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Learn how to get 40% off hotel reservations through with T-Mobile Tuesdays! Booking hotels through the T-Mobile Tuesdays app has never been easier thanks to this easy-to-follow tutorial video. Learn more about T-Mobile Tuesdays:

Check T-Mobile Tuesdays app for available offers and terms. 40% off available accommodation bookings in the U.S. including AK, HI & Puerto Rico and bookings for international travel (except Sudan, Syria, North Korea & Iran). Discount is applied to price of room before taxes and any fees. All reservations are subject to the terms of the property and may not be able to be refunded, see individual location for details. Not valid for existing reservations. Reservations based on availability. Not valid with any other promotion, offer, discount or coupon.

How to get discounts on hotel reservations through
– Open the T-Mobile Tuesdays app (0:18)
– Scroll down and select “” (0:24)
– Select “Redeem” (0:31)
– Select a city (0:36)
– Select dates (0:40)
– Select “Search” (0:44)
– Choose your preferred property (0:49)
– Choose your room preference & press “Reserve” (0:56)
– Enter your information to complete reservation (1:02)

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amazing-How To Get Discounts on Hotel Reservations Through | T-Mobile Tuesdays
amazing-How To Get Discounts on Hotel Reservations Through | T-Mobile Tuesdays
  1. It's the same price as before. This is B.S.

  2. Why does it only let you choose 1 night? How about if you want more than 1 night?

  3. I'm looking to visit Los Angeles in September.

  4. Only one property had a discount from the non promotion site price when I did my search. Unfortunately it wasn't the one my family wanted to stay at.

  5. tmobile is a scam just like all phone carriers. rats

  6. Thank you T-Mobile, I know we will love our vacation!

  7. There’s NO DISCOUNT! 🙄
    I followed the steps and the price was $15 MORE than the hotel’s website. 🙄

  8. This doesn't work! I tried to follow exactly on the video, it didn't ask for any discount. Instead, I paid the original price. This is hopeless. Just give us the promo code!

  9. If I already booked a hotel is it too late to use my discount

  10. The app must be glitching because it will not allow me to pull up any discounts

  11. Nice offer I will try it for the first time and I hope it works for me.

  12. I love how at T Mobil completely ignored customer complains but likes the few customer Thank You’s

  13. Not even a discount…Google search resulted in a 84$ price while through T mobiles app process it was 197!!!! Rip off!!!

  14. Well that was just a major waste of my time. 🤦🤦🤦

  15. This is not a discount. The rooms were more expensive than in the hotel websites 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  16. Looks like this is something I don’t even want to be bothered with.

  17. Saving you time it's a scam!!!!

  18. I already booked a room for the weekend of May 14-16th figued I check to see if I could get it cheaper, t mobile is over $50 more for the same trip. I did notice a different hotel i was looking at was $40 cheaper than I could have booked it so I guess it's hit or miss

  19. Well to clear things up for confused people like me. It says up to 40% off that doesn't mean you get the whole 40% off. T-Mobile will only give a discount to select hotels of it's choosing. It sucks you can't apply the discount to the hotel you want which would be more convenient.

  20. I just booked 2 nights in vegas for about 400$ and the regular price wouldve been about 550$ 😊

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