amazing-8 Reasons Why You Should NEVER EVER Book an All-Inclusive Hotel ❌

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After visiting 14 all-inclusive hotels and resorts in Punta Cana, I am reminded about why I originally didn’t like them. These are 8 reasons to never ever book an all-inclusive hotel or resort and to avoid them at all costs.

Travel tips, advice and secrets for staying at all-inclusive hotels and resort.

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amazing-8 Reasons Why You Should NEVER EVER Book an All-Inclusive Hotel ❌
amazing-8 Reasons Why You Should NEVER EVER Book an All-Inclusive Hotel ❌
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  1. Your videos moved me from a "Maybe" consideration for the DR (and AIs) to "Never". While we are not extirely post-COVID, I was looking for somewhere to relax, with not too complicated entry requirements. I'm back to going to Thailand, or more precisely, Koh Samui, which for me ticks plenty of boxes. In the UK, we have Butlins; a chain of summer camps (resorts if you will) based on sites that were originally POWs camps (!). Every is provided, organised. Great value for families, like DR AIs, but a terrible place for a break. DR is little more it seems than Butlins in the Sun, no matter how much dressing up they do. There is a 9th reason not to go to an AI, and maybe some won't really care. These AIs seem to do nothing for the local economy. Very little revenue appears to flow back to benefit the country. DR towns look dirt poor. If I stay in a hotel where I can eat out, interact with the locals, I know at least some of my hard earned is being equitably redistributed. Good videos, I like your style, and they have been of service.

  2. I agree with so many of these points!

    I believe the absolute best all inclusive resorts are Secrets Cap Cana, and Xcaret Arte (a whole other level of included luxury).
    Highly recommend you try Xcaret Arte st some point!

  3. I'm glad you did this video after doing your what you like about all inclusives. Your points are valid, but in the end come down to "temper your expectations".

  4. thank you for this video 🙂

    ps. how did we enjoy our 10 days stay in one hotel? We just tried to talk to people and make friends, that's how 10 days in one hotel was nothing for us, we met so many people 🙂

  5. That is a lot of BS,,you are comparing a place like Miami with that? Seriously? It is an all inclusive for a reason,,you just go for the beach and weather. How can they be affordable if you want to drink like macallan or blue

  6. All inclusive are meh unless you have 3 teens that never stop eating…then they’re a god send.

  7. i did think the same way you do until i visit Xcaret mexico. the first all inclusive that i was sad to leave. totally recomended

  8. Why not try the best: Casa de Campo, La Ramona!

  9. You get what you pay for. If you are going to book a vacation don't go cheap and this certainly applies to All-Inclusives as well! The Dominican Republic is the cheapest place to vacation internationally (from the U.S. anyway) and as the saying goes you get what you pay for. Go to Mexico or other places in the Caribbean for an upgraded (and more expensive) experience. All-Inclusive resorts are fantastic if you are married and have limited vacation time. Bringing the kids to a family resort is also another great vacation. If I was single, no I wouldn't be going to All-Inclusive resorts. Also, DO NOT go to to an All-Inclusive resort if you do not want to spend the majority of time relaxing. I have no problem relaxing for a week and being boring and neither does my wife. Also, the expectations some people put on All-Inclusive resorts is way too much. Those old Sandals commercials that made you seem like you are the only one in paradise are from reallity Food is so subjective, sometimes it is good and sometimes its not .

  10. The best food that I’ve had at an all inclusive was from a place called Oleo in Cancun. Boutique hotel. VERY small and the food is delicious. It’s very personal and the vibe is older but, just right for me. It also sits across from a famous Cancun restaurant called Navios so, you can eat at the property or…off site

  11. Well Sir I stand corrected. You are not warming up to the all-inclusive experience BUT maybe it is just getting too much of a good thing? The one killer for me is wine selection and quality. For most resorts it can boarder on undrinkable. Majestic was fine but most are awful.

  12. James, given your "love" for the all-inclusive experience when are you going to start your tours of cruise lines. I am not sure you would survive an 11 day Caribbean cruise.

  13. We’ve been to many AIs in Punta Cana over the years and enjoyed them with one exception – Bahia Principe Luxury Ambar. Without exaggeration , we were bored by day 2 and wished we could have switched resorts.

