booking hotel-A Wake-Up Call for Microsoft – Surface Book 3

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The Surface Book was a revolution for Windows laptops, but not much has changed for the Surface Book 3. Are the bones good enough to keep it relevant?

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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

booking hotel-A Wake-Up Call for Microsoft – Surface Book 3
booking hotel-A Wake-Up Call for Microsoft – Surface Book 3
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  1. This would be cool for college, mainly considering its pen. But its pretty damn pricey.

  2. Have had this laptop for almost a year now. Still love it 🙂

  3. To anyone thinking about buying one of these…. I laid a pen on the keyboard closed the screen and it cracked and is now useless. They have a repairability index of 1.

  4. I still have the original surface book and thought the 2 in 1 concept was pretty cool and would be useful but I cant really take quick notes as fast as I thought I would be able to. If I wanted to take a quick note while I'm on the phone I would get my pen, click the button to get to one note and either scribble the note on a screen that is top heavy and at a 120° angle, flip the laptop upside down (screen where the keyboard was and vice versa) so I could scribble on a flat surface or do the whole detatch, flip and reattach thing with the screen pointing updwards. Why don't they just add another digitizer in all the extra space on both sides of the mouse pad that only activates when you take the pen off or press a certain button on the pen? Even better if they make it so u can put the pen on both side of the screen and have detaching the pen from either side activate it's respective digitizer for intuitive left handed and right handed use.

  5. Reply
    César Roberto de Souza November 10, 2021 at 11:45 am

    For the most of my days I would always downgrade a Linus video because his voice had always been the most annoying thing on earth. Glad to see he is becoming older and not screaming in pre-teen vocal pitches anymore.

  6. Mate…your content is cool but the sponsorship plugs are just killing me. Sorry mate. Annoying AF!

  7. worst not even to compared to macbook air M1 price is worse than apple

  8. book3 so rubbish

  9. Reply
    abdelilah elbouazzaoui November 20, 2021 at 6:28 pm

    That's a ps2 slim 3

  10. My surface book not turning on it is really bad

  11. "best pen experience"? that's depressing. I have surfacebook1 and the pen has always been buggy and unusable for anything graphics related. Love the idea, but its a headache & disappointing at the $2000 price point. I am an artist/illustrator and I have noticed there seems to be no shortage of reviews saying the 'pen is great' by non-artists/designers testing the pen with Windows paint.

  12. what a shitty display

  13. Here is a wonderful ( NOT ) addition to my last post on the surface book 3 POS.. screen just cracked over night… People BEWARE.. DO NOT BUY A SURFACE PRODUCT.. I have only had this surface book since Sep. 2021. I take great and cautious care of it since it was so expensive.. just the other day I was using it and left the home office to work on other things. I left the lid up. ( Microsoft can't say it was a foreign object contacting the screen as it is closed as they claim how others are ending up with cracked glass) that is a total cop out.. I left the lid open all day. at the end of the night I shut down the lights and noticed the screen was still up. usually I close it. but this time I left it open. no harm. next morning, yesterday Dec 24th I was about to wake up the surface book and noticed a hairline on the dark screen going from the red light at the top center of the screen down to the about an inch then back up to the top right corner.. I thought it was maybe a spider web or something so I used hand held Swiffer duster and lightly wiped the screen.. not a web. turns out the screen cracked over night for no reason at all.. the surface is under warranty, but would be believe Microsoft warranty says I have to pay for the repair.. so after almost 4000 to buy this thing, they expect me to pay almost 700 to fix what appears to be a defect on there end.. also. I have spent hours trying to find a contact for Microsoft direct and there website will just push you around with zero option other than annoying redirects to worthless links.. Microsoft will likely just remove my post so the people won't know about my experience, but there are many other surface book posts that I can respond to.. I know there are many others with this same issue..

  14. They really couldn't include a thunderbolt 3 port? Really? just so I can tow around their crappy charger

  15. I'd rather deep throat a cactus than buy another Microsoft or Apple product. I'll just save for a Mothership or Flow

  16. can anyone help with battery replacements ?

  17. after my surface book breaks I will get a surface book 3 hopefully there will be a good deal somewhere since it will be old 🙂 !

  18. Male genital organ @ 3:55

  19. My company have sold three surface book 3 laptops with dedicated gpus. They are all complaining about heat issues.
    They work at an architect company, so they do a lot of 3d modeling, and now with omicron raging on, many of them work at home. This is where the laptop portability shines.
    You know what doesn't shine? Their screens if they continue like this. They have absolutely no need for the detachable screens. All they wanted were laptops that looked fancy.
    And now we pay the price because there is nothing we can do exept using external cooling.

  20. I don't know what GPU to buy, so I bought all of them at scalper prices

  21. i did not realise the front camera was that good- like the only laptop camera that can actually be called a front camera and not a webcam

  22. This Surface Book is exactly what I want in terms of form factor, but holy cow is it expensive!

  23. It has serious overheating issues. That’s the only downside I’ve had with it.

  24. Linus, dude your humor f’n kills me. Love the content as always and I’ve learned so much from your vids. Especially when buying new laptops, which I am due. My Win 7 Pro HP Envy 17 i7 is starting to wear down (I have had her since Dec 2014).

  25. Hi, Does the Surface screen next to 3 15 inches work in 120hz mode?

  26. I am watching this now in March 2022 and wondering….. What happened with security?
    The Surface Pro 8, released in 2021 has… ermm … 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports.
    So much can change in one year I guess

  27. You buy surface book 2 or 3 doesn't matter your GPU dies after a year, google "GTX 1060 disappearing" "surface book 2 GPU disappearing" "surface book 3 gpu disappearing" or anything on thermal throttling.
    I am no computer expert but I understand a laptop that gets that hot should not be designed the way it was. It should not get hot enough to fry the GPU while not overclocking or pushing. You turn the PC on and it heats up and starts blaring.

    The tablet is nice, the screen is nice, the base is horrid, the keyboard is nice.
    You cannot expect to get more than a year out of this device if you play videogames 2 days out of a week, it will kill your $3,000 PC, just like everyone else online who has had this problem. Microsoft support community forums are FILLED with unsolved "SOLVED!" threads, the only and every solution they give you is "have you downloaded the latest drivers?".

    It is a very pretty high tech looking sleek smooth to the touch device, I am not a computer expert. I was totally duped with this disappointing PC. If you want to pay $3000 every 2 years and have 1 dead gpu year, go ahead. If you want to have a laptop with no GPU after a year, 3 years of misery? BUY THIS. Because Surface Book 2 and Surface Book 3 have GPU issues all the same identical, and their support forums are filled with unsolved inquiries from people just as foolish as I, BUYER BEWARE!!!

  28. Some of us surfacebook users are ensuring that you get to sit around on your lazy @$$ and not have a real job. You really should think twice before you [email protected] all over peoples purchases. Not all of us can afford to spend 5g's on a laptop like you because people get sucked in when we beg for money.

  29. I still love my Surface Book 2 and bought the last fall on sale.

  30. And then the M1 arrived…

  31. 13 th m onth my 3500k surface book 3 not turning on. Any help to suggest? its a lot of money, cant replace it now. The charging white light on the power cord is on, but the screen completely off.

  32. בני זןננל
    not truee trushsshhh

  33. Reply
    Katarzyna Lejkowska May 31, 2022 at 4:59 pm

    i have the surfacebook 2 and i love the design XD last apple laptop i loved was the older ~2010's macbook pro the thickness was great im not a fan of these newer modern thin laptops …

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