Great-Booking a Suite for Singapore Quarantine SHN SDF / Comparison of Quarantine Hotel of Taiwan and SG

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【 Video Timestamp And My Contact Details Below 】

I did a 14 Days Quarantine Hotel in Taiwan and immediately flew back to Singapore for a 21 Days Quarantine (14 Days in Hotel and 7 Days at Home)

The cost for each Hotel for 14 Days is approximately the same at SG$5,000 (Including Food) and both have a nice view

【 Taiwan Quarantine Hotel – Suz & Catorze 】

My Rating: 3.5/5
Overrated, bathroom sewage smelly, doesn’t feel SG$350/day at all! Food is inconsistent, sometimes good and bad. The bed is the best I slept far (Simmons)

【 Singapore Quarantine Hotel – Swissotel Stamford 】

My Rating 4/5
Overall nice, bed too soft for my liking (Sealy) and too bad bathtub and shower are together for a junior suite. Food is acceptable but sometimes no favor.

【 Video Timestamp 】

0:00 Intro
0:14 Taiwan Quarantine Hotel
0:53 Flying back to Singapore on Singapore Airline
1:28 Reaching Changi Airport and to the Singapore Quarantine Hotel
2:07 Hotel Check-in
3:03 Hotel Room Tour
5:29 Hotel Food (Dinner)
6:29 Procedure to book a Suite for Quarantine
9:52 Hotel Food (Breakfast)
10:09 Hotel Food (Lunch)
10:29 Comparison of Quarantine Hotel between Singapore and Taiwan

【 Contact Me 】

Great-Booking a Suite for Singapore Quarantine SHN SDF / Comparison of Quarantine Hotel of Taiwan and SG
Great-Booking a Suite for Singapore Quarantine SHN SDF / Comparison of Quarantine Hotel of Taiwan and SG
  1. Quarantine expert, thanks for staying so positive in this challenging time

  2. Massive knowledge, This channel has constantly something different to share with us.

  3. Wait, this man even add timestamp for us to know exactly the entire video.👍👍

  4. Time wasting during Kartina is a big challenge

  5. Seems like it was an interesting experience !🙌

  6. Congrats on beeing strong enough to do this !🔥

  7. Put your heart mind and soul into even your smallest acts This is the secret of success

  8. Amazing💯💯😍😍channel

  9. Starting off video this hundred different but right there's gossip furious it's so amazing

  10. The same perfect video, very good video, the heart wants. Watch the video all the time and show it everywhere

  11. What ‘s your purpose to fly to Singapore at this point in time? 💕🔥

  12. Amazing 😮🔥👏👏

  13. You are the goddess🌟😻

  14. Creando maravillas🔥🙌

  15. Hi. I have some question to ask. My wife (a Thai)
    and daughter(a singaporean) currently staying in bkk. Will be back to singapore on this coming August. 1) May I know whether the hotel is allocated by the government? 2) how much per day for the stay in the hotel? 3) the quarantine is 21 days? Thank you

  16. I’m so happy to find this vid! Im from Singapore. I’m actually leaving taiwan to Singapore in a day and I booked swiss the stanford hotel as well. May I ask how is the checkin at the hotel like( any extra forms, payment) and also how do u book for a covid test after 14 days SHN? Do they inform you or do u have to fill something? As for transportation, will they book a cab for you to go back to ur place of residence for an extra 7 days SHN. Thank you for ur help!

  17. Hi, my I know can i select the hotel like if I pay for suite room. What about if the my selected hotel fully book? And when can I start book hotel if I’m going to arrive sg at 1st July?

  18. Hi Andy – Thank you for your sharing as I am returning to Singapore next month and I have no idea how to find a hotel package for SHN.
    It seems the ICA would still allocate for us when we arrive SG, right?

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