Great-Marketing your hotel with

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Great-Marketing your hotel with
Great-Marketing your hotel with
  1. What is their commission rate?

  2. DO NOT USE!!! If your hotel scams you, they will do nothing about it

  3. Check out the customer complaints on the Facebook page. People write in to say when has compromised their bank accounts by giving bank number to hotels with no authorization to do so. When my account was drained by this compromise of my security and privacy, deleted my complaints and blocked me. Soon thereafter, I saw lots of other people coming to their page saying the same experience happened to them. Not sure how many of these people were blocked. now refuses to answer any inquiries about the hotel that they shared my bank info with, and the hotel has made off with a large sum of cash from my account. This HOTEL has stolen 700 from my bank account without any authorization. I've never stayed there and I never make a deposit booking there. They admitted to their mistake, and promised to refund the money, and have not! I have contacted them personally now via fb several times, and they do not reply. They simply delete my messages. Their removal of my money from my bank was an act of fraud, as they had NO authorization!!! And now they have lied about refunding the stolen money at a promised date and it's not been refunded at all.

    Be careful if you intend to consider this website, It worked well for me for years, and I travel frequently. Suddenly, the trust was more than compromised and the money stolen drained my checking account, causing overdraft fees. has a "It is your problem" attitude and then if you pursue it further, they will block and delete your complaints because they don't care about doing the right thing and having stolen money returned to a customer, but they care about public image. Stay away from this booking site. Very good chance you'll eventually have a similar experience in which they will share your data, your account will be drained, and they will ignore your pleas to have the situation redressed, even after the hotel claimed it would immediately undo the mistake. It didn't, and now is disinterested in doing anything to have the funds collected and rightfully returned. When you book a room, even if it's a "no deposit" room, evidently they give over your banking / credit details for the hotels to do as they please with such details, and if the hotel is in the mood for stealing, will not support you in seeing it through to getting your money back. I am now having to take legal means to receive the refund of the stolen money from my account. Be forewarned. Not an honest site: gives our your private data and won't help you if your account is emptied as a result. Please contact me if you'd like to join in a class action suit, if you've had a similar experience. Unless they do something to rectify the losses and damages, I intend to take it in that direction. Much hardship, frustration, and expense has occurred because of this mistake and their complete apathy and unwillingness to address it.

  4. Just added Hillcrest Guest House, St. John, US Virgin Islands to

  5. a huge glitch with the speech vs. showed slides

  6. KEPADA TEMAN SEKALIAN HIDUP INI TAK BISA DITEBAK DAN DINYANA, KESEHATAN TAK BISA DITEBAK Supaya Nyaman Anda Harus Menyiapkan Tabungan 2 ini 1 kebetulan kalo butuh hubungan aku

  7. my app is deleted help me

  8. Do not use booking cheat com!! When they made a mistake with my booking, they did nothing to correct it, just cancelled it, worse ever customer care!! All they want is your money, anything goes wrong you pay!!

  9. Is there a reason that doesn't allow properties to write their own description of their own place? Because the description doesn't always match reality. And it's really frustrating that deliberately misrepresents properties in order to generate sales

  10. is an easy for making reservation and best experiences in destination.

  11. Be sure to read Booking review on my blog before you buy. Please go to dennisreviews. com/booking-review/ Thanks, Costa.

  12. Ciao a tutti, se dovete prenotare su booking fatelo da questo link! Avrete 15 euro di rimborso sul totale della prenotazione a soggiorno ultimato! 😍

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  14. This is so boring my cup melted.

  15. Use this link to list your property and you will pay no commission on first 5 bookings.

  16. Try guys…cheapest flights and hotel deals guaranteed.

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  18. I try to add my property but its sad thy don't accept its crezy all time thy change a rules

  19. Please assess this hotel 😘❤thx for attention !

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  21. This is a great Airbnb video, hurray for Airbnb!!!!

  22. So what's the best way to market my appartments, plz I really need some recommendations?

  23. You can add your hotel and get it without fee to first

  24. Always gives the number of the EMPTY card. and what's the fact that gets info from side to side. that the card is not valid, etc.
    You can also use the card number generator


    Hi Everyone. This is my booking link. If you use it you will get 10% off your booking.

  26. i can not join register my guest house so vomplicated

  27. can not register phone for all partners 1 password comes up at all tme

  28. هل بإمكانك تقديم الترجمة الي العربية

  29. work as branch but still in deal with amestrdam general office …list your properity ..and then still in wait to be called
    from amestrdam that what allow u to get extranet user and start to manage rooms devision and rooms to win money by internet…that will be as call center arround the world

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