booking hotel-Change Your Hotel Booking | Expedia

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Some hotel bookings allow you to make changes to your reservation online in your itinerary.

You can make the following changes to an existing hotel room reservation online.

•Guest name
•Bed type
•Smoking preference
•Special requests
•Accessibility options
•Room type
•Number of guests
•Travel dates

Still need help?
If you still need help with your reservation, select Contact us. If you need to make special requests, such as accessibility options, please contact your hotel directly.

booking hotel-Change Your Hotel Booking | Expedia
booking hotel-Change Your Hotel Booking | Expedia
  1. Expedia sells rooms in hotel under construction (SeaCoast Suites in Miami) and we, guests, were forced to wake up and spend our vacations with deafening noise of people working. All the investment and after a year of hard work to have a relaxing holiday was wasted because no one could rest with a daily and constant noise pollution of this magnitude,

  2. Customerservice is an absolute shitshow.

  3. Just encase anyone needs to see this there is, literally, no way to change your hotel check in/out days online. It takes you in a circle and you have to call customer service and be on hold for like an hour. If you NEED to change the hotel booking you have to take care of it days ahead. If it's a last minute change you're better off either toughing it out or booking a different hotel and asking for a refund.

    Edit: I work for a hotel now (Marriott)

    Expedia has changed their service up a bit. It's still shit though. Don't book at cheap hotels and expect things to go easy. Also, make sure you throughly check your room, it's easier to have you come in check everything for yourself and find something wrong and us fix it within 30 minutes of you checking in then for you to spend 10 hours away then come back and your AC isn't working. Rooms go unused for weeks and lord knows what happens to things like AC and Plumbing during that time. What you do if you need to change hotels. You ask the desk for a printed out version of your folio. And you call Expedia, you tell them the problem and they will call the hotel, then person at the desk will talk to Expedia and they will cancel it at no charge. A pricey hotel wouldn't care since it has the capital to do without your stay. A shitty hotel might try to keep some money. Then while they are talking to Expedia use your phone/computer to find another hotel and tell them you want to move there. It's a process, and you're really better off staying at least one night if it's multiple nights and start the process first thing in the morning.

  4. Do not!!!! Do not use Expedia. The hotel and room looked nothing like in the pictures and there were hookers standing right outside the hotel.. disgusting. We did not stay and had to eat the hotel bill.. drove 5 hours to las vegas just to drive back home. Was my first time using expedia but will never use again…. and why is it so hard to delete my account?

  5. I forged my patner account passwad,, so what i do??

  6. My hotel name Hyatt Salalah,, i need cancel my patner account,, so how i cancel please help me🙏🙏🙏

  7. I can't change or cancel my reservation !

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