared fish and shrimp combination together with lamb chops and some puree. Of course other drinks & stuff were provided. Not sure your experience is a COVID thing. Mine was back in 2018.

  5. Sorry to say this I find you are a very negative person in the video. Do you always focus on the negative things in life?

    I am sure you are a lovely person in real life!

  6. Comment section is just turks being salty 😀 Pretty sad

  7. Finally someone who doe’s honest reviews without being over the top and flamboyant!! Just a straight up honest review. And definitely not a fanboy easily manipulated by Airlines to give over the top reviews. I know he’s not a boy, but you get the point!

  8. You just don't like Turkish people let's be honest

  9. I'm with the person in the seat next to you. If I had to put up with someone constantly filming and including me in the video we would have a problem! A BIG PROBLEM!

  10. I flew Turkish and probably one of the best flights I’ve ever had this was pre covid

  11. The walking in the terminal is only part of the issue. Don't forget that the awful monstrosity is actually a huge shopping mall with gates added as an afterthought.

  12. U can’t compare Emirates and Qatar to Turkish… two different worlds!

  13. I don’t care what you say I have a Turkish airlines 10 times and I will not give up

  14. Why weren’t you in the regular business class lounge? What lounge were you in?

  15. you are one lucky dude to fly an a330 for a domestic flight

  16. Uhhmmm am on that plane rlt now is good this video is fake am dislike it

  17. I had the misfortune to fly "business" class with Turkish Airlines recently, I had to buy a "first class ticket" as the "second class" section (where I usually sit) was full. The cabin crew could sense the presence of a "second class person" in their midst immediately and totally ignored me throughout the flight (I didn't even get offered a cup of Tea or coffee) The meal was some sort of nouveau cuisine served on a slate platter which was totally inedible. When I needed to use the loo I was amazed to find a female member of the cabin crew standing outside! I can only think that they thought that I was smoking in there! All in all a dreadful airline, with appalling staff, terrible food and incredibly expensive. If you can afford to fly "first class" this isn't it.

  18. Turkey is going downhill…the country will be soon fall like Egypt as Turkish culture is being replaced.Just like Egyptian culture.It was a nice country.

  19. Covid is used as an excuse for crap service.

  20. btw there is an entrace which you can just directly pull up infront of the lounge and check your baggages in 2 minutes and get in to the lounge which is great because you can arrive to the airport 1 hour before your plane

  21. bro has princess peach drink lol. nice.

  22. Turkish airlines is best

  23. Gerçekten utanmaz birisin

  24. Can you update this with a new flight now? I ate my best food in these flights.

  25. ????????????????????????????????????????

  26. On behalf of Turkish people, I apologize. Unfortunately, Turkish airlines steadily going from bad to worst. In Turkiye we mostly trying to avoid them but nearly impossible.

  27. I don't think any airlines serve a 1-hour flight hot meal service :)😉… Is there a coffee- Turkish Tea served in the left corner background 1:57 ,other than the peach drink, plus some pastries, soup, and breakfast, simit, Borak that you didn't show😄( I have been there last week 🙂 )?😄

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