booking hotel taiwan-Hong Kong's travel restrictions are increasingly difficult to justify

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Hong Kong has emerged from the dark days of its most serious Covid-19 outbreak earlier this year. Post columnist Cliff Buddle believes the sooner the city welcomes visitors with open arms, the better.

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booking hotel taiwan-Hong Kong's travel restrictions are increasingly difficult to justify
booking hotel taiwan-Hong Kong's travel restrictions are increasingly difficult to justify
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    Javier I. Sampedro June 3, 2022 at 1:30 am

    Me as a resident in Hong Kong also this 1 week quarantine not allows me for any kind of travel, especially if I would like to go to Europe. We have been holding and waiting for the best yet to come but still. The city needs to embrace it and adopt measures like other South East asian countries and live a bit less worry.

    Let´s see after the new CE takes position how he gonna direct his efforts to restore the image of the city and bring back the tourists that are much needed.

  2. Reply
    nar prasad gurung June 3, 2022 at 1:56 am

    Most of the Western country people are crookes that's why they make you be in the quarantine for seven days.

  3. HK will now adhere to China style lockdowns and this will be detrimental to their economy.

  4. A friend of mine went to Italy for honeymoon recently. Using their own home test kit, he & wife tested Covid positive while there. So not to disrupt his honeymoon, both couple quickly make their way to Switzerland where it is neutral.
    So, are they being irresponsible and selfish or this is how the way it is going to be at present?

  5. A friend of mine just book a hotel in Hong Kong, it's USD500 per night. All there is left is family or luxury suit. No tourist will go with quarantine in place. Not even 2 or 3 nights

  6. Because all the decision makers are imbeciles

  7. Buy a one way ticket back to covid ravaged UK then!

  8. Not an international city anymore. Stop dreaming fellas. Just another province of China.

  9. HongKong ppl r lucky … at least u can leaven WHENEVER u want. NOT mainland, NO TOURIST is allowed to EXIT country.,, so stop complaining in HK then lol

  10. Hk is no longer hk. It has become china

  11. Because Carrie Lam is incompetent.

  12. Whites are confident against infection of COVID. Why? Ask Brits. Until they disclose the secret, better stay isolated from Whites. COVID is carried by human, including Whites.

  13. dont miss hk actually…city full of grumpy people…

  14. Thanks to help from China and adherence to China's sensible public health control measures, Hong Kong has managed to control the pandemic. Tourism money is not worth dying for..

  15. Covid, like Santa Claus and flying reindeer is a pure BS story and used ONLY as a control scam!

  16. I support Travel restriction. Let Hong Kong and china die.

  17. but you guys forgot the 4th of June also

  18. HK residents can consider having bases elsewhere perhaps, in Malaysia, Singapore.

  19. Reply
    Afandi Darmanegara June 5, 2022 at 1:10 pm

    100% agree

  20. They just dont want u kui loh to visit h.k, u r not welcome anymore,u can complain as much as u like,the chinese dont really care,no more privileges to u,folllow the rules or get lost.

  21. I disagree! Hong Kong has the best covid policy like China and we hope to keep the best policy running and show the rest of the world how things should be done. Meanwhile, we welcome everyone to Singapore without quarantine! 😜

  22. I am a trump voter, hail communism!!

  23. They keep trying to maintain a zero COVID policy in hopes of reopening their border with mainland China, but that is simply impossible at this point. If their leaders aren't beholden to the central government, they would say "fk it" and just reopen to the rest of the world quarantine-free (for the fully vaxxed) and let China continues its isolationist approach to COVID.

    Look… I am all for pandemic restrictions to combat COVID and save lives, but enough is enough. With 90%+ of HK residents fully vaxxed, almost universal mask wearing, low mortality rate, and proper hygiene and precautions, there's no reason to continue such travel restrictions two and a half years into the pandemic.

    Do they not get it? COVID is here to stay no matter what they do. There's no such thing as "zero COVID," considering even a country as isolated as North Korea has COVID.

    Get with the times and follow the science. You either learn to co-exist with COVID while maintaining sensible public health policies (vax, masks, etc.) or be left behind as the rest of the world moves forward. HK thrived as an international hub for commerce, finance, entertainment, trade, etc., but how does the government expect to maintain HK's status when hardly any business travelers and tourists are heading to the city due to its ridiculous quarantine rules?

  24. Reply
    clément borderies June 7, 2022 at 10:23 am

    Sorry for you… Here in Paris everything is normal, back to before covid… That's a really a shame the way china deals with it :-/

  25. Cant wait to visit hkg. Just need the restrictions to go. Like sg.

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