Great-Court Cam: Brother BEGS Judge To Throw the Book at His Repeat Offender Sister | A&E

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A brother begs judge to throw the book at his repeat offender sister, in this scene from Season 3, Episode 23.

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Great-Court Cam: Brother BEGS Judge To Throw the Book at His Repeat Offender Sister | A&E
Great-Court Cam: Brother BEGS Judge To Throw the Book at His Repeat Offender Sister | A&E
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  2. No matter if they send her to prison or not she can get just as many drugs inside the prison

  3. Reply
    Frederick Henderson January 9, 2023 at 1:48 pm

    Her Brother is a scumbag you don't send your family to prison

  4. Was she wearing her leg monitor on for drunk driving behind on the bench at this time


  6. BS lies

  7. It dosnt happen in 2 seconds

  8. Sometimes prison wakes a person up.I.used Toronto.Frug Treatment Court as a get out of jail free card but the program was strict , yet understanable and through Harm reduction and being assed by psyciatriss , medicatrd properly , housed in geared to income( where i was able to continue growing )am now 5 yrs clean and soberDrug court saved my life, it was first time a psyciayrist assesed me .Recovery doesnt happen overnight and only when." You" get tired of digging.

  9. Taking drugs not only hurt the users but also their families. Those who are tempted to take drugs because of peer pressure or other reasons should realize that when they get addicted to drugs it may ruin their lives and their loved ones. Be smart and don't take drugs!

  10. I like this judge!

  11. This is funny. All the time I hear people ask, why black people have more people in jail. Then I see this woman get away from going to jail time and time again. I just watch a black woman go to jail for asking the judge why she can't live in her own home during a restraining order from her ex boyfriend who was living with her. By the time she was done being angry she got a year. This woman committed a real crime 8 times and just now getting some time… There you go.

  12. Addition is bad it's all good giving them more drugs in treatment when it's the mind that needs help not the body 🤔

  13. We need more judges like this!!!!

  14. I am 48 months sober so far. Tough love, a sober community, and spirituality saved my life.

  15. Her lawyer looks like Jimmy Fallon.

  16. Someone please tell me where I've seen judge scary mary before??? I have seen her before somewhere and I cannot put my finger on where!!!

  17. For some when they see getting the time they really deserve drug rehab is their last ditch effort to put in the acting performance to not to get those years.

  18. Love this judge


  20. Her bro did her a favor whether she chooses too see it or not!!!

  21. I LOVE Scary Mary’s, tell it like it is approach! She’s pretty tough and is a recovering alcoholic who’s put in the hard work. ❤️👏👏👏👏

  22. Uttering lol. I thought it had something to do her stealing cow milk or something.

  23. 1 year for 6 felonies? That's ridiculous. No wonder our cities are in the shape there in.

  24. Reply
    SlinkyStar Firelight January 10, 2023 at 10:31 pm

    I remember watching an expose about Judge Mary Chrzanowski..She seems like a no nonsense, but compassionate Judge!
    The brother did his sister a favor. Hopefully this time around she'll get her act together!

  25. This is DISGUSTING!! WHEN IS THE REST OF SOCIETY GOING TO START LOOKING AND TREATING THOSE WHO STRUGGLE WITH THE DISEASE OF ADDICTION AS SICK PPL?! NOT "SCUM"…. The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. It's CONNECTION and PURPOSE. Which means if a court and community would rally around and support the sick individual making them feel they are still human and worth saving, then we would see a reverse in the latest epidemic. I BET MY LIFE ON IT.

  26. Scary Mary is what we need more of man I love her

  27. She still got off east for 6 new felonies and 4 prior ones

  28. sometimes tough love is all that's left.

  29. y'all gotta understand that depending on what she's abusing she can't just stop taking drugs it's hard depending on how long she's been taking them to just suddenly stop. she could sincerely want to try but because it's an addiction a debilitating one It will be hard for anybody the judge didn't help the situation and the brother doesn't understand what an addiction is.

    Seeing how the brother talks about it in court, who knows how he speaks towards her about the situation behind closed doors, if other family members are like the brother, when it comes to approaching her about this, she probably feels as though no one's in her corner and takes to her addiction because nobody else is there for her despite them putting her in rehab it most likely won't work unless her family is just as understanding despite their frustration

  30. She could be out in a year and a half for 6 felony charges, and yet there are people doing life in prison right now for marijuana possession.

