Great-Courtyard by Marriott – Proud

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Great-Courtyard by Marriott – Proud
Great-Courtyard by Marriott – Proud
  1. English translation??? Subtitle ?

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  3. 나레이션 하신 분 목소리 진짜 좋네요. 광고로 떠서 보다가 타고 들어와서 댓글까지 남길 정도로.

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  5. 눈시울이..

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  7. 나만 감동 느낀게 아니었구나… ㅠㅠ 목소리 이병헌이야 뭐야.. 진짜 멋진 광고다

  8. From what I know and I have been working in Westin and Marriott Hotels for over 29 years the hotels bed linen and uniforms are washed by Alsco together with linen and uniforms from hospitals, restaurants, nursing homes….etc. Please beware esp during corona virus outbreaks. Stay Safe Friends and Bon Voy and Buonanotte. I contacted this Marriott ceo Arne Sorenson but he disregarded my emails and threatened me to keep silent.

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