Great-Is Taipei Beautiful? – Surprises In Taipei 🇹🇼

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It’s time to reveal our thoughts on Taiwan. This is our first time as foreigners exploring Taiwan. We decided to settle ourselves for a month in Taipei and we have come to realize that this country is full of surprises.

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1. No street vendors
2. Dancing Kids
3. Taiwanese manner
4. Taipei 101
5. The attempt to reduce plastic
6. Arcade at night market ( For us, it gives the feeling of the fair instead of night market )
7. The love toward Sun Yat Sen and Chiang Kai Sek ( As shown from the Taiwanese 100 NT and 200 NT banknotes )
8. Changing guard
9. Rock path Massage and massage to cure a specific health issue
10. North gate history
11. lifting temple
12.Dadoacheng neighborhood
13. The magic tea
14. The charging battery for scooter
15 —— You Find Out ———-

↠ SUM-UP : Taiwan (台灣) is surely our new favourite travel destination in 2019. We rent apartment to stay for a month in Taipei (台北) shown in this video : and totally love the neighborhood of Taipei main station ( highly recommended as the best place to stay in Taipei (in our opinion))

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Great-Is Taipei Beautiful? – Surprises In Taipei 🇹🇼
Great-Is Taipei Beautiful? – Surprises In Taipei 🇹🇼
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  2. Great video. But 07:45 Sun yet sen didn't try to declare independence for Taiwanese. He fought to overthrow Emperial China (Qin Dynasty).

  3. Greens are beauty not damn concretes

  4. wow,it's so beautiful~💯👍🌈🤗


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  6. wow this is really a great video , I traveled Taiwan many years ago , the people live in the city is very friendly and helpful , and the people live in the countries even they dont speak English they try to help and they are so nice to foreigners

  7. THANK YOU for these beautiful videos and all the info!! My hubby is Taiwanese and we decided to move from the UK to live there – so excited to explore! :))

  8. Does anyone know the name of the soup dish please? 🍲Would love to try it when I plan to visit next year 😊

  9. I'm in love with this country😍😍

  10. Sun Yat San = George Washington
    Chiang Kai Shek =/= Jefferson or Lincoln.(in terms of significances).

  11. Taiwan is such a beautiful country! It may look small on the map but it has such a huge variety of places to visit among its 24 million population. Best of all living standards are as high as Taiwan yet cost of living is as affordable as Thailand. Plus it’s easily one of the friendliest and safest countries in Asia! 🙂

  12. Welcome to Taiwan 🇹🇼

  13. This is the best video of Taipei I have ever seen on YouTube! We haven't been back in over two years now because of the pandemic, and this makes me miss it even more. Thank you for this lovely, authentic chronicle of your stay in our city. Wish you all the best.

  14. If they have to wait for the next train, they wait for the next train. Next train arrives 2 minutes later 😀

  15. i really miz this beautiful country, thank you for sharing this video

  16. the world knows that Taiwan is a Country

  17. This country have very very very low fertility rate so it's very very very easy to keep here peaceful environment and to do development

  18. Thank you for the video. Taiwan is beautiful.

  19. Is there a cost in taipei.taiwan video like the one for Bali?

  20. Don't go to Taiwan! because it's will be tuch your heart!

  21. -1000000000000 points 😡😡🤬🤬🤬👺🔥💥💫🤥🤜✊👊

    Just kidding taiwan rules😎💙

  22. Congratulations for your national holiday on 10th October Taiwan from your friends in Germany <3 Taiwan is a beaufitul country with nice landscape, charming people and such a nice culture. I´m really proud to call you our friends. Best wishes for the future from your friends in Germany <3

  23. Grandmaster hop gar lama Kung fu big fan love ❤ 😍

  24. I like watching this video keep going 🤠 greeting from Morocco*

  25. Do not come to Taiwan before the government tackles road safety issues:
    정부가 도로 안전 문제를 다루기 전에 대만에 오지 마십시오:

  26. What kind of camera did you use for this video? The quality is great

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