Great-Raw Footage of the China Airlines Flight 120 Explosion

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On the morning of August 20, 2007, a devastating fire broke out on China Airlines Flight 120 which had just landed in Naha airport. It’s now a race against time to evacuate the 157 passengers on board.

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From the Series: Air Disasters: Deadly Detail

Great-Raw Footage of the China Airlines Flight 120 Explosion
Great-Raw Footage of the China Airlines Flight 120 Explosion
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  1. how did this ncident took place first of all?? was there a issue in 737 or the pilots did a mistake?

  2. I remember seeing it on the news when I was a kid

  3. 2:46 WOAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kinda crazy how normal flights can turn into disasters literally any moment

  5. When jets are made in China.

  6. If I was suicidal I would fly China anything. I don't even buy their drones. Never trust an airline from anywhere you don't trust. China has such an awful maintenance record I'm surprised they are now allowed to fly to USA.

  7. Rip to those people of this recent crash as well!

  8. Dam that a nice looking blonde

  9. Great job. Pilot and stewardesses. Good bless you ❤️

  10. Salute to those pilots.

  11. btw, China airlines is actually a Taiwanese airline. they used to have horrible safety records. I still have freinds refusing to fly with them.

  12. Did they even consult a pilot to interpret the SOPS/checklist procedure? It's embarassing. The warning horn doesn't sound for a master caution….

  13. God save those people supposed this happen in the air omg🙌😔

  14. china airlines should take better care of their planes

  15. the plane:KABOOMM!!!!

  16. Poor plqnes

  17. China ka maal akhir kab tak chalega..chale to Chand nahi to sham tak..

  18. Reply
    Boeing 777 🇺🇦 April 27, 2022 at 6:04 am

    2:45 Why wont anyone talk about how the 1st officer fell out?

  19. Is this real? Why would there be cameras ready onboard?

  20. That's a Miracle and, Miracles happens only from God🙏🏻OMG
    😬 Forget About Checklists, Protocols And So On… Run And Open The Doors!!!

  21. Flight

  22. You no chance plane the fire

  23. Passengers are safu.

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