Great-The Book of Genesis – Part 2

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In Genesis, God makes a promise that He will bless all nations through Abraham’s family. But with aging husbands, impatient matriarchs, blessing-stealing children, and jealous siblings who keep mucking things up, how will God’s promise prevail?

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Great-The Book of Genesis – Part 2
Great-The Book of Genesis – Part 2
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  1. This has been a blessing 🙏 in my life!! Thank you 😊 💓!!

  2. Your story lines are not accurate at all. This is all false doctrine.

  3. Are you guys sure it’s Jacob/Israel that came up with that plan? 🤔

    It’s important to mention that this is just a brief overview/a little sstory board outline at the beginning and end, and I think it would be very beneficial for viewers if you used a more humble and curious tone.
    A good example is the guy from The show, “Following the Messiah”. His tone is very genuine and he tries to just restate what it says in the Bible. This keeps him from adding and subtracting. And his curious tone leaves you wanting to learn more. Just a thought 😊

  4. Here in 2022

  5. Thanks guys, this is awesome, this helps me understand the Bible so much better! God bless you both!!

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    Laura Bayless Johnson February 9, 2022 at 5:23 am

    I still love these OG animation videos. I remember discovering them in Youversion a few years back, and I loved how they explained the Bible for me to understand! Now I love Bible Project and am going this year through another read-through-the-Bible plan (yay!) and learning more and more. One Story that Leads to Jesus!

  7. Esua was WICKED AND DID NOT DESERVE the inheritance!!!!!
    And btw, God loves Jacob and Hates Esau!!!! So beat that!!



    The Tree of Life is the Torah, which was revealed by God and IS THE Revealed will of God. Yes, Israel sinned and had to suffer exile and death like adam and eve, but as the TORAH DOES SAY (all over! in fact, it is the central theme of the bible!): Israel will one day repent and come back to God and continue to serve God according to the Torah WHICH CAN NEVER CHANGE!!!! (as stated EXPLICITLY ALL OVER!). The Torah is THE TREE OF LIFE as stated ALL OVER THE BIBLE! One day Israel and all of Man will return to God according to the Torah and eat from tree of Life and LIVE FOREVER BASKING IN THE DIVINE ENERGY OF GOD!!!!!!!!!

    The bible DOES NOT SAY ANYWHERE about some random guy dying on a tree and being the new tree of life. That is TOTALLY MADE UP!!

    LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Golden Calf to trick the nations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Follow the TORAH – the revealed will of God (which EXPLCITY STATES that it will never be annulled) – THAT IS THE TRUE TREE OF LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    not some MADE UP LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. My goodness, guys, please lift a weight or two.

  10. You guys are awesome! I am using these in an online Bible study for people who need a simple guide through the Bible. Bless you guys!!!

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    CHA’RAI RADIO SHOW February 23, 2022 at 3:44 am

    Middle east? On the old and New Testament maps has Jerusalem and Bethlehem on the African side.

  12. so smart keeping these short and sweet, and doing so with light skepticism dialogue is just brilliant.
    it reaffirms the logic and reasonability to those of faith while heading off any cheapshot cynicism and strawman formation, by those willfully ignorant and those disingenuous alike, preventing them from turning this exercise into just another game of pedantic whack-a-mole

  13. I just listened to the podcast about Joseph that was created for the app. I found it hilarious that Tim cites Goshen Indiana as an example of the many Goshen‘s in the United States. I was born in Goshen and grew up near there. I am now 60 years old and can clearly remember as a little girl being very excited to discover that Goshen was in the Bible!

  14. guys… eat a sandwich…

  15. Well Jacob didn't steal the inheritance, Ishmael sold his birth right to jacob for a bowl of stew (genesis 25:29-33)

  16. Woooow! I love in salem. Might just need to make that 30 min drive up one day 🙏🏽

  17. The book of Genesis, I feel is how we should embrace each other and show compassion and empathy. We will make things that will not always be correct but we can can back. He made that clear in his promise to us after he wiped everyone except Noah and his family. Joseph story showed us forgiveness after all he had gone through and was able to forgive his brothers. How he prevailed with his prophetic blessing and dream interpretations blessing is amazing.🙏🏽

  18. you guys are awesome God bless

  19. This is superb 💥

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    Andronicus Pradhan April 11, 2022 at 2:07 am

    Great 👏👏👏

  21. These videos are awesome. I am new to the Bible and am learning so much by reading the Bible and watching your videos. Curious though, why are your videos not monetized?


  23. Thank you

  24. She was sterile*

  25. I love that this video and pictures brings the bible to life. Thank you Bible Project

  26. Is Jesus God or was I wrong I think he is he’s like half god half man ?

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