amazing-Lenovo Yoga Book Review (Windows 10 Version)

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Lisa Gade reviews the Lenovo Yoga Book, a futuristic tablet/convertible laptop that’s available running Windows 10 or Android 6 Marshmallow (we use the Windows version in this video). It’s a 10.1″, 1.5 lb. ultraportable that you can take anywhere, and its build and design are impeccable. Open it up and you’ll see a 1920 x 1200 IPS touch screen with basic “AnyPen” pen support and a flat surface where the keyboard should be. That’s the Create Pad, and it’s both a capacitive keyboard and a Wacom EMR digitizer that you can write and draw on (even through paper) with the included pen. The Create pad supports 2,048 pressure levels and has palm rejection, unlike the display digitizer.

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The Yoga Book has specs that are better suited to Android, though both Windows and Android run on the exact same hardware: 1.44 GHz Intel Atom x5-Z8550 CPU, 4 gigs of DDR3LP RAM and 64 gigs of flash storage. Still, it can handle basic Windows tasks decently. The Yoga Book has dual band WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth and optional 4G LTE. It’s relatively affordable at $500 to $550.

** We have a video review of the Android version here:

amazing-Lenovo Yoga Book Review (Windows 10 Version)
amazing-Lenovo Yoga Book Review (Windows 10 Version)
  1. I can’t even afford this.

  2. My friend recommend me a link that can get more cheap but 100% genuine windows 10 product key here: Now I have actived my windows 10, great website!

  3. I’m 25 and I USUALLY draw on paper. I carry like 3 sketchbooks around with me. Being able to just draw as I normally do but have it show up on screen for digital uses really appeals to me. It’s actually the thing that set this apart from other 2 in 1 tablets for me. The disconnect from tablet to screen with separate tablets really throws me off quite a bit.

  4. I can't wait to try Blender Sculpt mode with this.

  5. How can you say that "no palm rejection" will be "ok for note takers"? I've tried a pen without palm rejection on a tiny 4.5" screen and it's impossible to take note that way. On this 2+ times bigger screen, it'll be even worse. I love Lisa's reviews but it bothers me that she keeps saying "won't work for artists but ok for note takers" on anything. It often feels like she doesn't really care about us note takers 🙁

  6. This is an amazing video it explains everything do more like this

  7. I'm so pissed off because the keyboard broke in less than 2 hours. This is bullshit.

  8. Does the pen come in the box with the laptop?

  9. i dont need that, but its soo sexy and cheap

  10. Theres a new version of this one 128 gig and lte built in can you review it please

  11. I’d love to see this as a chromebook with an i5 with 8Gb of memory.

  12. Hi Lisa, how much does the os occupied out of the box?

  13. Hi afternoon, I bought one of these today, but it keeps saying: 'Unfortunately Launcher 3 has stopped!'

    Can you assist me please?

  14. she doesn't seems to really recommend this is for drawing purpose…so any other alternatives that is better for drawing?

  15. I bought a 10.5 ipad pro without watching this. 😔

  16. Hi Lisa, do you know if the microusb's speed matches USB 2 or 3?

  17. glad i saw this review, recently bought this thing for note taking in school. Doesn't look like it's going to meet my demands so I'll return it unopened.

  18. can you show us what happen if you write with the palms on screen?

  19. I was interested in buying one of these lately, but Lenovo doesn't even sell them anymore

  20. How much shorter is the battery life with gaming? just as a bench mark as gaming tends to be a power hog.

  21. i would never accept a review from a woman, it's a man job!

    Just a social experiment. People that reply without taking the time to read the whole comment are usually the ones the use the social media to spam hate comment. Here we will see the "haters"/"avg. users" ratio. Modified comments will be counted as haters. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  22. It seems like the perfect student tablet for those who never made the jump to digital note-taking. My daughter just did this last year, being more inclined (wisely) to do more of what the teachers expected than use the tech gadgets I've been pushing at her. If teachers don't actively use tech, their ideal-student-narrative doesn't either. We're in a not-so-shabby US suburban public school, so we're just making the digital jump, moving gradually down grade levels from the top. So, for a whole lot of students starting college or wanting to go digital on their own in high school, I can definitely see this going to good use, particularly when coupled with a few fat paper textbooks in already overloaded backpacks. I really think this is Lenovo's acknowledgement, in price and function, of where the world really is. It's easy to lose track of that when you're buried in tech tools. It may not be perfect tech, but it's a brilliant gesture, a well-crafted paper invitation.

  23. Rubbish, need to hard restart every time

  24. I know it's been 2 years but lol. I finally bought this like around a month ago, and it's been pretty great. Here's some short points from me:
    * I'm used to typing for a long time on the halo keyboard now and reached my usual wpm (I write fanfics and essays there), no problem at all. Obviously you can't get used to it in just mere days.
    * I also disagree with you, like some people have said below. I draw on Wacom Intuos on my PC so drawing on create pad feels normal, really, it's not unwanted. It's just a matter of whether you're used to it or not and preferences. In fact, I don't think I'd like drawing directly on the screen anyway, so this suits me, and more importantly, the pen doesn't use battery or rechargeable.
    * Taking notes is a great experience.
    * Sure, it has lower specs but it never hangs on me. It can even run Nox (emulator) and play not-too-heavy-gacha-games pretty well.
    * I read PDFs and epubs on SumatraPDF. No problem at all.
    On another note, the 2nd gen (Lenovo Yoga Book C930) is looking good, but the price is too high for me, so this is a good choice for now.

  25. omg this woman talks in such an annoying slur. enunciate please, for god's sake.

  26. hehehe, take that home key typers, its all about index typing

  27. Does the keyboard have backlight?

  28. most people don't care about drawing on a pc , i am trying to be patient on your reviews but you spend all your time on writhing , please spend more time on all the specs and performance🤔

  29. The first time I saw the announcement for this. I immediately thought what a stupid thing to do!!! Why not use the pen on the actual screen?!?!

  30. Just bought the lenovo yoga book (Android) 
    confusion is if i am gong to be able to use the window function such as excel /word ? I may sound stupid–sorry

  31. Thanks for the helpful reviews. Please does it have "write to text" function? I ask because I am a PhD student and I usually write my points out for manuscripts before typing. It takes me time, I am looking for a productivity tool to help save time owing to the number of journal manuscripts I have to write per month. I also need a fast transfer interface- Like transfer to my laptop to continue edit. I don't want to buy the lenovo yoga c930 because I already have a laptop and a desktop, it is like another laptop. Waiting to read your reply. Thank you.

  32. I've have the android version for about a year and a half and it's still one of my daily drivers, even though the OS hasn't reached past Android 7. it still gets the job done with media consumption, drawing and note taking. I know the c930 has come out, but not into the e-ink bottom slate, or windows for this kind of device. If they go back to the Android style, get rid of the bezels of the screen, and add usb c, I'd be it without a question. Alas, I don't think they're going to. As long as it works, I'll keep using mine. Love it!

  33. u cant play games rn typing on it u cant touch two buttons at oncw since its touch

  34. Sorry. Can this download normal laptop apps?

  35. Can i connect an external keyboard

  36. Is this a tablet or a laptop?

  37. I can't for the life of me figure out how to turn off the press and hold to get the right click menu because it's messing up my usage of Xournal++.

  38. Has an annoying failure on wifi, he disconnected without warning in 5-10 minutes from boot. Reconnecting is possible only by reboot. Lenovo refuse to make an driver update.Deliberately destroying a product. They act In the same manner as NOKIA /Apple insulting the buyers.

  39. Do you know if this is a 64 bit pc???

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