amazing-Sett.exe | Ultimate Spell Book.exe

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amazing-Sett.exe | Ultimate Spell Book.exe
amazing-Sett.exe | Ultimate Spell Book.exe
  1. Ayooo man, the viego you just bullied at 3:30 was actually my friend lol! I was in that game too, I was the Sett in top against your Mordekaiser, what a coincidence! 😂

  2. bro what is this league of legends champions amcion key?,😉😀

  3. Я твой олд помнишь? 😇

  4. Let's try Trundle with Jax's (if it's available)

  5. Sett is so brutal that from the second half of the video he turned into a huge russian bear and then into a demon, dancing under harbass.

  6. Raid Boss Sett, also i WISH i could roll for cho gath JUST ONCE, just once when i play sett, ive only gotten cho ult once, during the several days of playing ultimate spell book now… did riot finally realise he was broken with anyone?

  7. Beautiful your beautiful, simply amazing, beautiful, beautiful, how I like your videos!

  8. This channel has best exe videos ever, like literally no one edit this good ,, send it dude 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  9. 6:13
    Cara usou a voz do Wendel Bezerra (Kamehameha), do dublador brasileiro do Goku, na edição?!

  10. crazy edits, absolutely top tier

  11. Dude holy fuck so many Edits how much time did it take to make it? 🤤

  12. Man that aatrox with jhin ult XDDD

  13. Bro i LOVE your videos,you are like,my inspiration since i descovered you,i have a channel and i am certain that someday,i will be in your level

  14. Moshima hm…

    HEY WAIT ?!?!


    BRO WT-

  15. Guys… Sett 14 yo… official information 😀

  16. Could you watch my video and rate it, I would really like to know what it looks like. Thank you in advance ^_^

  17. Did I just see aatrox with a blicky 😂

  18. Ah yes, I do love how in the latest story, Aatrox realized he had an affinity with the gun…

  19. I'm not gonna lie when he eat belveth that was satifying

  20. Imagine yummi with cho ult what could happen if she dash to someone would she stay big ?

  21. сет екзе, пол видоса про волибера какого хера? да уж скатились ппц!(

  22. Dice Sett pero usas a mas de un campeon, dislike

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