  31. She should never speak to her brother again…you don’t wish prison on your worst enemy let alone your family. Hope she lets him die alone

  32. I love scary mary

  33. Love this judge and love this brother for saying what he said. Wish that judge was in Canada

  34. Even that sentence was too lenient.

  35. No matter what I did. Untill I spent a year in county not only I detoxed but my brain healed enough to start reading and enjoying morning again.
    Tough love is an oxymoron but till you out option to manipulate and play games, all you doing is developing addiction resistant to anything .
    Kinda like MRSA infection

  36. drug court is a joke!

  37. you can get more drugs in prison than out of prison folks its a joke there is ZERO REHABILITATION ZERO!!!

  38. The brother is the lowlife loser. lol I really don’t understand how people still don’t see how much drugs take over your life. Getting clean is not as easy as saying it, and we all know how deadly and addictive prescription pain meds can be!

    I understand that the judge has to be tough but allowing an unaffiliated third party to interrupt the court to give a biased opinion of someone on trial is outrageous.

    I wish people were more focused on helping others than tearing them down but this is America.

  39. what a d bag

  40. She said she don't know why she can't stop herself and is out of control. Here is what Jesus the Holy Trinity says in the Holy Bible.

    1. “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Matthew 26:41
    Christians who truly follow him understand his wisdom and therefore are able to have self-control instead of the flesh/the body controlling them. A lot of people are on the wide road to a very dark and ugly place they don't want to be by not following His Way, Truth and Life. Some don't even realize it! He speaks of this in several bible verses.

    2. She and all the others who judge her should understand that the carnal desires of the flesh can be extremely powerful temptations. (WE ALL HAVE AT LEAST ONE CARNAL WEAKNESS! NO ONE SHOULD JUDGE ANYONE!) When she and we all understand this then when temptation comes knocking we should be able to resist it and say NO! Go Away! However, this may not be so easy for a lot of us and we will need to call in reinforcements. Fortunately for Christians who have real Faith we can call on Jesus -The Holy Trinity to save and protect us! For the non-believers. You on your own!

    3. I understand her brother's frustration with her but he should not judge her so harshly. They are family and he's suppose to be loving and supportive of family in need of support a especially since he is mentally stronger than she is. Unfortunately worldly people don't believe in GODLY Love. They subscribe to the darkness philosophy of self glorification and judge others harshly. This is why the worldly people will never know Heaven here on earth or in Heaven with God. It's not Jesus – The Holy Trinity's Way, Truth and Life to believe and live like this.

    4. If she and billions of others like her believed in Jesus and followed His Way, Truth and Life she and others will overcome their temptations and never ever go back to them again. Why? Because when you fill your heart, mind spirit and soul with him DAILY you'll have so much Heavenly Peace in you and will not want to trade it for anything in the world. You will be in total bliss and happiness!

  41. I do understand the judge’s frustration but it’s quite clear she’s never struggled with an addiction. You don’t just get to say “ok I’m done!” It is REALLY difficult when you’re in that deep no matter how badly you want it

  42. 1. Worldy people LOVE to JUDGE others! But if they were in her place they would ask for grace and mercy to! Don't judge others until you've been in the same perdicament!

    2.Wordly people to not understand what REAL AUTHENTIC LOVE IS! Her brother is showing her “tough love” – WORDLY love and not GODLY LOVE. Godly Love is tempered with compassion and understanding. It is FIRM BUT GENTLE GUIDANCE in the right direction and not harsh.

    3. Worldly people should want to grow in GODLY WISDOM, following His Way, Truth and Life to live the good life instead of living in drama and confusion. When you don't choose God you are choosing a life of chaos like this woman here!

    4. NOT MY WORDS BUT GOD'S WORD MADE CLEAR IN HIS WORLD THE HOLY BIBLE. And although most people of the world understand this truth they still choose to follow the world's philosophy of put self first and then wonder why they are miserable!

  43. I Love this judge so much💓

  44. Scary Mary is one of my favorite judges!

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