amazing-How to Save Big Cash on Booking Hotels

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If you’re really into saving and looking to book a budget break then finding a cheap hotel will of course be top priority. But, despite it being easier than ever to research and book budget hotels, having thousands of options and variables can be overwhelming- no fear, here are our top tips to pick up fabulous hotel stays for bargain prices!

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Our first tip is to Stay in Business Hotels during weekend trips:

Oftentimes, luxurious hotels in city business districts can be expensive during the week due to business clients but they’re often loads cheaper during weekends when these travellers leave. They might be in quieter, leafier locations but can be a great way to find a cheap, luxury hotel.

Tip 2: Booking Mid-Week trips

This one is obvious but often overlooked: simply travel mid-week rather than at the weekend, hotels are not only cheaper but also tons quieter, which makes for a more pleasant experience. So many of us now work flexible hours what with working from home or hybrid work so it’s even easier to juggle hours, and remember: Tuesday-Thursday trips remain the cheapest!

Our Third Tip is to Stay in University Accommodation
Did you know many universities rent out student accommodation during the holidays? Private rooms can be rented across the UK for a no-frills budget break.

Tip Four: Cancel your room and rebook if the price drops!
Always keep an eye on the price of your hotel room in case the price drops. If you book a hotel stay with a free cancellation policy then you can simply and easily cancel your booking and simply rebook it at a lower price!

Tip 5: Contact Hotels Directly

Don’t be afraid to either visit the hotel’s site to book or to either call or email the hotel directly and ask them to match the price you’ve found online. Hotels usually want you to book direct so they save commission so they’ll likely give you extra perks or upgrades if they can’t offer a lower fee.

Our sixth tip is to book a private room in a hostel

You may think of backpackers crammed into 20-bed dorms but many modern hostels now offer private rooms at fab prices. You’ll even get lively communal areas and the opportunities to meet new people as a bonus!

Tip 7: Why not stay in a secret hotel?
Websites such as Secret Escapes,, Wowcher, Late Rooms and Voyage Prive offer a fun way to save money on hotels with their ‘Secret Hotel’ deals. These are usually last minute offers where guests book a hotel based on a rough location and star rating, but you don’t know exactly which hotel it is- but importantly, they’re nearly always cheaper!

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amazing-How to Save Big Cash on Booking Hotels
amazing-How to Save Big Cash on Booking Hotels
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