Great-Asia's most luxurious glamping resort: Shinta Mani Wild (Cambodia) – full tour (PHENOMENAL!)

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Join me on a full tour of the Shinta Mani Wild, the most exclusive hotel in Cambodia. Designed by Bill Bensley, the ultraluxe hotel is located in an unprotected wildlife corridor and features 15 spectacular jungle tents, perched over swift moving waters and waterfalls.

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Great-Asia's most luxurious glamping resort: Shinta Mani Wild (Cambodia) – full tour (PHENOMENAL!)
Great-Asia's most luxurious glamping resort: Shinta Mani Wild (Cambodia) – full tour (PHENOMENAL!)
  1. beautiful footage and good info…. but please rethink your mood music. it tries so very hard …and it is unpleasant, cloying. something light hearted is more in order. Rich, healthy, free….and the music sounds like a monastery.

  2. Could he turn my fathers land into this. Its his dream at least before he goes.

  3. Beautiful…. 🌼🌼🌼…. Love from Serbia 💕💕💕

  4. De natuur is echt prachtig!

  5. Looooov this place! Wow!!!!

  6. Life in the forest is the nature life 😍

  7. Masikip… panget din ang interior, parang sa mangkukulam…

  8. Per day cost please. 😊

  9. 😍♥️💬Great place to go and experience this!!!🥂👍

  10. Welcome to Cambodia and thank for you that helps advertise more about tourism sites in Cambodia. Have a great trip Thanks

  11. Just breathtaking…. Definitely a destination in the future and a bucket list for Cambodia! Thank you so much for sharing!

  12. Love all the “green”. So lush and beautiful! This is a place you want to just “drink in” and let it’s beauty fill your cup! Thank you!

  13. 001 รักเธอประเทศไทย

  14. How adventurous to get there!. Really nice documentary filming as usual. Like very much all Eastern resorts and Hotels collection you so skilfully have video produced for all of us senses delight. Thank you for your efforts and work. You are unbeatable.

  15. Asia's most luxurious glamping resort ? ????????? For me it is very normal, maybe you have not traveled to many places so your knowledge is too limited, Dear

  16. The resort is beautiful plus with interesting zip line. Serene and adventourous place. And the resort name reminds me of my own middle name; Shinta 🙂 dreaming for honeymoon with my future husband ❤

  17. Shinta Mani Wild – a radical new fusion of world-class design, all-inclusive hospitality and conservation, where your stay makes a real difference in protecting unique and endangered species.

  18. This place is breathtaking and astounding 🙌💯 its amazing 👏 I'm definitely booking my stay, though I'm not sure of the best season to visit or recommended days of stay🤷‍♂️ the beauty of this place is truly magnificent and mesmerizing💯💪As an African yes I'm exposed to Safaris and all these die for fancy places. But this place is unique its an adventure and I love how it is centered around nature reserving and conservation 🤝🏽 also share any info regarding their covid 19 protocols pls. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful adventurous destination.

  19. Can somebody please enlighten me?
    How are Insects and Reptiles kept away in such an open setup in the middle of the Jungle?

  20. Nice video….👍❤🌴from Australia,Sydney

  21. Music played during the zip linning piece please

  22. Wonderful place for adventure cum relax. Well filmed job.

  23. super beautiful love it🥰

  24. I wonder that your family would stay at two separate tents right. DO they have the tents with two big beds for family of 4 or 5? Overall it is so nice and comfortable.

  25. Beautiful and informative video, thank you for showing this to us. More power to you.

  26. I wanna go to Cambodia. The video quality is perfect sir!

  27. how go there from Hawaii?

  28. Oh My….. Breathtaking.!
    Friggin LOVE This…. 👍🙏💛

  29. I wonder how far away is the closest tribe? Do tribes still roam near or have they adapted into a more modern life?

  30. Don't want to sound like a cheap charlie, but at £1800 per night :O I think I will give this place a miss.

  31. Must be so hard to be rich… and feel good. 😜

  32. I wish you’d visit koh songsaa private island too

  33. How would you compare it to the four seasons golden triangle in Thailand? We just left that camp and fell in love and are ready to plan our next adventure in SE Asia.

  34. Astonishing sceneries ! Wow! I’m lost by the charm of this unique jungle their culture , histories , natural resources are so fascinating will definitely my dreams vacations . Peaceful , relaxing in the heart of the jungle . Cambodia also are wellknown for a land of smiling faces ! Absolutely a breath taking genuine natural beauty of the forest ! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

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