amazing-INJURED in Kenting and WEDGIE in Taitung | 12 Days in Taiwan EP3

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Episode 3 features highs of paragliding and soaring the skies of Taitung with a wedgie and also the lows of being pounded by waves in Kenting while attempting to surf and ALMOST dying (or at least being seriously injured) but regardless of it all we never lost our sense of adventure and we still filled our tummies with delicious food.

Heading south to Kenting and Taitung, there was one mission in mind and that was to explore by doing and in some ways we got more than we bargained for. We combined our stay at Afei’s hotel/inn/hostel with delicious meals there and also his personally run surfing trips. While we were brimming with confidence since South Africa, we totally weren’t prepared for how hard it was out there with the big waves and challenging conditions. We both came out with injuries. Wanting to do something a little bit more laid back, we eventually got scooters, although that was a mission on its own. In Taitung, we got to realize our dreams of paragliding although even that was very last minute. On our very last day in the city, we borrowed bikes from our hotel and roamed through the city and as usual, managed to find great food places along the way.

Taiwanese “re qing” was on display again in this travelogue with Sean whom we met at paragliding. He totally didn’t have to but he helped us find a cheaper way back home. We also ended up having dinner together at the train station as we waited. His story is actually quite amazing on its own as he was partway through his hike around the entire country with nothing more than his backpack. His determination and strength was a true inspiration.

⁉️ Ask A Local – Why Is Roots so Popular in Taiwan?
– You heard the receptionist’s answer but seriously, why is Roots more popular in Taiwan than it is in Canada?

– Afei Hotel 1:05
– Afei Kitchen 1:12
– Afei Surf Shop 1:44
– Surfing Jialeshui in Kenting 2:50
– Renting scooters in Kenting 5:23
– Boat Sail Rock 6:08
– Eluanbi Lighthouse (most southern point in Taiwan) 6:22
– Kenting Nightmarket 6:30
– 7-Eleven 7:52
– Fangliao TRA Station 8:19
– MATA Taiwan Indigenous Cultural Resort 8:51
– Soar Paragliding in Luye Gaotai 8:57
– Hanging out with Sean in Luye 12:58
– Taitung Forest Park 13:34
– Rong Shu Xia Rice Noodles 15:29
– Old Taitung Railway Station 16:26
– Chen’s Mochi 16:39

The travelogue, 12 Days in Taiwan, follows the adventures of Will from Going Awesome Places as he and his wife travel all around the country of Taiwan in search of adventure, culinary delights, ways to live like a local, and get a better understanding of Taiwanese culture.

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❤️ Special thanks to Taiwan Tourism Bureau for making this trip happen!

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– Afei Nanwan Hostel –

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amazing-INJURED in Kenting and WEDGIE in Taitung | 12 Days in Taiwan EP3
amazing-INJURED in Kenting and WEDGIE in Taitung | 12 Days in Taiwan EP3
  1. Kenting and Taitung in Taiwan are filled with adventure activities and overall were awesome places to be outdoors. What kind of crazy activities have you tried where you felt "on the edge"? Share stories of anything crazy you've done while on the road!

  2. Great video Will and Chantelle. Keep up the good story telling.

  3. come to Siargao, Philippines, haven for surf beginners, its more fun in the PHILIPPINES

  4. This series on Taiwan are so amazingly done!

  5. I hope you have learnt how to scoot. It's a must in Asia.

  6. It was fun to watch your videos 🤩 Great work🙌🙌

  7. Does anyone knows the acoustic song played at the end of the vlog?

  8. Haha the impostor bit was really funny! Good series for Taiwan travelogue outside Taipei!

  9. hope you guys had a great days,WHAT A AWESOME VIDEO!!

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