booking hotel taiwan-Booking Connections & Stopovers | Use the 23:59 Rule to Visit More Places

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Do you know the difference between a connection and stopover? Understanding the difference can help you apply the popular 23:59 rule, which allows you to visit more places while saving you money on airfare.

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booking hotel taiwan-Booking Connections & Stopovers | Use the 23:59 Rule to Visit More Places
booking hotel taiwan-Booking Connections & Stopovers | Use the 23:59 Rule to Visit More Places
  1. Areoflot! Nice! We flew Areoflot here in Russia. Very nice airline! Great video as well!

  2. nice tips, but like you said can be tiring.

  3. Thanks for the video. I had no clue this existed. I might see if I can do this in Mexico.

  4. so how do we get info on which airports have luggage storage and how much time we should allow to be back at airport. we just went through amsterdam and we're told there are lockers on 1st floor but we're told by klm TM staff that there are no lockers…so we spent 8 hours watching world Cup at the airport 🙁

  5. Great vid and good info as always. Another good option during a stopover if you're not getting a hotel is recharging yourself in a lounge. Some priority pass lounges at major international airports have showers and some are open 24 hours

  6. Than k you for sharing these tips Ernest ! Your amazing always providing great content !

    Jose P.

  7. Thank you for opening my eyes to new opportunities for me, Earnest! Awesome video! Original content! I have not come across this tip before…

  8. Thank you for the great information. Inquiring minds would like to know why you do a hard look to camera right while you are talking. I noticed it, and always wondered why. Anyhow, thank you again for the great info. I can always count on your content to be amazing.

  9. Do you think you can do a video with this 23:59 and transfer partners with chase. I was having a hard time figuring it out how to do it with my pointed

  10. I was able to book flights from Oahu thru Narita to Bangkok for a 12 hour layover and continue on to my working location of Senawang, Malaysia via Kuala Lumpur. The return trip to Hawaii this weekend also stops in BKK for 12 hours. The nice thing about this is my checked luggage is checked all the way to the final destination so there is no need to wait at baggage claim in BKK. Also, in using my Official passport I can sail thru their passport control area. Thanks for the video tips!

  11. Earnest that is an awesome video!!! Good tips I need to check out air wander to see if they have some cool stopovers on the way to New Zealand!! I did a stopover with air New Zealand 🇳🇿 at Cook Islands 🇨🇰 on my way to New Zealand back in 2015…

  12. Great tips. I hadn't heard of Airwander. Skiplagged is pretty cool but has a bit different purpose!

  13. I ♥️ it. U speak my way of explanation slow calm n understanding u in a lay person learning this method
    Ty i appreciate it n going to put this vid in one of my youtube folders for future reference on stop-overs
    Again ty for truly taking the time to make me (viewer) understand this option 😊

  14. I traveled to Ukraine with a layover of 15 hours in France. I did it in purpose to know Paris but I didn't know this method had a name (23:59).
    I think I discovered by myself before watching your video 😅 But good job for this amazing video. Some people don't know that you can visit different cities by extending the time of the layover. I save a lot of money doing it and also when I leave the airport to visit Paris, I got a free unlimited metro card to use in the subway. They told me that day they were giving unlimited metro card to students for only that day 😎

    By the way, I think a good tip about "23:59 rule" would be to choose a cheaper final destination and choose expansive layovers. In my previous example, if I would book a flight to Paris with a layover in Ukraine would've been more expensive. It's simple knowledge, it's cheaper to flight to Ukraine than France, therefore Ukraine has to be the final destination.

  15. Thank you Ernest! Great tips!

  16. Good video, subscribed

  17. thanks this is so useful, , planning a stop over in london befroe Iceland!!

  18. You’re so cute. Great video!

  19. Hi good evening I want asked if your in a stop over in a country & want to explore the city in few hours, if u want to come out in the airport…
    1.where u need to go? A help desk?
    2. Do u need to pay something?

