booking hotel taiwan-15 Tips & Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

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15 tips & hacks on how to save money on airline tickets. Air travel doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you know the tricks of the trade. I’ll share some basics tips to save a bit, and some more advanced hacks to book the cheapest flights possible. Tip #1: Be Flexible. Want to fly at Christmas?It’s going to be expensive! Be flexible on your dates, and your destination, and perhaps your oubtound airport. Use the “flexible dates” feature that many search engines have. The difference of one day can be hundreds of dollars. Google Flights has a “Explore Destinations” feature. I often find it can be cheaper to fly to Japan than New York.

2. Use multiple airfare search engines

I like Kayak, Google Flights, Momondo, Skyscanner

3. Plan in advance

Start at least 12 weeks out… book before 6 weeks out is usually best. Unless it’s an award booking, then when the schedule opens, often a year ahead… or last minute, like the day before.

Exception is holiday travel… you might want to book those way way out… but only if you KNOW you are traveling. Change fees will quickly eat up any savings.

4. Know how to spot a good price

Airline prices are a little bit like the weather, they fluctuate wildly
Search your route over time to see the fare go up, down…
Kayak has a price forecast, and a “fare watch” tool

5. Pay attention to the fare rules

7, 14, 21 days before, saturday stay over… travel on a certain day

6. Look out for fare sales

Sign up for your favorite airlines e-mail list is a good site
Or mistake fares — be quick — but these sometimes get cancelled

7. Look for tickets as one person

Sometimes buying tickets for “2” or more is more expensive
But you can buy “1”… and then another “1”

8. Use one-way fares, multiple airlines for a round trip
Yes, you can fly United there, and Jet Blue back
But if you book 2 one ways, or multiple carriers your change fees can be higher

9. Fly a budget carrier
Ryan Air, etc

10. Book from a different city / pay in a foreign currency
Japan Airlines might be cheaper if you book the ticket from their Japan website and pay in Yen.

11. Use a travel agent or consolidator

Some airlines — particularly Asian carriers will offer heavily discounted tickets to travel agents

12. Book a connecting flight

Airlines know people like non-stops… so connecting flights are often (but not always) cheaper. Just make sure to have plenty of time at your connecting point.

13. Book a hidden city ticket

Book a flight with a stop-over, then get off at the stop-over instead of the final destination
Don’t check a bag though
And airlines really don’t like this

Best website for this is skiplagged — to tell you how much the airlines don’t like this, United sued skiplagged

14. Fuel Dump

Book an extra city at the end that will cause the ticket to price without fuel surcharges, or lower fuel surcharges

LAX to Narita, Haneda to Burbank, then Burbank to the Caribbean

But you don’t take the last leg… airlines don’t like this one either

15. Award tickets
But this is a topic for a whole other video

Things that don’t matter:
Day of the week
Time of day
After Midnight
Incognito Mode
Standing on one foot
Human Sacrifice


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booking hotel taiwan-15 Tips & Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Flights
booking hotel taiwan-15 Tips & Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Flights
  1. Cheap hotel and rental car videos coming soon!
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  2. Good job my guy 💋💜

  3. Chris I want to talk. What cheaper! Ian jt p

  4. For me, customer service is above a cheap flight. I rather pay a little extra but knowing that my flight will go on the day I wanted and about the time I wanted.

  5. is a good website for looking for error fares. Great video.

  6. Forget BA Avios their own site is cheaper not using avios points 🤣 its a rip-off

    All Avios means to the BA algorithm is that you are a regular flyer and can pay more money!

  7. Picked up a sale on Southwest from SJ to Vegas $87 r/t down from $97 for this October plus used their COVID changes to make my trip 11 nights.

  8. I found a really good deal on the kayak app but it doesn't really let me do anything with it, the app keeps telling me I'm a bot.

  9. How about Philippines to Utah Salt Lake?

  10. skiplagged sen me to Travolie is it safe?

  11. Thanks 👍
    Beware:. ASAP Tickets/ITN SCAM.
    If anything goes wrong they will try
    to scam you out of your money.
    They have an excuse for everything
    not to refund you money.
    Refund started giving the run around. Employees trained to fool
    Customer. not only it charged
    $320 – $450 per ticket to cancel
    the flight but also didn't provide
    Full refund. Customer service doesn't resolve any problem.
    When a problem arose ASAP Tickets
    stopped answering their phones
    and didn't reply to my emails.
    International travel Network aka ITN.

  12. You made my first trip to Vegas amazing!!! Saved me soooo much money! You now have a loyal subscriber! I tell everyone about you. Please never stop making videos

  13. Most people have a specific place to go to people don’t just travel randomly

  14. Hey we go to Taiwan regularly as well! Thanks for sharing your tips😎

  15. Good job brother and thank you very much for your help stay safe.

  16. Agreed!! I feel like this can also apply to finding accommodations too! I love using Staypia, booking[.]com and Agoda for hotels 👍

  17. As someone who works for an airline, my biggest tip is to book via the airline's website. Often it's just a bit more expensive. That way, you can contact them for service. Many travel agents are very hard to reach or offer bad service. If you book via a travel agent, they are in charge of your booking. We, as airline, are not allowed to help you.

  18. I used Southwest Air credit card sign up bonus for my Parents and I to Hawaii plus my Mom's miles from SJC to Kauai roundtrip and only ended up having to buy two one ways at $204 each for my Father and I on the return. W3e going at the end of July and returning mid August. Nonstop flights free bags too.

  19. I booked First Class r/t SJC LAX on Alaska for my Feb 22 cruise at $208. It's $20 less than booking Coach with my luggage and I may need a 2nd bag. I got my preferred seat 1A, it includes Lounge Access on Alaska

  20. I booked an internationally nal fare to Tell Aviv. I had a free Alaska Air First Class one way ticket using a discount code. I booked United starting in LAX connecting In SFO for $900 r/t and on the return I just went home both on their nonstop and they gave me bulkhead Econ Plus. If I started in SFO I would have paid $1700. I had a fun day lounging at Alaska and United Lounges.

  21. The last three times I’ve travelled to the USA, we like to travel premium economy. I have generally found The way to get the best deal on premium economy is to book as early as you can, or when the fares first released

  22. yes, I find the best flight booking deals.

  23. I live equidistant between two hub airports, with a smaller regional airport closer by. When I book, I always check the prices from all three to my destination. Sometimes, the regional airport will surprise me and actually offer the best fares, but if I can save $200+ dollars per ticket by driving an extra 45 minutes to the hub, I'll do it. Even an additional $50/ticket really starts to add up when taking a family vacation with a family of 4. I also check my near my destination to see if there are alternative airports to fly into. Adding a little bit of drive time at either end of the flight can really save big money.

  24. Just be careful whether or not the price includes luggage, some agencies like Bravofly make a fool of their customers:

  25. I’m looking for international flight to SouthAfrica Durban

  26. What is the best day to buy cheaper fare thanks

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