booking hotel taiwan-Arriving at the Airport with NO IDEA Where We are FLYING

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Would you arrive at the airport with an envelope in hand and no idea where you were flying??

We did just that – we booked a trip with a company called Anywhr and they perfectly curate the ultimate trip for me and Jess. We pick the style of trip we want and they plan the rest – from the country to where we stay and what we do…

…this is a fun one hope you enjoy the ride 🙂

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booking hotel taiwan-Arriving at the Airport with NO IDEA Where We are FLYING
booking hotel taiwan-Arriving at the Airport with NO IDEA Where We are FLYING
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  1. Wow! What an absolute adventure!! This video was so much fun to make and edit and we cannot wait to show you this new seris 🙂 hope you watch through to not ruin the surprise! buuut for those who have! Recommend what we need to do here in the comments!!

  2. If this was posted this time in 2020, then…


  3. Dont get cornavirus

  4. Are you dead now from that virus or what

  5. Why a 17 hr flight then edit: instead of a 7 hour flight 🤦🏻‍♂️.

  6. Taiwan requires a visa…. that you have to get in advance… I'm starting to doubt this.

  7. Nice video, im definetly subscribing

  8. back when china was safer

  9. So their going to China

  10. I live in Perth hahhahaha

  11. This is just the coolest thing ever! I would love to do this!!😁💞

  12. What happens with Visas when you do this, do they organise it for us. And what about any vaccination we’d have to get??

  13. watch them get coronia

  14. Good thing they didn’t get Coronavirus

  15. chooses Asia
    Oh my god, is it Indonesia-
    Destination feels 17 to 26 degrees-
    Yup okay nope, it's way too cold

  16. Bad video I give thumbs down

  17. Mongolia, tibet

  18. imagine not having to prepare for ur trip. this app is goals


  20. You published it in March 12 2019 I’m watching in March 12 2020

  21. "We have no idea where we are going…." (1 minute in….. Let's go to Southeast Asia….)

  22. Question for you guys – I love this idea so much, but how did you handle visas? At 3:36 in the video, it shows you as having your passports “today”, yet wouldn’t you have had to apply for visas in advance?

  23. so SOOOO cool!!!

  24. Why does he look like casey neistats son

  25. Reply
    Hakan's Life And Travels April 24, 2020 at 8:30 am

    Gimme that very precious passport Australia passport. In order to visit Bulgaria, Romania, Southern Cyprus or Greece, with Turkey passport we need to wait at least 1 week our passports given to Embassy and wait for the answer with tourist visa stamps. Just 5 kms from Edirne Turkey , you can visit those countries even by bicycle. Cost is 1200 TL for tourist visa from one of each EU countries.

  26. There is just so much excitement to opening an envelope! You guys are going to TAIWAN, my home country!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this!!!!

  27. have trips in Europe (not that we can go anywhere right now) they do very good value trips.


  29. This was such a cool video! Loved it! Btw, what's the brand of your watch (6:17)? Really like it.

  30. Hy guys!!! How much cost this trip? I didnt find anything about that on their website. Thank you!!

  31. 2ra221z12z11121241aazz122aa1z11252

  32. You can never do that with an African passport, you're PRIVILEGED asf*

  33. Taiwan really underated for tourist destination

  34. Taiwan is a nice country !

  35. Wow! You transited in my homeland, Singapore! If you've not visited Singapore before, please do so, when the pandemic is over!😊😊

  36. Do u guys live in Perth?

  37. Reply
    微笑男孩Wei Zeng November 4, 2020 at 9:36 am

    Hi STEPHEN and JESS!
    I'm so glad you were going to Taiwan

  38. Libros s

  39. I think their friend book their ticket and chose where they were to go so thats also probz how they do not know where they are going 🙂

  40. what about visa and stuff?

  41. Try this challenge: Go to the airport and just fly from gate 1 or the first gate to wherever. Then at that destination from from gate 2 and then gate 3 and so forth. Where will you go?

    Maybe some rules:
    If there are concourses then start with concourse A, so A1.
    If there is no flight from that gate for 8 hours you can skip the number and go to the next gate.
    If the flight is full then you have to wait until the next flight from that gate.
    You win when you reach you reach home.

  42. Reply
    Nicole White-Watson March 29, 2022 at 6:53 am


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