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We meet Captain Jack, Thailand’s happiest immigration officer, and the flying doctor who has his patients in stitches, but not everyone’s laughing; Britpacker John escapes death by a whisker.

Thailand is a place where holiday dreams and disasters meet and the thick of the action can be found at Bangkok Airport. Each episode follows travellers checking in and out, run-ins with the tourist police, incidents in immigration and customs, treatment at the on-site medical centre, missed flights, expired passports and emergencies abroad. We get inside the youth holiday with an on-the-spot cast of under 30’s on their travels.

A regular cast of Thai officials (immigration officers, police and airline staff) interact with our young holidaymakers. The airport action provides a hotbed of stories as the young tourists run into trouble overseas. Using contributor’s UGC against a stunningly shot docu-soap backdrop, we follow trips inside and outside the airport, from pale and exciting arrivals to tanned and exhausted departures – and everything that’s happened in between.

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amazing-Inside The Happiest Airport On Earth | Bangkok Airport | Spark
amazing-Inside The Happiest Airport On Earth | Bangkok Airport | Spark
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  1. Thia's have really bad teeth

  2. Losing YOUR passport is YOUR problem not the tourist police… you have no one to blame but yourself as each Gov explains that YOUR passport should be treated like gold. I always keep mine in my front pocket at all times and NEVER in luggage

  3. The lower-class vacationing overseas… haha
    Matt is so clueless, he should man up and quit acting like an entitled crying baby.

  4. Reply
    Daniela Guedea Costas November 24, 2021 at 12:24 pm

    Those are some spoiled brats…

  5. Just found this series, what an informative and enjoyable show.

  6. 20:49 "You'll never see me in Thailand again." I'm sure all of Thailand is happy about that. Get your broke rear end home. They were trying to help you.

  7. I love Doctor Art and Doctor Jack!

  8. look Matt, just because foreigners might speak broken English doesn't mean they understand broken English better. it's like talking louder to a deaf person.

  9. Captain Jack is one happy man …

  10. Hey ! I want to move there right now , your all so nice 👍 please find me a wife💐🇹🇭👰🤵🇺🇲💐

  11. 22:08 spoiled brat, male Karen.

  12. 22:54 lol amazing lady. Needs a TV show of her own

  13. Love me some Capt Jack. LOL> He's amazing

  14. A doctor and a pilot…. that man is a legend.

  15. So they smile, big deal. I saw one with braces, Yet most of them have terrible teeth. They all speak English, but it never gets any better. They talk to English speaking natives, but they never go beyond what they know.

  16. If I ever fly to Thailand and Captain Jack doesn't help me at arrivals I'm going to be so disappointed.

  17. some of these britts go to thailand to act so stupid what a shame for the uk

  18. Reply
    Adventures with Frodo February 8, 2022 at 5:46 am

    This is a video to show why some people should never leave their front yard.

  19. Robbed the cradle there you old perv

  20. Don't think I would go there .There's something wrong with those people .

  21. So Matt is demanding that his GF use HER credit card immediately and when that didn’t work because he would need to show the credit card at the airport, the tourist SGT realized a debit card could be used since he wouldn’t need to show it at the airport. He calls his GF and demands that she fork over the cash. Who is depositing the money into her debit card? Her or him because he is being very demanding with her debit card.

  22. So Melody has a track record of missing flights and being late all of the time because she is so busy. Take responsibility for your own actions. She misplaced her own passport I wonder how many more times she will misplace that or her drivers license and credit card. She was snappy and rude to the officers who were trying to help when she was the reason it got lost.

  23. those two dudes driving were speeding on a dirt road. Totally in a hurry to get to the airport, their own fault.

  24. those girls, the one didn't want to wait 1 hour? well you better not go to SE Asia if you don't like waiting.

  25. I can't believe that that father left those 2 naive girls in a foreign country without a chaperone. They were prime meat for the sex trafficking business. Scouts are on the constant lookout for girls like that. For a real eye opener on how it works, watch the movie Rambo: Last Blood. Freaking scary!!!!!

  26. If you're staying in a hotel, always carry all your important stuff on you and always have a hand on it. Seriously hand in your pocket on your passport/wallet/phone when out in public.

  27. Some people make their own bad luck.

  28. When traveling, DON'T GET DRUNK. Have a single drink if you really want, but only if one drink doesn't get you drunk. You will save yourself and everyone else so much hassle by not getting drunk.

  29. if your child thinks 8+8=19 you failed your child

  30. some of these women on here are fine asf wanna come to America

  31. Matt should feel embarrassed and if he talks like that to his ol lady on national damn TV imagine what he does behind closed doors

  32. Reply
    Kathleen Pingelton April 18, 2022 at 2:51 am

    " She wants to see a ladyboy. " Well, you're in the right place lol

  33. Travel half way around the world just to get drunk and make no attempt to experience true Thai culture. Sad.

  34. 3:42 "she wants to see a ladyboy"

  35. Am surprised on how they speak English very well

  36. Always make a copy of your passport for these types of emergencies

  37. those two brit girls are a messssssssss

  38. it was extremely rude for them to have part of their drinks and just walk away because they don't feel like paying anymore. so stupid.

  39. 51:50 – smoking rooms for people who've already passed through the security protocols and want to wait for their flight without going alllllll the way outside and then be forced to go back through the security all over again when coming back from their smoke?


  40. Damn dr jack definitely got a lot of husbands mad those nurses went home happy asf with them gifts lol

  41. Bro really recorded they’re crash 😂

  42. This is so interesting to me 😁👏

  43. @0:40 lmao!!

  44. Not even let you make a call haha

  45. people from England have the worst Accent..sounds ignorant

  46. I don't think Matt is being honest. At all. With anyone. And I am fairly certain there aware. That's so funny.

  47. When and why did men stop being the strong silent type? They are freaking out like little girls over medium sized difficulties. Man up guys! Stop covering your head and being a Karen!

  48. They should not allow stupid people to fly!!

  49. Thailand has to deal with the worst of what Europe has to offer……jeezzez

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