  20. A few years ago I flew from Boston to Rome with a 23 hour layover in Dublin on Aer Lingus. Found the flight on Expedia. Left Boston around 9pm and landed in Dublin sometime around 8am. After getting my checked luggage (first time leaving the country and solo so I felt safer doing it this way… I just requested this option when checking my bag) I checked into a hotel practically next to the airport. Took a quick shower and went right into the city. Had time to see the Guinness factory, Trinity College and much of the city using the hop on hop off bus. The Hop on Hop off busses are amazing for one day in a city! After a day of exploring the city, I grabbed dinner and went back to the hotel. My flight was the next morning at 7am and was a 2 minute airport shuttle away. Highly recommend Dublin for a short layover!

    One bit of advice: if you do a long layover, just know your limits. I am younger and could push myself to last the whole day. While I was very tired at the end of the day when returning to the hotel, the ability to see the highlights of Dublin was beyond worth it! However, just don't push yourself too much that it may impact the rest of your trip.

  21. I recently took advantage of Amtrak baggage storage, while making strategic extended stopovers at several cities between Miami and Charleston. This provided an opportunity to conveniently tour historic locations along the way. Also, many years ago, whenever I had extended stopovers at LAX, I’d used the storage lockers that were located in the international terminal; sounds like they’ve now been removed.😢

  22. I went from New York to Johannesburg. Since both US to Europe and Europe to SA tend to be overnight ones, this got me 17 hours in Madrid which I really enjoyed. They didn't check my checked bag at JFK onto SA (they said the layover was too long) but upon arrival in the morning I was able to check my checked bag to SA and used the daytime airport storage for my hand luggage. They had an airport lounge for about 30 euros that I used to shower after the heat and eat dinner. The number of showers was limited, so figure in extra time if that's important. Riding the trains was a good break from the heat and since I love exploring transportation was a good use of 2-5 pm when many places close. Europe to US flights tend to be in the mornings so I was able to get home without much delay.

  23. Why is there Yugoslavia in 0:49? 😂😂😂

  24. First time I booked a stopover award trip was a couple years ago when redeeming Alaska airlines miles for an American airlines coach ticket (I know, it's not the best use but I was still learning at the time 😂 ).
    Alaska miles are some of the most generous when it comes to stopovers since I was able to redeem just 20,000 miles (at the time, the cost has since increased) from Honolulu Hawaii to London via Los Angeles LAX. As Alaska miles allow for virtually unlimited duration on the stopover, I created a 2 week gap between my flight from HNL to LAX and then from LAX to LHR. Final tax cost : just $23.70

    Win win situation with Alaska 😎

  25. Thanks again. I had a few doubts about this topic. All solved but one. So do you think I would be able to find the same itinerary from airwander at the airline website? Yes; I know ; Skyscanner is linked to the airline website but not always. Most of the times the first results are from online travel agencies.

  26. Even better, book a flight with a really short layover. Flights rarely depart on the clock, so you're almost guaranteed to miss your connection due to a late arrival, and then the airline will put you on another flight and possibly even put you in a hotel. We visited Copenhagen, Lima and Mexico City this way.

  27. Yes so useful so i subscribed!

  28. can i book same company airlines to get the lagguage all over to final destination if my stopover is 23 hours?

    I am going to Copenhagen i want use layover and explore paris and final destination is Copenhagen i have Schengen visa
    Please give your suggestion about lagguage and other things. . .
    Please reply as soon as possible

  29. 0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!

  30. I wonder if these tips are still applicable in this time of the pandemic.

  31. Guys I need some help! I am planning on doing a trip to Japan but I have a very good mate who lives in Brisbane. Would it be possible that my flight could stop over/layover in Brisbane so I can hang out with him?

  32. strong passports get benefits for this stop over flight, passport holders like India need visa to stop over city. Once i was flying from German city to Dubai via Bulgaria. They have not allowed me to board on flight as i required visa

  33. I always wondered how to do this!! Although I always have concerns when several airlines are involved. Maybe not so much with extended layovers, but when you can get cheaper fares with multiple airlines. Any feedback on that?

  34. Great tips. thank you! I had a layover with turkish airlines and they had hotel included. It was awesome to see Istambul for free.!

  35. I know this video is several years old (and pre-COVID), but I just came across it. We discovered the advantage of 8-10 hour layovers with our kids several years bath and love it! We get to explore all the top sites without having to unpack.
    About 20’years ago I flew to Australia from LAX on Air New Zealand and they allowed a stopover in New Zealand for as long as you wanted for no additional fee. I loved my week on the North Island.

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