Great-HOW TO BOOK CHEAP FLIGHTS | Tips For Booking Cheap Flights & Best Flight Booking Websites | 2020

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HOW TO BOOK CHEAP FLIGHTS | Tips For Booking Cheap Flights & Best Flight Booking Websites | 2020

In this video, I share my flight booking secrets & my favourite, best flight booking sites for finding the cheapest airfare every time. We go over the best travel apps, free travel apps, and best flight booking websites – including (and comparing) Skyscanner, Momondo, Google Fights, Kayak, Hopper, YVR Deals, YYZ Deals, Airfare Watchdog, and Scott’s Cheap Flights. I include how to find cheap tickets for last minute flights, booking long term travel and how to save money on travel. If you’re looking for how to find the cheapest flights, this may be the video for you.

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Great-HOW TO BOOK CHEAP FLIGHTS | Tips For Booking Cheap Flights & Best Flight Booking Websites | 2020
Great-HOW TO BOOK CHEAP FLIGHTS | Tips For Booking Cheap Flights & Best Flight Booking Websites | 2020
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  1. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I want to go India 5 June form Vancouver to delhi tell cheap flights

  3. skyscanner is the best. by the way beautiful hoodie 🙂

  4. kayak and google are stupid expensive …lol

  5. really? BS!
    just a way to sponsor stupid sponsoring companies camouflaged by 'personal' tips.

    Woman: you know sh*it about the subject! Go and do some laundry, cook or grocery shopping. You suck!!

  6. Why the accent of these girls are mimicking the same?

  7. My god this girl speak to much..fuck sick 😫

  8. Who do you call when it all flops?

  9. Thanks so much for the info, great video. I have one question, do you book your seats or just wait for the for airline to give you one?? That way it's free.. Thanks,

  10. Whaaaat!!!! Saved this video for the priceless information! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Cool!

  12. Hi! I’m from New Orleans -Airport (MSY)
    Although I’ve tried to find cheap flights from all of the resources you supplied, their still around 1,500/ person to fly out of the country & they don’t come as remotely discounted as YVR or YYZ. But those 2 websites are only flying from Canada. How can I find recourses like YVR or YYZ where flights have “messed up” and given at a very low price, around my state, like Canada’s?

  13. The following tip has saved me money EVERY time I've tried it. I find the flights I want online, write down flight numbers, etc. then I drive to my local airport and go to the customer service desk at the airline I want to us, and buy the tickets straight from them. It always ends up being less than any online price

  14. Can you please put all the links and resources in the description. You said a lot of resources.

  15. Good video

  16. Thank you very helpful

  17. I’m ready to travel mannn

  18. Hello. I am trying to book basic flights. I cannot choose seats. I am traveling with a 10 years-old. Do you think that we will have to sit apart from each other? Do you think I should pay the 50 extra for the main cabin???

  19. Its time

  20. I don't know about other's having issues? I have had bad luck with: Expedia/Orbitz/hotel they are all scammers. I have been ripped off at least 4 times. The last one was with Expedia, I paid for a hotel room in Boston, when I got there (at 3 am) I was told that they had no more rooms and that they do NOT honor reservations made by these sites. I NEVER got any refunds at all, they are scammers.

  21. right i dont like to many apps on phone

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