amazing-Inside Tattoo Artist Dr. Woo’s Secret NYC Tattoo Shop | Behind the Craft | GQ

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One of the world’s hottest tattoo artists—with fans ranging from Virgil Abloh to Amanda Shires—set up a two-week residency in the Freehand Hotel. GQ met up with the artist known for his exceptional detail and intricate designs to hear more about his craft and the evolution of the tattoo hideaway.

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Inside Tattoo Artist Dr. Woo’s Secret NYC Tattoo Shop | Behind the Craft | GQ

amazing-Inside Tattoo Artist Dr. Woo’s Secret NYC Tattoo Shop | Behind the Craft | GQ
amazing-Inside Tattoo Artist Dr. Woo’s Secret NYC Tattoo Shop | Behind the Craft | GQ
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  1. Comeback to islam religon pleasa dont do tatoo..

  2. The smug is heavy in this one

  3. love Dr.Woo, always thought he seemed like a super cool dude. The chick in this video on the other hand? Shes super awkward. lol

  4. In 18 years, jojo fans will storm the comments

  5. Dr.woo is the best everyone else makes me cringe Especially the girl with the flower tattoo

  6. Why everybody hating on this video?😂

  7. I think they sugarcoating too much. Dr. Woo seems like a great tattoo artist, but come on now.
    Everyone has a preference, so I guess it's a bit out of the stretch when he is proclaimed the best of all or something 🤷‍♂️

  8. Dr. Woo is a hipster trend. Like I mean I've seen artists just as good if not better than him. I get it he has a cool name and a different style tattoo studio.

  9. No clipcord cover🤦‍♂️#wack artist

  10. Bronx Tattoo Artist @gkunny_studio

  11. The painful crawdad worryingly check because polo optically suffer up a aggressive parent. unsuitable, separate brandy

  12. What is this machine name

  13. I get the overrated hype and all but man I think all the hate is actually way more cringe. Nothing arrogant or pretentious has ever been mentioned other then a name drop here and there. Jesus folks

  14. Bit cringey tbh. This is the type of guy to charge $800 for a 4”x4” to dumb hipsters who want tumbler tats

  15. daniel silva is far better than this guy honestly..and dr woo's tats will easily fade..
    i am a tattoo artist..

  16. It may look cool now but fine line doesn't last.

  17. not lasting tattoos wonderfully packaged

  18. people be hating the dude and dont even have a tattoo by him lol. Yall keep that hating mindset, he keeps winning

  19. Reply
    cindee 254 Baines May 30, 2021 at 3:27 am

    Maybe I live in the dark but I have never heard of you dr woo in my life and I am of age 59 , I just got some earrings by some guy name woo , maybe I can get a small tattoo by you for my up coming birthday may be not it will be fine either way… I am just the lady around the block ( ijs )

  20. The video made it seem like Dr. Woo is a cult there is such thing as blowing too much smoke but the dude is mad humble thankfully.

  21. Overrated artist.

  22. Bunch of weirdos who got their first tattoo 2 years ago acting like some 12 year old is a tattoo legend because he has a shop in a hotel. Yawnsville.

  23. Asian ego "better than everybody" for fame. jajajajaja PLASTIC !Tattoo gourmet for empty instagram brains.

  24. I like his studio – very peaceful.

  25. I am a firm believer of “BOLD WILL HOLD, TRADITIONAL STYLE WILL NEVER FOLD!” and Dr.Woo tattoo style definitely not that.

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