Great-Complete Guide to CHERRY BLOSSOMS in JAPAN

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Everything you need to know to view the cherry blossoms in Japan. Cherry blossoms, also known as sakura in Japan, hold a special significance in Japanese culture. They symbolize the ephemeral nature of life, as the blossoms only bloom for a brief period each year. Viewing cherry blossoms, known as hanami, has been a popular pastime in Japan for centuries.

The beauty of the cherry blossoms is striking, with their delicate pink and white petals contrasting against the bright blue sky. The blossoms also have a sweet fragrance, adding to the sensory experience of viewing them. Many people enjoy picnicking under the cherry trees during hanami, creating a festive atmosphere.

Additionally, cherry blossom viewing is also tied to traditional Japanese culture and customs. The blooming of the cherry blossoms is said to signal the arrival of spring and a new beginning. It also marks the end of the academic and fiscal year in Japan, and many people take the opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the past year.

In modern times, hanami has become a popular tourist attraction, with many people from around the world visiting Japan to see the cherry blossoms. The timing of the blooming varies depending on location and weather conditions, but typically takes place in late March to early April. Many parks and temples hold special events and illumination during this time to enhance the viewing experience.

Cherry Blossom Forecast from the Japan Meteorological Corporation:

More detailed Japanese Language site (Use Google Translate):

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Great-Complete Guide to CHERRY BLOSSOMS in JAPAN
Great-Complete Guide to CHERRY BLOSSOMS in JAPAN
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  1. You might enjoy watching more of my travel guides on Japan in this playlist:

    βœ… Or my video about the Almond Blossom Spots in California:

  2. Hello everyone πŸ‘‹

  3. Why are blue/green tarps required vs say a white or red tarp?

  4. Thank you for this! I am booked to be in Japan from mid April to early May! This is very helpful thanks πŸ™‚

  5. FYI, a week of 3/26/23 in Japan is also their spring break. New fiscal/school year starts on week of 4/2/23, so expect the crowd everywhere in Japan during that time!

  6. Number of people, number of people 😊

  7. 26:42 phantom planet California lol 🎢. I so badly want to visit the cherry blossoms, thank you for the video

  8. We miss Japan so much, it was clean, safe, and we felt like we were home!

  9. Visiting Tokyo/fujiyoshida end of March. Hopefully McDonald's still has the mochi Sakura pie!

  10. Did you see the Cherry Blossoms at Hirosaki Castle park in Hirosaki, Aomori? It's quite amazing. I also saw them by the Kakunodate river in Tohoku too which was like your first video. It's very enchanting too, but Hirosaki park is spectacular. We have a lot of nice spots in Oregon too. The Oregon Capitol has a beautiful cherry blossom walk like Washington DC and Clark College in Vancouver WA has a gorgeous park that blooms later that barely anyone knows about it.

  11. I was hoping Nagano might be mentioned as I can’t find a ton online about it. We are going April 12-25th and we’re trying to find spots that would make good day trips from Tokyo that might still have blossoms. Nagano was the closest place I could find but would love other recs!!

  12. Excellent video ! It brought back so any wonderful memories of when we went to Japan during Cherry Blossom Season. Can't wait for your videos from Japan & Taiwan. Have a great trip. Thanks Chris.

  13. Thanks Chris for another informative video. This is so helpful for anyone thinking of traveling there. I am glad that you also mentioned the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC. They are incredible too.

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