booking hotels myrtle beach-The Top 5 Best Motels in MYRTLE BEACH on OCEAN BLVD. as ranked by | 20/21

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Just as we brought you the 5 worst motels on Ocean Blvd. in Myrtle Beach, here are the 5 best ranked motels in 20/21. ๐Ÿ”” Click the link below to Subscribe for more great Myrtle Beach videos:

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booking hotels myrtle beach-The Top 5 Best Motels in MYRTLE BEACH on OCEAN BLVD. as ranked by | 20/21
booking hotels myrtle beach-The Top 5 Best Motels in MYRTLE BEACH on OCEAN BLVD. as ranked by | 20/21
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  1. If you didnโ€™t get a chance to see the WORST MOTELS ranked on the Blvd., click the link below to check it out:

    5 Worst Ranked Motels on Ocean Blvd in MYRTLE BEACH, SC 2020.

  2. And these are in a horrible area.

  3. The Sea Banks house most of the prostitutes that walk the Blvd. Also all of these hotels are located on the south end of the city where most of the crimes take place. Do your homework before you book anywhere here

  4. The Avista is a nice place too

  5. Landmark Resort is a great hotel as well. Iโ€™ve stayed there 5 of the last 7 years and have had no issues. It would be a good place to review if you havenโ€™t already.

  6. I cant not say this enough for anyone going here.. DO YOUR RESEARCH. read reviews on hotels,resorts. Read the good and bad on trip advisor. Remember you usually get what you pay for. Alot of shit holes that i.would hate to see.first timers go to and have their vacation ruined. Again DO YOU RESEARCH

  7. These are not the best room's I live on the beach all my life trust me these motel are trash

  8. Check put the Palms. It was awesome when we used to stay there

  9. Top 5 Best.????????? These are no way the best.

  10. I stayed at a Holiday Inn paradise and it was fantastic

  11. sea banks is a dated dump

  12. you all are big liars

  13. I guess any of these are fine for a quick weekend visit with or without a family.

    What about reviews of condos in the N. Myrtle, Cherry Grove and Myrtle Beach proper areas? Beach house rentals would be nice if you could review them, also.

    We've not used a MB hotel since 2016 when we stayed at Crown Reef. It was…well, not bad for as slam packed as it was that weekend. But the room service menu left a lot to be desired. Not sure when Rocky Mtn Oysters got so popular but that was their "big ticket" item. They had several different "styles" including (no joke) "Great Balls of Fire." No thanks (gag) I'm sure some people out there love them but they're just not our thing.

    If you, um, don't know what they are…Google it.

  14. We stay at the Budget Motel.Very clean, close to the boardwalk and activity and access to the beach.Very good customer service. Have a great Memorial Day.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž

  15. I have been staying at the Ocean plaza over two days now and I don't agree This is only a 2 star hotel This hotel needs to be remodeled outside Both pools are dirty and a trash right next to the pool It's all very dirty The rooms are decent but there are still problems in the room The doors don't fit double bolt locks don't work There is no telephone working in rooms There is no cable TV it's all fuzzy analog The toilet needs repairing too Ice machine doesn't work A lot of people are complaining but don't say anything Too many things to list especially for what you have to pay

  16. Why do all the motels and hotels in Myrtle beach are nasty and costly?

  17. Admiral was really good bk in the day. I haven't stayed there in years

  18. I'm planning a trip to Myrtle Beach, but how do I find out what hotels or motels are within walking distance of the boardwalk and the beach?

  19. OMGosh! It's November 2021 and we stayed at the VANCOUVER MOTEL, the #1 and let me tell you, iy is NO LONGER a good plan to stay, NEW OWNERS and COCKROACHES! We checked in, went to dinner, came back and I had killed a small millipede on the counter, then there were a few fruits flies, not a big deal and I hate bugs. Getting ready for bed I saw something big on the floor, a HUGE COCKROACH! My husband put his shoes on and stepped on it (twice) to kill it! I said let's go he insisted it was just a stray so I agreed to stay, but I kept waking up to look at the floor. Worst night ever, next morning I go to shower and look in the tub and ANOTHER HUGE COCKROACH and I just went nights and ran out of there. My husband told the new owner and he said, laughing, oh, its just a Palmetto bug (no it wasn't) and we spray every 2 weeks (no you don't) and you can stay another night for half off (no we're not and never going back!) before the new owners it was clean now it's filthy! The curtains, doors to outside etc. also, the housekeeper uses rusty old shoppers carts for housekeeping carts. Disgusting. BUT the sheets were clean.
    BEWARE, DONT STAY HERE! #106 room

  20. I've read a lot of negative reviews on The Bermuda Sands Resort. But I love that place. Been staying there since 2005 when The Admiral Motor Inn lost power and they set us up there. Although My Wife and I were about to "The Windsurfer" our new place to stay. I'll be posting video soon that I shot at Admiral Motor Inn.

  21. Admiral Inn was our go to Motel for many years. Starting in the Winter 1984. Some friends that I used to play Guitar for stayed there summer 1984 ,the same time we were there. When I saw their room I was like…We're staying here from now on.

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