| The world is waiting for us

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Iconic landmarks across the globe have stood the test of time, and will continue to do so for many years to come. When the moment is right, they will be there for us to experience once again. Until then, the world will be waiting. | The world is waiting for us | The world is waiting for us
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  1. Love have booked all of my stays through them. It also helps when you're a level 2 genius 🙂

  2. Let's hope the corona pandemic ends

  3. Very soon all is well.

  4. Beautiful!!!! Btw… Who's plaing this version of Debussy? The interpretation is great

  5. Beautiful video! 😍

  6. I have a dream …One day 🙂

  7. I will never ever book through again – they have zero customer protection and refuse to refund me for the canceled bookings

  8. Love love love!

  9. booking means it good, but this models of traveling contributes and encourages this global crisis we are in recently, not only because covid 19, or other future pandemic outbreaks (due to intervening to wild nature, if some other "theories" wont prove differently). tourism has huge impact on environment as it directly and indirectly promotes carbon emission, consumerism, beaches are polluted more etc… im not saying its fault, not at all, but each company profiting on tourism has to be responsible for our future! i love, its my company too, i just wanna see us more enthusiastic about future sustainability, care and treat our environment fairly…. i hope with travel bans could expand to local markets more, i wish they eliminate the middle companies and just worked directly for the people!

  10. Reply
    Турагентство Пингвин April 21, 2020 at 4:40 pm

    Спасибо! Мы тоже ждем весь мир, открывайся уже быстрее!

  11. Thank you for this hopeful message – Humanity will prevail, but we must be smarter about how we use our resources in the future. I am guilty of travelling too much, and I feel our planet will need a plan B asap if our plan is long-term existence on this beautiful planet.

  12. ❤️❤️ is the best company ever
    I hope this is over soon… want to visit Nicaragua, Dubai and Japan ✈️

  13. Never ever again! is a manipulative scam. i hope got fined to death!

  14. I'm planning to travel in August, do u think it's possible?

  15. Reply
    Sofia Polyanskaya May 2, 2020 at 2:57 pm

    спасибо! мир прекрасен.

  16. hypocrit

  17. So Calming and Re-Assuring !
    World is waiting. Loved the video. Cheers.

  18. Very good video thank you for sharing. I long for the day when I can book through again and resume to travel …

  19. Thanks for this, It brought a smile to me. I am eagerly waiting for the green light and you will hear from me. The problem will be, deciding where to go on my first adventure with my Camera and filming gear 

    Any suggestions?

  20. Missing going places and using Never had an issue with them and love the flexibility of building my own holiday without the price tag of other holiday companies. One day soon hopefully until then stay safe everyone.

  21. You had to neglect a unforgottable destinations such as Turkey & Egypt. 🙁

  22. I miss travelling! Sigh

  23. Awww…Thank you for the much-needed positivity! Stay safe and fingers crossed, we will all get back to traveling soon!

  24. Needed this, Really getting low, but this has come in at right time.

  25. I would like to thank for being such a reliable website.
    It helped me to build beautiful memories. 🙂

  26. Beautiful, welldone can't wait to book again.

  27. Reply
    Michele Fernandes May 23, 2020 at 4:10 pm

    Continuo sem receber meu reembolso a mais de 50 dias do cancelamento de reserva No valor de 75 euros solicitado em 08/04/2020, já noticiado na plataforma da booking, reclame aqui e procon. A pior experiência que estou tentando com vocês e que já ultrapassam os limites que envolvem a pandemia e tolerância pelo momento que todos estamos passando. Debitaram em meu cartão de crédito reserva em 26/02/2020, sendo que o site e regras da reserva diziam que nada deveria ser cobrado para garantir a reserva que se iniciaria em 26/06/2020. Isso porque não conseguiram cobrar o valor integral, como tentaram! Quero a devolução imediata.

  28. merci booking pour vendre du rêve vous êtes fort mes en revanche pour résoudre les problèmes vous disparaissez ave notre argent moi même et mes enfants vous remercie des vacances que nous aurons pas cette années

  29. Saludos desde Monte Hermoso
    Esperamos se encuentren bien!

  30. A booking não devolve o dinheiro me cobraram 700 de cancelarmento.
    Alguém sabe como eu falo com a booking para ter o retorno ?
    . foi hoje às 16 que eu aluguei aí falaram que já estava alugado e me cobraram 700 reais por ter cancelado após 1 hora depois as 17

  31. I like booking but now I change to Travelworld
    Because better prise sorry #bcr

  32. Can anyone help me with the Affiliate customer care number.


  34. Nobody should be traveling, these people that are traveling are selfish ass-holes….

  35. Lovely ad

  36. nice word, the world will be waiting for us, for anyone in the world.

  37. This company doesn't care about customers satisfaction and complaint. The customer service team sits on the other side of the world – , they were taught to say "sorry" like parrots but no action to make customer experience better! They also put you through with the property to solve your issue on your own. They don't help with resolution or return your call to resolve your complaint. Stay away from this awful organization.

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