Great-America’s Book Bans: The Latest Culture War Front | The Daily Show

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Trevor takes a look at the latest culture war tearing apart America’s schools: book bans. #DailyShow

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Great-America’s Book Bans: The Latest Culture War Front | The Daily Show
Great-America’s Book Bans: The Latest Culture War Front | The Daily Show
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  1. Reply
    The Prince of the Badlands March 9, 2022 at 2:33 pm

    There is something about wanting to ban books in a school that just sounds… unamerican to me. And anyone that is trying to ban books simply because they personally have an issue with them is completely Unamerican.

  2. Lol dating a black guy? For me it was dating any one.

  3. Now librarians are set to be arrested in Idaho for vague bill wording

  4. I’m wondering if any of these book banning idiots have ever read the Bible. Read banned books!!!!!!!!!

  5. How low can they Go?….let's find out

  6. Parents ask your schools for a list of the banned books and then buy them for your children! Don't let these nutjobs attempt to dumb down this generation of children so that they can get back to manipulating citizens into supporting things that are awful for everyone but the privileged few.

  7. Now they are calling anything reverse racism that had anything to do with a non white person 💀

  8. haha, so true.

  9. Not gonna lie as a dude who reads regularly the opening bit is just annoying. Still like ya Trevor

  10. Parents and schools trying to prevent their youth from learning real things.

  11. All because a racist madman lost in a fair election!!! Smdh

  12. So Caucasians are burning books again? Lol of course

  13. It’s ironic how a lot of those on the far-right are accusing the democrats of trying to censor/silence them; yet here they are trying to ban books about Gender identity/racism/Michelle Obama/etc.

  14. Wait until they discover manga😂😂

  15. 😪

  16. "Reading books is gonna be the new 'dating a black guy'" 🤣👌👌👌

  17. They should be more worried about TikTok than books their kids are likely not reading anyways.

  18. Banned books to hide the true only truth

  19. You do know…These 'PARENTS' probably DON't even READ [90%]???

  20. That's exactly what they did to our history; banned and burned it!!!

  21. I love books and this is sad, the thing is, the internet is a thing and they will eventually look stuff up themselves, is much better if they do it in a safe environment where it can be discuss and be guided like in class.

  22. Kids have the internet and can read all these books for free online. This literally does nothing except teach kids how to pirate information.

  23. Disturbing to ban maus and mein kamph is fine.

  24. They had better ban the Bible and the dictionary then.

  25. Fahrenheit 451. Read and get educated

  26. Dear american friends, being smart and intelligent helps you to be great, your children need to be smart, you are the hope for freedom, justice and civilization in the World. Teach them to think, to question, to develop funded self criteria instead of being afraid of knowledge.

  27. You know things are bad if LeVar Burton can’t even do a whole segment. You don’t have to take my word for it! 😉 🌈 📖

  28. When the book burning starts, you know what time that is…

  29. A Voice, whose choice is to write and express their world….is BANNED….

  30. 💩💩💩💩 on your pro Blake/Fem/Alphabet-People PROPAGANDA, Trev. I'd LAUGH if they ROASTED the so-called "authors" of this POISONOUS GARBAGE over burning copies of THEIR OWN so-called "books". 😏😉😜

  31. Reply
    Mr and Mrs Living Life April 16, 2022 at 11:14 am

    Americans out here purposely getting rid of knowledge.

  32. You can see the race of people that bark to ban anything, and yet they call liberals snowflakes.

  33. The idea that the term "reverse racism" is a thing is sorta stating that racist blacks have less value even as racists is so ironic.

  34. Let them just shipped the books to Africa instead of burning them!

  35. “….Sooo after all the book-banning, are we gonna go too all the old slavery plantations and commence the burning of these buildings/houses/land & all the historical materials that within them”???????

    “….Then you all need too start putting in place REPARATIONS FOR ALL PPL OF COLOR”!!! G-MOMMIE

  36. George Washington was sterile, which was something he considered when declining to be King.

  37. The Dewey decimal system is only for nonfiction books. If Dr Seuss wrote any nonfiction books I am not familiar.

  38. They want to raise socially dumb children. Yikes.

  39. Book bannig is wrong and kind of pointless. Most kids have smart phones nowdays and know how to look things up. If they are told not to read something, they will

  40. Fahrenheit 451- Ray Bradbury.

  41. Schools buying your book is NOT a book ban! A true ban is where activist have your book thown off of well known platforms commonly used to sell or even have publishers not produce your book!

  42. So if you have a child that read beyond grade levels they can not.
    How about go join the Mormon or go find somewhere else to live

  43. Reply
    American Communist May 24, 2022 at 9:49 pm

    everyday it becomes more obvious that the soviets need to take power

  44. I work in a public library and at this point, due to some legislation being introduced in my state, the effort is to remove these books from all libraries here, not only schools'. And I can never understand it. The first thing we learn is that if someone comes in looking for a book which ideology conflicts with our own, we are to provide access to that book. Without judgement, without argument, without suggesting a different book that conforms with our own beliefs and morals. I have seen some incredibly damaging books that promote racism, homophobia, sexism, ableism, and have checked them out to the patron with a smile. Do people not understand that you can find any ideology in a library and that that's the point? No one is being silenced or censored just because someone else's opinion is heard.

  45. Back in the 90s I got in big trouble for read a controversial book called Jurassic Park, you know, for teaching the evils of evolution. I found the book again and read it anyway lol

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