booking hotel taiwan-what would you do if this man walks in and you're working alone | Night Shift

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We are a gas station clerk working the Night Shift. And then a strange man walks in…

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– Animation

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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


#coryxkenshin #nightshift #scary

booking hotel taiwan-what would you do if this man walks in and you're working alone | Night Shift
booking hotel taiwan-what would you do if this man walks in and you're working alone | Night Shift
  1. 0:06 who else thought he got scared by the tall man before seeing the rest of the video?

  2. Cory : I would be dumb if somebody caught me playing that game. 30 minutes later. Cory : I will play that game after this 2:47

  3. That’s why his name is Rick because he rick rolled you

  4. I know it's a horror game and all but why is he freaking out over someone walking up to the gas station and walking around the store trying to look for something that's what everyone does

  5. We all will remember this day. as the day the shogun lost.
    I'm calling out Corey

  6. I am fine playing a game that has PS1 graphics

  7. CORY: what the freak!?? WHYS THIS DOOR OPEN!!!??


  9. I went from motor oil to Madara

  10. didn’t the coworker say u shud search the dumpsters for the keys?? i was thinking maybe there could’ve been a chance we found them before the killer but apparently the comments r saying the killer always gets u

  11. love when cory plays puppet combo games

  12. I don’t think Amber heard you when you told her you don’t drink

  13. I got really spooked when that guy in the masked was chasing him and I like the horror games be playing on his channel.

  14. Waaaaawawapappapapapa😂😂😂😂😂

  15. The song in the mart is from shoujo city/anime city

  16. “You big you eat wennies.” Cory’s best complement

  17. Corey you should play planet zoo

  18. Imagine you walk to the gas station to get something and when you walk in you say hello anyone there ? Then you walk into the employees only room and seeing cory dead then someone opens the door and runs faster than sonic and kills you

  19. Yooooo cory u ben helping me out u are the best dont lissen to the haters!!! love your boy KAYDYN .. PS i ben scribed for 4 yearsPSP. he is like a custmer A CUSTMER

  20. Currently making my 1 yo brother watch coryxkenshin😼

  21. hi coryxkenshin you have to go to the behine the bumpster.that was katz seed that you miss it.but my name is abbigail.

  22. and the vean was crispy but I think that the vean head that man inside the vean and the vean was hidden in the left side.😅😬😮‍💨

  23. bro hajd
    fvgbjkbvebvk bvrv fr mefv nfvkj.fevkjfebkvufebtgtuyifiu$#&^&%^%#&A1979047892684jbnv ng vng bcoryrnfcc cnbcsdhcgdwtycgdv sdiwesdgedv ebe gvgc rbf gtn


  24. 2:22
    “Sucka gonna go home n play mlb THATS A THIRD BA-“

  25. 0:08 : Intro ( ? )
    0:44 : Cory informing the fans he DOESN’T drink ( WRITE THIS DOWN LADIES!! )
    0:49: Greeting the fans.
    1:20: Katz
    1:38: Katz has a date apparently?
    2:36: Punching In
    2:583:04: Getting use to stuff
    3:14: Listing gas station cons
    4:22 : Sweeps for 45 minutes
    4:27: Sweeps for 12 hours
    4:30 : Sweeps for 15 hours
    4:35 : CUSTOMER! 🎉
    4:53 : Bro, why do you have a leather man jacket?!
    5:55: M O T O R O I L
    6:00 : Motor Oil 5x fast
    6:19 : WHITE VAN?!
    6:29: Creepy music
    7:13 : Stocking
    7:41: Costumer #2
    8:24: Can I use the bathroom?
    9:07: Sucka, how am I supposed to clean the bathroom when it’s locked?
    9:35 :WHAT DO YOU WANT?
    11:07: Guy walking
    11:16: Cory gets jumpscared #1
    11:39: Hi you here all alone?
    13:10: Pays for beer
    14:02: Hides on counter
    14:29: WHAT THE FREAK?
    14:40: IM RUNNING HOME
    15:56: Jumpscare #2
    16:10 : Moment of silence
    16:47: vibing
    17:19: Decides to play the arcade
    17:38: If they think I’m about to get scared of this-
    17:41: Gets proven wrong 2 seconds later
    18:31: Can I use the bathroom? #2
    18:34: NO.
    18:42: Are you here all alone? #2
    19:09: AFRO THUNDER
    19:51: I ain’t dying broke
    20:45: Jumpscare #3
    21:20: Outro

    This took me a while but make sure you samurai SLICE that like button and stay positive! 🙂

  26. Cory: I swear if ya'll think I am about to get scared of this game-

    also Cory: WOAH! AHH! This is way too scary.

  27. My dad hates u but I like u

  28. i feel like the killer is that dude that came in and bought that beer because he came in walking from the forest which is very weird and when we see the killer, the killer is as tall as the afro man, so i was suspicious of katz maybe katz was driving around wit amber cory girlfriend and found the afro guy walking and hired him to go kill cory so thats why he went in the store and asked cory if he was alone cus he couldn’t kill cory because police would’ve checked the camera and found him so he walked out and went to put on some clothes and a mask and he opened the bathroom doors and the backdoor because katz gave him the key.

  29. Oh no! Cory’s guard he let it down!

  30. I know im 3 years late, but I assure you the vid’s main character’s name is Johnny cause god Amber in this vid is RUDE 🤭🤭

  31. 20:46 pause the video and you will see who is killing Cory.

  32. l heard you said what the fu………

  33. Let me question something do you know where you will go after you die? If not let me say you can have a choice to either go to hell or heaven see 2000 years ago there was this man named Jesus who died on the cross for our sins and rose alive 3 days later all because he truly loved us he died for us so I question you now do you truly believe in Jesus or do you live for the world turn to Jesus Christ trust in him Christ has way much more to give than the world he loves us turn to Christ

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