Great-the tell-all Q&A of my first book 🌀

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⭐️ I DID WHAT I COULD DO! I PUSHED THE ENVELOPE AS FAR AS I COULD! I AM (mostly) happy with how my first (and last? lmao) book turned out. My experience working with a publisher was hit or miss (and I mean I’m sure would they the same working with me), but it’s not even about that. It’s about how thousands of you have already bought the book before launch day, how the book tour is already sold out, and how the book is really just a symbol of this movement we’re all helping push forward. I’m working on the Europe tour now…and I’ll be filming the behind the scenes over the next few weeks!

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⏳ What happens in this video
0:00 Getting you up to date (book tour)
4:00 I had to take this out
5:24 Plz just let me come to London
7:25 Which chapter is juiciest or most fun?
9:41 I have had a complete 180 on this chapter
10:20 That time I went to court 🤣
13:10 My mom wouldn’t send me the gummies…
15:04 Hardest part of writing a book…
15:35 The title was about to be…
16:22 I didn’t design the cover
18:10 No, no, you already are a global citizen.
20:32 What was the AHA moment?
22:05 I don’t think people understand this
23:26 The only two words in my vocab
24:01 Did you think you’d be an author?
24:25 What cities did you write it in? What software?
25:11 What did the editor do?
26:55 Plz talk about your ex and Eckhart Tolle
29:00 Where you can buy it
30:11 Where did you get your knowledge?
31:22 I had to add in all these disclaimers
33:28 Your preferences are predictable…
35:35 How do you think the rest of the world views your country?
36:37 Acknowledgments
37:45 Maybe your best friends are just in a different country
39:45 A real example (USA x The Netherlands)
41:10 How to get over the “so what? why write this?
42:48 Do you lock your door? Plastic Surgery?
44:42 Pros & Cons to self-publishing + publishers + agents
46:22 You have to send a sample + proposal + advance
47:25 My advice + mentality to aspiring authors
48:31 First word on page 97
49:22 Going Nicki Minaj on y’all at the end of each chapter

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Great-the tell-all Q&A of my first book 🌀
Great-the tell-all Q&A of my first book 🌀
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  1. Oh Damon Dominique… please never change haha you're so dope

  2. Listening to damon talk while doing work makes it much less horrifying. I honestly would love to be friends with damon irl!! He has the personality of someone i would absolutely be besties with lol

  3. You are lucky that you met adequate Russian people. They often indoctrinated with imperialistic views by the government. Because there is nothing else on TV. So those who don't use the internet to get information can be hard to talk to (I'm Russian myself).
    I understand what you are trying to say though. But in reality everything is more complicated. Russian people are welcoming and ready to help in general, but they can support military operations at the same time

  4. Honestly, I haven't ordered this book and probably won't. 

    I'm def a supporter of Damon D, but I think a cosmopolitan "We all belong to the ~earth~" / mindset tends to ignore the violent reality of living in a time and place where borders exist. Like congrats, you have the material resources and power of a US passport behind you to transcend Nationality as a Construct. The truth is not everyone has the privilege of being a "global citizen" and very much have to face the harsh consequences borders have on family, identity, and like… being alive. Maybe Damon addresses this, but I have an eerie feeling the book probably slips into some tone-deaf territory.

  5. Reply
    Alondra Escobedo (aloeventures) January 20, 2023 at 4:44 pm

    Say less baby, just bought the book.

  6. We enjoy how you think and have opinions on everything, and we were wondering about what you think about how the USA considers themselves as the only ”Americans” when in reality America is a continent, right? Like if French people would have decided to call themselves as European all the time and not French and get all offended when some other country says, dude “you cannot be just European” , you have to choose-your own name for your country , and not mocking and bulling everyone else in that continent. Yes Colombus was arrived in what they called America ( most likely somewhere in the Caribbean not the mainland) So WHY do you assume everyone knows were you are from , when you call yourself American? People from Argentina or Columbia for example have their own country name (smart people) why cannot your country not get their act together and Get A Name rather than bully a continent? We are NOT the only people that cringe when you say you are American and assume we know what country you are from!!!!

  7. I love your confidence

  8. Love that you have a book published and your thoughts on authenticity and differnt nationalities – The russian joke haha ! 🤣
    Just a heads up though, comedians cannot actually say anything they want. At least not in recent times with all the PC waves pre and post MeToo, Cornona and BLM. The UK/Ukranian Comedian Konstantin Kisin created a channel for free speech just coz he was fed up with all his comedian friends getting attacked or cancelled for their stand ups across the UK. "Triggernometry" is his channel if you're interested.

    Thanks for the video and all your amazing joy and information on aaaall your platforms 😝🥰

  9. can you add it to audible?

  10. So excited to read it!

  11. 4:58 the point is that you're tolerating a literal terrorist state that is committing genocide RIGHT. NOW. literally 3 days before you posted this video russia launched a missile attack on ukraine and as a result a russian missile struck a RESIDENTIAL BUILDING in dnipro killing 44 people. it took three whole days to find all of the bodies and to clear out all of the rubble. and you're here fucking joking about how quirky you are for befriending russians

  12. I've had an issue with identifying myself in terms of nationality, culture and lifestyle belonging for such a long time. Born in Poland, lived in the UK, Austria, on top of that constantly going back and forth to the US since my bf is American…. AND it's been getting really frustrating to not be sure where's my place on this planet. But I guess it's just less complicated not to put any label on myself and be a GLOBAL CITIZEN

  13. 💖

  14. Definitely buying that ❤ i have never been more proud 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  15. Pre- ordered the book months ago with the intention of reading in the airport during my European escapade. Proud to be free advert meant for you. You really are an inspiration and I wish you all the success !😘 👏

  16. I'm so freaking excited for this book- I moved away from Paris and have someone hopefully picking it up for me when they come to visit Normandy this coming weekend. Having been watching your channel for so many years, I'm so proud to be apart of this community. I hope we meet someday. You know I'll be carrying the book with me on every trip to Paris in case we run into each other <3

  17. Congratulations and yes, it arrives on this Tuesday. Greetings from London 🇬🇧, I’ll keep an eye out for the dates here.

  18. ive been waiting for this book since JUNE and i just ordered it yesterday, im so excited to read it!! <3 love from sweden <3

  19. Damon! Your thought process around the book sounds so deep, damn. Would love to read it someday. No chance to get this gem in Russia rn, sadly. Guess I'll need to activate my global citizen powers and travel somewhere to grab it 🙂

  20. I love this. Reflecting on these topics a lot lately. Looking forward to getting hands on the book

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