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  1. Isn't the woman a little older to jump over the bed like a little girl?

  2. So when you next go on holiday through "" and your bed is BROKEN, it's due to their staff using it as a TRAMPOLINE

  3. The guy at about 0:12 comes out of that "igloo" with a look that says " Wow that was a cool place to take a dump"

  4. Ah ouai la pub est bien mais les tarif hébergement c'est n'importe quoi, que les tarifs exorbitants

  5. It would have be great to have the location of the videos.

  6. A booking não devolve o dinheiro me cobraram 700 de cancelarmento.
    Alguém sabe como eu falo com a booking para ter o retorno ?
    . foi hoje às 16 que eu aluguei aí falaram que já estava alugado e me cobraram 700 reais por ter cancelado após 1 hora depois as 17

  7. thumbs down. horrible customer service. I'd rather gouge my eyes out with a fork than use your lame service.

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