Great-Booking Loves Ramen

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Perfect food is worth the effort – watch as friends Tosao and Joao travel from Amsterdam to Tokyo in their quest for the perfect ramen.🍜🍜🍜

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Great-Booking Loves Ramen
Great-Booking Loves Ramen
  1. Added to bucket list!!! 👍

  2. reminiscent of 'dosnoventa runs japan'

  3. man it's great! what's the song at 2.55? <3 love it

  4. This is how you make a commercial without it shoving it in my face.

  5. contrived, shameless corporate matey shit. fuck off and leave the restaurant industry alone ffs

  6. Hopefully this means booking takes out widen and kennedy with their insane AD budget and goofy celebs and starts telling more honest stories about travel…as a consumer thats all we want… it's that easy… just solid stories…thank you for this! this is great!

  7. 'X , acts b. A. , bOoI'm. A. "

  8. I really enjoyed this video. I know it's an advert but it is made so tastefully and not forcibly. I can watch adverts like that any day.

  9. This is by far one of the best adverts I've seen in a long time – great storytelling, pulls you in right from the start – product / service supports the story, nothing feels forced or out of place. Now here's what I just did…. downloaded to my phone.

    Please keep creating ads like this.

  10. First commercial that I've watched all the way through, without being forced too
    and it made me hungry 😀

  11. first time watching the whole ad
    gd vid!

  12. This inspired us to go and do the same trip all with! we just put it up in our Vlog! Thanks for the great tip!

  13. FYI if you wanna visit this ramen shop aka "Japanese Soba Noodles TSUTA", you have to visit there at least by 7 A.M.(yes, in the morning!) to collect the ticket to enter the shop. You have to pay deposit(JPY1000) when you get the ticket. The ticket color shows by what time you should go back tthere and stand in a queue(i.e. 11 A.M., 12 P.M., etc.). After the lining time comes and getting the deposit back, you finally can enter to make an order.
    It can be so hard to wait for a just one bowl of ramen, but it's definitely worth trying X)

  14. Beautifully edited! 1st time I do a replay (on purpose) for an Ad. By the way, what the title of the beat playing as soon as they're entering the ramen shop?

  15. 3:11 mistranslation…
    He said, "I don't use chemical seasonings."

  16. 上手にすすって食べてるね

  17. Отправлял в службу поддержки обращения 4 раза (15 Jul 2019 @ +0200, 17 Jul 2019 @ +0200, 19 Jul 2019 @ +0200, 23 Jul 2019 @ +0200) ! Ни разу служба поддержки не помогла. Завели на сайта бота, который "посылает" клиентов в вежливой форме, но никто не решает проблемы клиентов.

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