  14. How you go from recommending resorts then say “NEVER EVER BOOK”?

  15. You are losing money and time by not booking with an agent

  16. Best all inclusive hands down is the Hyatt Zilara cap Cana. The food is amazing and is never too crowded. Also is designed that you are everywhere in a 5 minute walk

  17. Reply
    Adrienne Follett May 6, 2022 at 9:46 pm

    Can you do the Cancun AIs next?? Thats the goldmine of terrible ones you need to check out 🙂

  18. i think your videos are very good but i so disagree with 6 of these 8 and I’m at plenty all inclusive

  19. if you were ever thinking about going to an all inclusive forget about it this guy just crushed your dreams

  20. Just got back from Vegas a few days ago. Worst trip ever. Horrible luck n too overpacked. I perfered how it was during the pandemic.

  21. You should give The Ikos chain in Europe a go.
    It’s another level on the food and drink !
    Great content as always.

  22. 💯💥😍👍🏾

  23. hi there, do you plan on reviewing secrets cap cana while you are down the area. I'd love a detailed review before we decide. tia

  24. Secrets and Hyatt Ziva/Zilara are very manageable.

  25. Puerto Plata you can get more culture outside the resorts

  26. We normally stay 10 nights when we go to a all inclusive and never get bored. I don't feel like I'm missing "culture" any more at a all inclusive than a standard hotel. Your in a tourist area either way and your not going to get true culture anywhere close unless you rent a car and drive off to some village out in the country. I have also had some excellent food and drinks at all inclusiveness. Gone off resort for food and drinks just to come away disappointed that the experience was no better.

  27. My wife has a tumbler now at RIU as I’m typing to you, we are here now after following your reviews. Now your saying what I kept telling her. 😂😂😂😂😂 thanks I won 😂😂😂😂😂

  28. James is contradicting himself with this video. He goes back in most of the things he said were appealing about the hotels he visited. Can the real James stand up? Who should I believe? Well, I love Punta Cana not only for the food, but for the drinks…and women…and the fact that I don't care about anything when I'm there.

  29. I don’t know how you’ve lasted!! You’re crazy!! But I LOVE the content. Now if you could just give me Ibiza, Lake Como, Portugal, Greece, and also Cabo and more Puerto Vallarta. And can you please do the Catskills, NY, Breckinridge, Key West, and all those huge resorts in Arizona. Partial vicarious living and the rest is a legit decision maker for me! Thx

  30. You have just explained exactly how I've felt about all-inclusives my entire adult life but have not even considered putting it into words because that's how much I dislike them; my older brother recently got back from one in Cancun, I just made a funny face and changed the subject. They are so generic, its not even worth being a topic of conversation. Anywho, love your channel!

  31. Thanks. Not my cup of tea either!

  32. Reply
    Mario Campodonico May 10, 2022 at 10:45 pm

    Agree 100%. Went to one for the 1st time last year and that was it for me, food is mediocre at best and after 4 days I got bored. I checked that box, now to the next experience.

  33. Jumping in to see if you have any Vegas in the near future? We are going soon going to Bellagio and I'm ocd about the breakfast place you hit a couple times for those great sandwiches !

  34. I was spoiled when I went to an all inclusive, the one I went to was in Puerto Rico. I was also 20, and 21 when we went. But man it was awesome, they had a casino, a few shows, a pool bar, and a great selection of booze(mind you I was young and pretty much only drank Crown and Grey Goose). The first year we went they had just opened up so there were more workers there than guest, but sadly they are no longer open. The only negative was there were no girls, it was mostly older couples.

  35. So what does a Ritz Carleton run? Sometimes just a get away at a reasonable price is all some people can afford or want to spend for a week or so maybe $7,000. a week for a vacation is just plain outrageous when you can find a nice all inclusive for half the price! ! We’ve stayed at the RPM and had no complaints abd so 3 vacations may only equal one with a non all inclusive! Just my opinion!

  36. The beaches to me look more appealing in Mexico then the beach at the Ritz Hotel Miami just ruins the beach when they took the palm trees down! Beach looks unappealing!

  37. You need to go to Couples Negril in Jamaica. Shoots down all 8 of your reasons.

  38. Hope you’re okay it’s been a while since you posted this and I’ve been eagerly awaiting your next video!

  39. When you said water aerobics start at noon😂

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