booking hotel-The Unburnable Book: Margaret Atwood’s THE HANDMAID'S TALE

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To benefit PEN America’s work defending freedom of expression, Penguin Random House is proud to partner with Margaret Atwood and Sotheby’s to offer an unburnable edition of the classic, and often banned, novel The Handmaid’s Tale. For more information, visit and to bid, visit


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booking hotel-The Unburnable Book: Margaret Atwood’s THE HANDMAID'S TALE
booking hotel-The Unburnable Book: Margaret Atwood’s THE HANDMAID'S TALE
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  1. Thats fantastic.

  2. Bad A$$ 😎
    Just super bad a$$….

  3. If they're doing this with the Handmaid's Tale then they should do this with Fahrenheit 451, Nineteen Eighty Four, and probably Brave New World. Those are some books that should never be destroyed.

  4. Western media still doing hard censorship only not these kind of PC pamphlets. What a hypocrisy.

  5. Nice! Leave it to the literary types to manifest a metaphor in the real world like that.

  6. Reply
    Raven Stormbringer May 29, 2022 at 7:09 am

    I want a copy of Bradbury like this. 🙂

  7. ameriKKKa

  8. symbol of strength, perseverance, and truth, that must be preserved! Congrats to Margaret Atwood! And thank you for your wise words!!!

  9. i would give anything for this to be done about all books involving Ruby Bridges. We need to PRESERVE our history no matter how evil it is, we cannot let racism repeat further

  10. Thank you. I didn't know just how badly I needed to see this right now.
    By-the-by, I was honoured enough to read the Leviathan passage at Farley Mowat's memorial at Christ Church. I was humbled to hear Ms. Atwood recite the New Testament reading. It was an honour. Thank you.
    – Cathy (&, accidently, Steve), Ottawa/Bytown/Pimisi

  11. Margaret Atwood is so powerful

  12. I just got into the shadow last week, and gawd damn is it good! I love it

  13. Auction? Is there just one copy?

  14. Current bid is $90,000 ???

  15. The best!!!!

  16. Reply
    Magda van Tilburg - BooxaliveDotnl June 3, 2022 at 8:12 pm

    WOW!! This is stunning! It also is a testimony of how degraded humans can become…

  17. Reply
    ליאור למדן June 3, 2022 at 9:38 pm

    i saw this trick in spiderwick

  18. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is next in line as an unburnable book…should have been the first…

  19. Para acabar con los libros no hace falta quemarlos, basta con que la gente deje de leerlos. / To destroy books, it is not necessary to burn them, it is enough for people to stop reading them. (Attributed to Ray Bradbury) [with Google translator]

  20. Is it still bio degradable?

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